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Your Highschooler In A Protest March?

Discussion in 'Schoolgoers & Teens' started by Rihana, Jan 29, 2017.

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    hehehhe...did you less spelling mistakes. i have become calmer too ( in my head i would like to think so )
    some topics takes you down the memory lane when you have completely abandoned that lane ...this was one of them...not that I miss that or have completely changed but it was nostalgic.

    My parents got the hint of this adventures during Nirbhaya march. My heights happened and parents have to be involved when i actually wanted to go to Pakistan for some drama from NSD( National school of drama , back end work ) Dad dear ne left right center kar diya.Not allowed.Period.Never discussed.

    We went to wagha border in college trip and shouted Hindustam zindabad pakistan zindabad...were called aside by soldiers and were asked not to do that ! cant believe Mr Ashima is so right wing and now i see my foundation shaking ( a lot ! ) with sense.

    arrest warrant will be a big mark in student career so i think you are right in that decision but let them stand for something they believe in. Let their ideologies get formed and deformed by their thoughts and understanding. Have a good chat about it. What makes them feels so strong that they want to march about it. He is already the president you can just march against that. He was not chosen out of lucky draw. if their is a decision which affects them or society they should go but just for the sake for dharnas and because everyone is going....it has no long run effect. talk to them Rihana! the more you will try to stop a teenager the more outburst will happen.

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  2. Rihana

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    LOL.. you are talking about pro'lly a 3 year ago wala protest march, and I was getting nostalgic about anti-reservations protests from about 30 yrs ago.

    Wow.. border and all that... maan gaye.

    In general, I am probably more cautious than needed. If we were in India, I wouldn't think so much. It is the unfamiliarity with the legal processes that also deters. And setting aside political correctness for a bit, unlike India, cannot use 'informal' means so easily if needed, in interaction with the police etc

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