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You Will Not Believe How Much Lead We Grew Up In

Discussion in 'Healthy Living' started by MrCroc, Jan 21, 2023.

  1. MrCroc

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    I looked at this report from 2009 : https://cdn.cseindia.org/userfiles/lead_paints.pdf

    The biggest name brands likes Asian Paints, Berger, Nerolac used to use as much lead as 50,000 ppm in 2008. Smaller paint manufacturers even more and they do it till date even though in 2016 government set limit to 90 ppm. In past it would have been EVEN higher! Our petrol has been leaded for very long time. We all (anyone born before 2009) must have grown in homes full of lead paint! Currently US/Canada etc set limit to lead at 90 ppm for places accessible by children! Lead gets trapped in bones and it stays there!

    Why am I posting this on a women's message board? BECAUSE lead harms women MORE! During pregnancy and more so when their bone density decreases later in life! Because calcium and lead leaches from their bones more into their blood in later parts of their life.

    Among the other things, lead causes brain damage, kidney damage, high blood pressure and cancer too.

    One thing weird about lead is that it causes higher incidences of violence! When US reduced lead in paint, those states saw decrease in violence in general. Its because of effect lead has on our brains.

    I believe in our country lead has been responsible for some amount of violence too. Anyways, I think we have been poisoned a lot in our childhood due to lead.

  2. pawarju

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    No, in fact we are immuned by lead... we can survive
    Or else how can you write a post about this matter with good health

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