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Discussion in 'Snippets of Life (Non-Fiction)' started by Pallavi4me, Nov 18, 2011.

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    Whether Its day or night... You were there in my thoughts

    whether its a happy or sad moment.. you stood with me & We walked together

    I was glad that we met...n thought that we were meant to be together n forever.......

    In contrary you Left me :cry: in the middle of our journey (may be its me alone thought its "our journey") .. at cross roads even without bothering to tel me.. on your own way!!

    Thanks to you.. Now I realise that we were not meant to be together..

    Its just our paths crossed for a while and we met n were together for some time... they were (our paths) never in same direction

    Now I dnt regret neither for being with you in those days nor for being without you now... coz I'm with me to cherish my life.. I ve lost you but not myself...

    Now, I dnt get excite over those good old times of our togetherness or dnt mull over the time that you left me to my fate... because though its good or bad Its over.. n Its only a memory which I will never deny..

    For me you are a wonderful humanbeing for whom I cared, loved madly and of whom I wanted to be.

    Though what ever you did was/ is not accpetable to me till date (coz the way you have done it was not correct) I dnt judge you.. May be It was the best way you could have thought of at that moment.. Now I'm happy in own my space

    Neither I feel happy nor I feel sad / angry when your topic comes today .. and when I'm totally healed.. You have came back at the same place where you left me and wants to hold my hand again as if nothing has happened!! You wanted to have same old me ...

    Today, for me You are just an acquiantance nothing more
    ...I dnt feel bad for this ending... I'm glad for having a love and lost experience in my life too!!!

    All is well that ends well...

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