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You & I ....

Discussion in 'Poetry' started by Mistt, Jan 2, 2022.

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    You are like the Sun
    I'm like the earth
    We met in crowd
    We faced turbulence in the beginning
    We connected to each other slowly
    A pleasant and unknown bond blossomed between us
    Expectations took a tole in-between
    We parted ways for a while
    I believe in we knew each other in our previous birth
    I hold the string of our relationship with both hands with a hope
    You always reconnect after some time
    I don't know your features but I feel your presence in my heart
    I ignore my tussles while talking and thinking of you
    Sometimes I feel I'm close to your heart
    Sometimes I feel I'm nothing to you
    You left me on the way again to complete your tasks
    I cherish those lovely moments which we shared and wait for you
    Smile Wherever you are.....
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