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Yaadon ki baraat

Discussion in 'Movies' started by sumee, Dec 6, 2013.

  1. sumee

    sumee Silver IL'ite

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    This movie is about 35 years old but even todaywhen it comes on the TV I watch it.
    A lot of scenes are absurd but this movie has a charm of its own.
    1. The storyline the typical lost brothers reunited in the end
    2. Dharmendra I don't think there is anyone today who can match is good looks and physique.I challenge. :)
    3.Zeenat Aman the first lady in Indian cinema to define sensuality.
    4. Songs: R.D.Burman even today when lekar hum deewana dil comes on the music channel I drop everything and watch the song.The other songs Yaadon ki Baraat,O meri Soni and ofcourse the iconic Chura liya hai dil ko:whistle
    5. Ajith.I miss villains in Hindi movies:cry:
    I wish today's movies believe in quality and good music rather than crass acting and loud noise

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