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Www- Wondrous Women World

Discussion in 'Stories (Fiction)' started by aarthi28, Feb 25, 2019.

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    This is one of the high points in your narration of every episode. Seemingly subtle insignificant yet such moments stays-green in memory especially in love in prime and platonic too during maturing years.

    One could relate to their own such moments and how they had derived immense delectable pleasure out of it. For some such nudging and gentle accidental hits, rubs and touch provide huge secretion of happy harmons - Dopamine & serotonin and these in turn add more glow to skin & face!
    The going is great for Suji & Sanjay and looking forward to your describing their MADHU-CHANDRIKA deeds!
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    Friends,posting the next Episode, Sorry for the delay as I was busy in my work.

    @VinuthaS @mbharani @Madhurima21 @Thyagarajan @Lalithambigai @vidukarth

    Episode 86:

    Sanjay’s mind was thinking about Suchi and Suji distracted him by waving her hand in front of his face.

    Suji: “Hey boss, come, we will have dinner and we will talk to her later.”

    They went inside the house and her mother’s face was very bright and she saw both coming inside and imagined them as couples.

    Sanjay made his mind to clear out the confusion while Suji and Sanjay’s mom had different thoughts in their mind.

    They went inside and the food was good and better than his Chithi’ s cooking Suji fed Sanjay’s mom with some porridge and Sanjay was moved by the care she took care for his mother.

    After they finished their dinner, Suji finished the kitchen chores and came outside to see Sanjay sitting in the veranda of their house. It was an old model house in the village. The breeze was so chill and Suji was in a mindset that Sanjay’s mother liked her a lot. She is not a self-centred girl yet wanted a contented life with Sanjay and his lifestyle and the issues faced by him were not an issue for her. She will get adjusted to any level of lifestyle and wanted to be beside and support him by all means. She always wanted her friends to be happy and as a friend, She wanted sanjay’s happiness and his dreams to come true. As his mother was his priority, Suji wanted to help him so that he can achieve his dreams. She never knew that Sanjay and Suchi liked each other and how things will turn when everyone knows about it.

    Sanjay was hesitant to call Suchi and Suji took his mobile and dialled her number. No one picked her mobile and they never knew that Suchi’s father was murdered and the whole family was in trauma at that time. He thought that she should be angry with him. They did not even notice the news channels that had this flash news about Suchi’s father’s murder. They decided to go and meet her soon not knowing what is there in their plates in the next few months.

    The next day morning Sujithra had to travel on her NGO work for some weeks and told Sanjay’s mother that she will be back soon. Sanjay was also back in his normal chores and he took the duty of taking care of his mother and tried cooking sometimes for his mother. Rekha helped them and Sanjay’s mother was praising Sujithra and often stated that she was missing her and expecting her arrival soon.

    S Mom: “Sanju, why don’t you marry Suji? I think she also likes you!”

    Sanjay was surprised on her note and said, “Mom, I don’t want to marry at all. Please don’t force me”

    S Mom: “You only told know that there will not be any girl who can accept us for our situation. But Suji is not like that and she will accept both of us.”

    Sanjay: “Come on, we should not spoil anyone’s life. I am here for you and you are there for me. That’s enough”

    S Mom: “Sanju, who will take care of you after me”

    Sanjay kept his hand closing his mouth and said, “mom, please don’t talk like this?”

    S Mom: “Then you listen to me. I know who is in your mind”, she thought about Suji and was talking with Sanjay and he diverted the topic from her.

    A Month passed by and Sanjay did not know anything about Suchi but she had occupied him in his thoughts most of the time. While Suji became busy with her NGO activities, there were lots of small villages for her to visit and she became busy with her activities not knowing about Suchi’s condition. If she would have known about the death of Suchi’s father, Suji would not have left her in that state and she would be the person beside her till this time. After a month, Sanjay’s results came and he had also passed with a good score and had to go for his personality test interview in the next 15 days. It was so coincidence that Suji returned from her tour back to Sanjay’s house and his mom was in height of happiness looking at Suji and she felt confident that he will take care of her well and Sanjay can go for his Interview. She felt things turning to be positive after the entry of Sujithra and decided that her son should marry Suji.

    Sanjay had to accept Suji’s arrival for going for his interview rather than getting the help from his chithi and accepted the help from Suji. He had thoughts of finishing his interview and then plan to open to Suchi, his mother and Suji too. But things did not plan the way he thought so. Suji continued to be at Sanjay’s house and was continuing her service for NGO from there and Sanjay finished off his interview and must go to the training in another two weeks’ time. He returned to share the good news with his mother and Suji. He had tried to reach Suchi in the meantime, but there was no response for his calls. They spent some good time and Rekha was with them to share their happiness. Sanjay’s Chithi was happy as she did not have the responsibility of her sister at her end for now.

    Nataraj was hearing the update from Sanjay and asked him, “Hmm. Finally, you cleared your interview call”

    By then, Sanjay received a call from his senior officer and he stood straight and attended the call, “Yes Sir, I will be there in the office in next 30 minutes”. He turned to Nataraj and said, “Nutty, I need to go now. I will come tomorrow for sure” and started from there.

    Nataraj: “Hmm. I am caught in between these cranks. Oh god, Until I did not take this guy to Suchi, she will kill me.”, he cursed himself to have caught in between these friends. Immediately, he got a call from Suchi and he had to attend that, “Yes Suchi”

    Suchi: “Nutty, you told you would come and meet me and suddenly you called me back and said you have some work.”

    Nutty thought to himself as how this brilliant woman can sense everything and before he could answer, “Were you forced to stop seeing me by someone?”

    Nutty’s eyes widened again by her question and he stammered, “No suchi, I received a call from my station and I need to go”

    Suchi: “I could feel lies in your words nutty. Don’t lie to me”, she firmly said.

    Nutty thought to himself, “Oh my god, she proves she is a lawyer and how can she sense my thoughts by my words itself”

    Suchi: “Nutty, are you there?” and Nutty came back to his senses.

    Nutty: “Yes Suchi. I shall come and meet you soon? Please bear with me. We will talk in person” and hung the call as he could not face Suchi.

    He cursed himself for the word he had given to Suchi and felt bad to have caught in between his friends.

    The next day was the Sports meet finals in Charu’s college. There were lots of free classes and Ananya and Charu again roamed around the college premises. The finals Badminton was happening and Charu did not want to miss it as they missed it last time.

    Charu met a boy in a canteen and his face was very much familiar to her. She has seen him in recent days often coming to Vidhya’s house. He caught hold of him and asked, “Hey, I have seen you in recent days in Vidhya, Vinaya’s house. What are you doing here in college?”

    The boy was of about 12 to 13 years old and he got scared by the sudden encounter of Charu and the questions she posed to him.

    The boy: “Yes Akka, I deliver flowers regularly to their bouquet shop and due to Navaratri season, I delivered flowers daily to their house.”

    Some spark strike in her mind and she asked him, “You deliver flowers, what flowers. And don’t you go to school?”

    The flower boy: “Akka, why are you asking me so many questions? Are you the bouquet girl?”, he said and bit his tongue and turned the topic, “why are you asking so many questions? Who are you?”

    Charu: “Hey brother, I saw you recently very frequently and, hence asking your whereabouts. The place where you deliver flowers are my neighbours and I have seen you many times in the morning hours”

    The Flower boy: “Oh, is that so?”, he said and tried to move on and Charu held his hand and stooped him.

    Charu: “You did not tell me about your visit to college here? Do you deliver flowers to colleges too. We don’t have bouquet shop in our college”

    The Flower boy: “Akka, my father is having a flower shop and we deliver flowers in wholesale to bouquet shops, we prepare garlands for temples and my father has a garland shop in koyambedu. We give all variety of colourful flowers for making bouquets regularly to many shops. During Navaratri season, aunty will ask me to give flowers to home for her pooja purposes.”

    Charu raised her eyebrow and asked him, “You did not answer me yet brother. What are you doing here in college dear. It’s so far from your place right.”

    The Flower Boy: “I came to deliver flowers for a function for decoration here. I need to go akka, I am leaving”

    Charu did sense something and catch hold of him and asked him to wait and kept 100Rs in his pocket. Ananya called her to see the Badminton finals. She turned to him and the boy could not avoid her because of the money she gave to him and agree to wait as per request. She also got him an ice cream in the canteen. Ananya pulled her and they went to see the match they missed due to bus timings last time.

    They both rushed to the badminton tournament and few girls were not giving them space to watch the tournament beside the whoosh sound of the rackets. Charu got irritated by their way of behaviour and told Anan, “What is this Anan? The crowd is expected than we thought.”

    Ananya: “It’s finals today right and could be that reason”

    One of the girls who was not giving her space turned to her and told, “yes, it’s finals and the favourite for all girls is here”

    Ananya: ‘Oh, really, you have to come to see his match”

    Charu: “oh, not for the match, all of you have come here to see a guy”, she told with a surprise.

    The girl responded, “that’s also one reason. He is a crush for many first-year girls akka”, she bit her tongue as she responded to her senior and soon moved out of that place. There were steps beside for the viewers to watch the tournament and Charu turned to see two seats at the corner. She pulled Ananya and went there to the corner seat. She watched the tournament and the guy whom the girls stated to be the crush of many first-year girls was in his final year. The final year guy the girls stated was looking smart as they expected and the Whoosh sound of the Racket hit her mind for every hit he was giving. He was looking handsome, having a very fair complexion and was damn smart and understood why these girls are looking at him. The sweat drops from his forehead and chin were frequently shed and he was clearing it off often beside the match. Ananya and Charu were sitting in the corner at the top last row and his back was shown to them. The match went for nearly 15 minutes and no hits were missed by him while his opponent gave some throws even outside the boundary. Charu murmured something to Ananya and she left the place. The winning moment came and it was none other than the first-year girls dream boy who won the match. The winner was also announced and the crowd was getting reduced. Few of his friends came and hugged him and stated that, “I know, you will win machan”

    Charu climbed down the Audience Steps and approached the person to wish him.

    It was none other than our Hero Vimal and he was wiping off his nonstop sweat using a towel he took from his bag. He was wearing a black Shorts and black T shirt and he was looking attractive and smart for his fair complexion and for the black colour he wore. He packed his badminton bat and racket and was shocked to see Charulatha facing her. He hided his jitters seeing her and acted casual.

    Vimal: “Hey Charu what a surprise?”, he managed to be cool.

    Charu did not answer and stared at him. She held her bag in her right shoulder and her other hand was kept in her waist.

    Vimal: “hey Charu, I am calling you” and waved his hand in front of her eyes.

    Charu face was serious and she continued, “Why didn’t you tell me that you study in the same college. What is the reason to hide it from me.”

    Vimal: “Hey come on, There is no specific reason for me to hide it from you. I thought it is not needed.”

    Charu: “Oh you are such a good boy”, there was a seriousness in her face.

    One of Vimal’s friend was near him and he understood the situation and asked her, “hey, what is your problem. It looks like you are fighting with my friend”

    Charu was so furious and turned to him and said, “look, its between me and him and you don’t have to interfere in between us.”

    Vimal: “Hey, leave it da. I will talk to her. She is my neighbour and friend only”, he said casually.

    Charu: “I am not your friend. You were not a friend to me. Friends will not cheat, friends will not hide anything”, tears accumulated in her eyes. And she continued, “you cheated me, you hid from me that you study in the same college and “, she stopped and stared at him.

    Vimal’s friend, “Hey, escape brother. She is like a Kaali avatar now” and he moved from the place.

    Vimal: “Cool Charu, come on. What’s your problem?”

    Ananya came with the flower boy to the tournament court and called “Charu, Here, he is?”

    Charu looked at Vimal and said, “Now I came to know all your activities. I had high regards on you”, she stopped and tears burst out from her eyes as she pulled out the flower boy in front of him.

    Charu: “I gave him more money than you to tell me the truth. Though you stopped all your activities, I have come to know your previous acts through him. What’s need for that? What do you want from me?”

    Vimal got shocked as his real face is now revealed to Charu and he bent his head and the Sports person who was conducting the competition called him, “Vimal, can you come here for a moment to sign and fill some details”

    Vimal looked at Charu for a moment and said, “I will come back and explain it to you Charu.”

    Vimal went and came back to see Charu to have left that place.
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    Friends,posting the next Episode, Sorry for the delay as I was busy in my work.

    @VinuthaS @mbharani @Madhurima21 @Thyagarajan @Lalithambigai @vidukarth

    Episode 87:

    Vimal looked at Charu for a moment and said, “I will come back and explain it to you Charu.”

    Vimal went and came back to see Charu and she seems to have left that place.

    Charu left home with Ananya in the college bus. She felt she was ditched by Vimal with whom she had feelings for and she never expected Vimal to be the Romeo who was admiring her activities and passing on messages to her with flowers in the college bus. He had hired the flower boy to keep regular flower bouquets in her college bus along with his small snippets for her. She had high regards to their family and his parents. Moreover, she thought to herself, “he is born with two sisters and how can he do this to me”.

    Ananya did not completely understand the situation for the furious face she was showing, she did not want to talk to her for the time being. Ananya thought that she will talk to her when she becomes normal. Charu returned home and she went inside her room and closed the door. Sivagami could smell that she is out of her mood and her father also sensed the same. She went into her room, threw her bag on her table, and buried her face in to pillow on the bed. The pillow became wet by her tear drops and she slept unknowingly. When Sivagami came to call her for dinner, she had slept. As they don’t want to disturb her, she did not bother her and thought that she will be fine by next morning.

    Chandrika had a pre-planned travel and she was not at home. None of them knew that she is travelling to Tirunelveli and then to her hometown for Chiranjeevi’s sake. She had updated to her father also that she is travelling to Mumbai and the same update was provided to Sivagami too.

    Charu started to college the next day and she saw Vimal standing in front of his house gate. He stopped her and tried to speak to her.

    Vimal: “Charu, please wait. I need to talk to you.”

    Charu did not bother to see him and walked off from there. Vimal felt bad to see her face to be swollen and not having any glow for which he uses to admire her a lot. He cursed himself for his action. Though he realised that what he did was wrong, before he could correct that, his actions were exposed. It was a Remo inside him who was doing all such activities until he spoke to Vinaya. For whatever it is, Vinaya is the person to whom both Vidhya and Vimal will pour put their feelings. Vinaya was able to already sense his feelings for Charu and advised her to open with her and close out the Romeo drama. He realised his mistake and before he could open to Charu, all the chaos happened.

    Ananya joined her in the college bus next day and she slowly opened the topic.

    Anan: “Charu, Be cool. Please be open with me. Though we belong to different departments, I believe we share a good friendship and if you feel so, please share anything with me. You will feel light dear”, there was a genuine concern in her tone.

    Charu explained her everything from the day she met Vimal as their Neighbours, about his family, his sisters and suddenly she stopped, “Do you know him already? Are you also cheating me?”. She felt whether Ananya would also be a friend of Vimal for a moment.

    Ananya was stunned by her question and can feel that Charu is not able to believe anyone.

    Ananya: “Hey come on. Don’t worry dear. I have seen him once or twice in the college bus sometime back. I know he is our senior and a handsome boy too. Many girls have a crush for him as he got a cute face that attracts all girls. But he never uses to see any girl. Though he knows about a few girls, who wontedly come and speak to him, he used to be casual. I was surprised to know what he has done and now think that we could not believe any guys. She gave a deep breath as she said.

    Ananya: “Charu, leave it. He has not done anything wrong and this is common in this age. For sure, the snippets he has sent along with the bouquets were very decent.”

    Charu: “What is the reason for him to cheat me like that? I have spoken to him many times in a friendly way, but he always avoided me and I feel I was going at the back of him. He made me to think cheap of myself when he is like that.”

    Ananya: “Who knows what is in his mind? So far, nothing serious has happened but for good things”

    Charu looked at her eyes and Anan continued, “Yes, you changed a lot. You dress well, people who always think of you and corner you started to see a smart Charu, an intelligent Charu and more than that you received many proposals after the Singing competition. The unknown person whom you thought made you realise yourselves and brought the beautiful and smart Charu from you”

    Charu realised her change in herself over these days and the reason behind them to be due to the Romeo’s activities. Yet, she never expected that to be Vimal. When she did a detective job by going into his room through the balcony, she could not find anything and the draws of the cup board were locked. For a moment, she thought why she has done such activities in the past too.

    Ananya: “I feel you should speak to him once to hear what he wants to say. Then, I leave it to you Charu and you decide what you need to further”

    Charu thought for a moment and told Ananya, “Thanks Anan, I feel light now dear. My sissy is out of station and I could not vent out my feelings to anyone. I will take my time to settle and you are there to hear me” and she lied on her shoulders.

    Ananya: “Anytime dear, now concentrate on your studies, Semesters will be starting soon. Time is the best healer.”

    Vimal tried to meet Charu, but she went to her classes alone and was unable to meet her in college. Her balcony and windows both were closed. He understood that she avoided him. Vinaya came to meet Vimal in the terrace room and asked him what happened and he literally cried to Vinaya stating what has happened and hugged her tight.

    Vinaya understood her brother’s feelings and separated him from his hug and mimed in her language to him. She told him not to worry and they can speak and clear the air. She also told him that what he did was wrong and past is past and what has happened cannot be corrected.

    Vimal: “Vinu ma, I never thought she will take it this much seriously. Now my feelings for her is increased than before. I am feeling restless”

    Vinaya smiled at him and said, “Then go to her and surrender. Don’t think about anything, If your feelings for her is true, she will definitely understand you.”

    Vimal got a confidence with her words and hugged her tight.

    Chandrika got down from the train and came out of the station. There was no proper signal and she realised that there were many missed calls from Palani since she has checked her mobile. When she tried to contact him, his mobile was in a no coverage area. She was helpless and she came out of Tirunelveli junction Railway station. She got few dresses and hence had a small carry bag and she boarded an Auto to go to her hometown. She did not want her presence to be known other than Palani and she was casual. The Auto took the usual route until the auto person bypassed in a different route inside their village. She sensed something wrong and asked the auto person to go by correct route and he managed to tell some stories about roads not being good and he will cross through a different route to reach her hometown. Chandrika requested him to stop to auto and he did not listen to her at all. When he slowed down the auto to take a turn, she jumped from the auto and started to run in the opposite direction. They must cross a few villages to reach her village and there were different routes. Some routes will take a longer way to cross a few more villages and some will be straight forward with bad roads. If they come my car, they must take the long route only. The roads were tar roads, but there will not be residents as they cross the fields of different villages. She started to run inside the Sugarcane fields and she sensed that guy calling someone and she heard people joining him to follow her. She was clueless as whom they are and what is the need for them to follow her. Yet she continued to run as she felt that the guys following her had intentions to kill her. It was dusk and she realised that she crossed a nearby village and there were lots of huts like tents glowing with lights inside that. She tried to go that and suddenly, a hand pulled her in to a tent and closed her mouth. She was shocked when the henchmen rounded that area and they were shouting looking for Chandrika.

    The next day dawned and Charu woke up and got ready for her college. She got ready for her college and came down and Chakravarthy was sitting on the hall.

    Chakravarthy: “Charu, Are you fine dear”

    Charu: “Yeah good father. Why a sudden question?”

    Chakravarthy: “You seems to be very dull yesterday and you did not even had your dinner”

    Charu realised that though father is sitting in the house, he is noticing everything.

    Charu smiled at her, hugged him and said, “I am fine dad. Was a bit upset yesterday. I am fine now. Nothing to worry for the time being” and she left with a happy face. She felt light after speaking to Ananya.

    She did not see Vimal in his gate and her eyes searched for him and she felt bad that she did not allow Vimal to talk to her. She boarded the college bus and came to her window side seat and sat over there. Her thoughts were around Vimal and she sensed him soon near her and she turned to see him sitting next to her. Her heartbeat was faster than ever and she looked at him and said, “Hey, what are you doing here?”, her voice broke with his presence very next to her. His smell invaded her and she kept quiet with no words. Ananya boarded the bus in her stop and was surprised to see Charu and Vimal sitting next to each other.
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    Very interesting episode.. superbwriting waiting for next chapter
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    Friends,posting the next Episode
    @VinuthaS @mbharani @Madhurima21 @Thyagarajan @Lalithambigai @vidukarth

    Episode 88:

    She did not see Vimal in his gate and her eyes searched for him and she felt bad that she did not allow Vimal to talk to her. She boarded the college bus and came to her window side seat and sat over there. Her thoughts were around Vimal and she sensed him soon near her and she turned to see him sitting next to her. Her heartbeat was faster than ever and she looked at him and said, “Hey, what are you doing here?”, her voice broke with his presence very next to her. His smell invaded her and she kept quiet with no words. Ananya boarded the bus in her stop and was surprised to see Charu and Vimal sitting next to each other.

    Vimal suddenly held her hands and whispered to her. “Charu, I need to speak to you. Don’t tell me any filthy reasons to avoid me”, he was firm in his words. The sudden touch from him was unexpected for her and gave her an electrifying shock in her. She stood still and does not remove his hands from her hands. She felt him different to her this time and when she tried to speak, only air came from her mouth and before she tried further to speak, Vimal told her “I will meet you in college”.

    Vimal looked at Ananya who was puzzled to see both sitting next to each other. Ananya thought Charu spoke to Vimal and compromised. But, till now, Charu did not speak to Vimal and was shivering inside and Vimal was able to sense it well. He stood up from the seat and waved his hand towards the seat from where he stood up and actioned her to sit there.

    Vimal: “Ananya, bring her to badminton court during lunch, ok”, he said in a soft tone and Ananya nodded her head. Soon, he jumped from the running bus smiling at the bus driver. His friend was coming along with the bus and he boarded in his bike and it vroomed and went towards the college route.

    Charu was still in shock and Ananya waved her hands in front of her face.

    Ananya: “What happened Charu? I thought you spoke to him?”

    Charu: “Actually, I just asked as what is he doing here? and after he sat next to me”, she paused and said “I became speechless”

    Ananya smiled at her and said, “What happened to you madam? You have been yelling at him for the past 2 days and now you are keeping shut?”

    Charu: “I don’t know Ananya. I really don’t understand what I am going through?”

    Ananya: “Charu, you could not hide it from me and it’s love”, she smiled as she said and continued, “the dream boy of many girls is at the back of you, so thrilling right?”, she teased her.

    Charu: “No, I could not conclude. I need to concentrate on my studies. I don’t want to get diverted. It’s enough that I enjoyed all these and I need to put a full stop for all these?”

    Ananya: “Come on Charu, he will be leaving the college this year and you don’t have to meet him again in the college to get distracted. You speak to him and conclude.”

    Charu: “I need to speak to my sister”

    Ananya: “Oh my god, you need to speak to your sister to decide. Sounds weird. Are you that much close to your sister?”

    Charu: “Yeah, she is the best sister anyone can get. She gives me the best piece of advice at any point of time and she never lets me down. When I was getting proposal in college after my singing competition and when I won in the singing competition, she uses to say that it was already late for me to get such proposals. She is such a practical girl. She had always encouraged my talents and has never shown me a hard face till now. She is the best friend anyone can get. She is matured and a lovely girl any one can fall for.”

    Ananya: “Uff.. This much hype about your sister. I will meet her for sure sometime.”

    Charu: “Yeah, she is not in town, else I would have already spoken to her about this guy.”

    She said and dialled her number, but it was not reachable and she cut the call.

    Charu: “My bad luck, her number is not reachable.”

    Ananya: “No other go, first you go and meet your Romeo today and then decide.”

    Charu: “Why should I go and meet him. If he orders, should I obey to him?”

    Ananya: “Hmm… He will not leave me If I did not bring you to the Badminton court. Uff. His eyes are sharp enough. I could not face him straight?”

    Chandrika woke up from an unconscious state and she found herself in a Tent. She was not sure where she is and got jerked when she heard sounds outside the tent where she was lying. It had a small bed, one suitcase and a rope were tied inside where a towel, shirt and pant were hanging. She was shocked and recollected what happened last night and what is the time now. She saw her belongings, her travel bag, handbag, her watch was in her wrist and she found that nothing has been stolen. She looked around to see herself in a bed. It had a soil floor and a table chair was there. She recollected when few henchmen were chasing her and she got a hit on backside of her head. It was a missed hit and she ran and came to a place where some tents were placed. She felt someone pulling her and she fell from there. She did not remember anything after that. She woke up from the bed and looked around and came outside to see lots of village people gathered over there standing in Queue. She looked around the place and stood confused.

    Ananya compelled Charu during their lunch and brought her to the Badminton court. Post the sports meet, there was not much crowd like earlier and when both came over there, Vimal was seated in his bike in front of the badminton court.

    Ananya: “Charu, I will wait here itself. You please go and come back soon. Be calm and don’t act furious. You talk to him in such a way to ensure he does not bother you further. If you are really interested”, she paused.

    Charu stared at her for a moment and said, “I will take care Anan. Don’t worry”

    Charu went near him and he immediately got down from his bike and went inside the badminton court. Charu stopped as he got down and he turned and saw her waved his hand to come inside the court. Charu got some courage and went inside. He immediately pulled her and moved her near by the door and Charu got shocked by his action. There seems to be no one in the badminton court inside.

    She leaned on the wall near the door and stared at him with fear. Vimal kept both his hands on the wall locking her in between him and looked at her deep in his eyes. Charu could not face that stare and she remembered Ananya’s comments about his eyes and she moved her sight from his eyes.

    Charu: “What do you want? Why did you want to see me? To ask to apologise for what you have done. Don’t you feel cheap to do so? You too have two sisters, right? If anyone behaves with them like this, will you keep quiet?”

    Vimal did not take an eye off from her and was hearing to whatever she was talking.

    Vimal: “Are you done with all your statements? Now Can I talk?”, he said and came near her.

    Charu: “Hey, maintain distance, move away from me”, she got goosebumps inside by his closeness. Though her lips said those words, her mind wanted him to be near her.

    Vimal: “Look Charu, the day I met you, I have fallen for you. I admired your simplicity, your voice, your innocence and fallen for you on the day you sang in the college. When my eyes met yours, I am done with that sight of you. Why did you come as a neighbour to us and why did you move with my family this much closer? When you sang the prize-winning song in your room after getting the first prize, I came near your window to congratulate you, but you removed your saree pallu while singing the song, I lost myself in your beauty. I turned as if I did not see you at all. You were killing my thoughts and I always feel restless with your presence. I tried to avoid you as I thought it will not work out between us. But you visited my house, got me an another magical moment with your mesmerizing voice in front of my family. Vinaya recorded a video of I don’t know how many times I would have watched that.”

    Charu stood like a statue when he poured his feelings for her.

    Charu cleared her throat and said, “Why did you keep me roses and all?”

    Vimal: “Yes, I did that. I did not know why I did such things for you. I felt myself cheap about myself later. I realized and felt bad when you shared it with me about a Romeo who was none other than me.”

    Charu was looking at him straight and his manly smell invaded her and she felt herself falling for him. The old Charu who had a liking for him took over her mind. Vimal was still admiring her beauty and said, “I wanted to apologize to you. What I did was wrong? I am sure I did not harm you nor spoiled your name at any point of time. Please forgive me and don’t think of me as a bad boy”, he smiled as he said.

    Charu looked at his eyes straight, “Is it over? Can I leave?” and tried to pull him and he still locked her with his hands held in the wall.

    Vimal: “Will you forgive me? I am sorry? It was not intentional”

    Charu felt a magical moment had happened in that minute and her heartbeat was higher than before. She slowly said, “I need to leave”

    Vimal: “You did not answer me, Charu?”

    Charu smiled and said, “Apology accepted. Now please leave me.”

    Vimal looked at her and said, “Ok. Thanks for your understanding.”

    Charu looked at him and said, “How can I leave, if you lock me like this?”

    Vimal realized that he had locked her with both of his hands and she was leaning in the wall between his hands. He realized that and took off his hands and Charu tried to move and her legs got stuck with some wires on the floor and she fell pulling Vimal along with her. He also lost his stand and fell along with her his thin moustache caressing her neck and his head fell on his neck. Both got goosebumps and Vimal buried his face in her chest when she turned and his mind wanted to be over there for his lifetime.

    Vimal tried to get up and said, “You always make me fall for you Charu” and hugged her.

    Charu also hugged him and within a fraction of second, they realised their position and got up.

    Charu: “Hey what did you say now?”

    Vimal managed and said, “Nothing”

    They both got up and looked at each other.

    Charu asked him, “Shall I leave now?” and her mind wanted to be with him for that moment.

    Vimal smiled back and said, “ok. Thanks again”

    Charu left the place and she turned back again and again until she came outside the building.

    Vimal called her, “Charu, Can I ask you something?”

    Charu nodded back and Vimal: “Do you like me?”

    Charu smiled and left the place.

    Vimal: “Charu, Is this Love?”

    Charu did not have an answer and she ran away from there. Ananya was clueless by her action when Charu came with a smiling face and asked her, “Hey, what happened?”

    Charu: “Hmm... Nothing “and she pulled her hands and left the place and Ananya was forced to run with her.
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    Friends posting the next episode

    @VinuthaS @mbharani @Madhurima21 @Thyagarajan @Lalithambigai @vidukarth

    Episode 89:

    Charu did not have an answer and she ran away from there. Ananya was clueless by her action when she came with a smiling way and asked her, “Hey, what happened?”

    Charu: “Hmm... Nothing “and she pulled her hands and left the place and Ananya was forced to run with her. Charu was in a different world when she was travelling back in the college bus and Ananya could guess what has happened.

    Ananya: “Hello, Charu Madam? In which world you are ? Madam has changed completely after meeting senior sir.”

    Charu: “Hmm… Yes, Anan, he apologized to me for his act”

    Ananya: “So you forgive it for whatever he has done”

    Charu: “He said that it is not intentional”

    Ananya: “But you have been jumping from sky to earth for whatever happened and now you have shut your mouth. What magic he did to you? Did he propose you?”

    Charu was not sure whether he proposed her, but he asked her whether she liked him or not.

    Charu smiled and said, “Lets see Anan. I will speak to my sissy and decide.”

    Ananya: “Oh god, what is your thought about him? Leave about your sister. It’s your life. Do you like him, do you love him? Do you think about all the other issues, different caste, different status”

    Charu thought for a while and said, “I don’t know Anan. I like him very much. When I thought he played with me, I could not handle that situation. But when he apologised today, my mind tells me to forgive him. I don’t know what I am going through because of this guy. Since noon, I feel butterflies flying in my stomach”

    Anan: “Hmm. This girl has got love phobia”

    Charu did not react and Anan’s stop came and she said, “take care madam. Think well before you decide. Better speak to your sister first”

    Charu was in her own world until she came back to her house. She did not see Vimal’s bike and thought he is not back to their house yet. She went to her room and played some soothing melody music. She enjoyed that and fell on her bed. She opened her room windows and felt the fresh air that came with the aroma of the flowers from their garden and of course from Vimal’s house too. She heard bike sound and immediately peeped out of the balcony to see Vimal coming inside their house. She saw him and felt a different Charu inside herself. She immediately went inside her room, looked at the mirror. Her face was glowing and she laughed to herself about her change. She again peeped out to see Vimal to have gone inside their house.

    Chandrika slowly woke up from the bed she was sleeping and came outside and saw some old ladies standing in a queue. She asked them which place it is and they mentioned the name of a village near by her Village.

    Chandrika: “What is it going on here Grandma?”

    The Old lady told her that it is a medical camp going on here and they have come for check ups over there. She looked around to see many tents and a lady doctor came over there and said, “Hey, Chandrika, how are you feeling now?”

    Chandrika was confused as she did not recognise that lady doctor.

    The lady doctor: “Cool, you may not know me, but I know since you are here.”

    Chandrika hesitated and spoke, “I am sorry, I could not recognise you. Where am I?”

    Before the lady doctor responded, Chandrika heard a familiar voice “Hey Chandrika, how are you feeling now?”

    She turned to see and was surprised by the presence of Dr. Chid Vilas.

    Chandrika: “Doctor, how come you are here near our village?”

    Chid Vilas: “I should ask you? Who were those men who were following you yesterday.?”

    Chandrika: “I really don’t know what is happening around and why they were following me?”

    Chid Vilas: “You seems to have been hit at your back of the head. You were keeping your hand at your back and came near our medical camp. I never expected you, but you were about to faint and I pulled you inside my tent.”

    Chandrika: “I myself don’t know who they are and why were they at the back of me to kill me?”

    Chid Vilas got shocked for a moment, “What, they came to kill you?”
    Chandrika: “Yes, I heard so when one guy spoke to other person in his phone”

    Chid Vilas: “Oh, good that I did not tell anything to that person. He asked whether a girl passed by and I said, you ran on the other side and diverted him”

    Chandrika: “Oh, thanks doctor for your help.”

    Chid Vilas: “Looks like they tried to hit you. There was a small bulge at the back of your head. Nothing to worry, what happened chandu?”, he called her as Chandu unknowingly.

    Chandrika did not notice that first and the realized that he called her a s Chandu like how her closed ones uses to address her.

    Chandrika: “I just came in train and took an Auto to my village and suddenly he took me in a different route and I sensed something wrong and tried to run. He called up a few persons and chased me. While crossing a field, I got a missed hit with a log at the back of my head.”

    Chid Vilas was shocked to hear it and said, “omg, I thought you have been hit, but it seems to be intentional to kill you. Any issue Chandrika?”

    Chandrika: “I really don’t know who is at the back of all these? I just came for the purpose of my brother and his treatment. Even my father did not know about my visit to our hometown?”

    Chid Vilas: “You should have intimated some one? What would have happened If I am not here. You could have been hit. I could not imagine?”

    Chandrika was surprised by his words and said, “Thanks a lot Doctor”

    Chid Vilas: “Don’t be so formal Chandrika. You can call me by my name”

    Chandrika smiled and said, “Thanks for saving me.”

    Chid Vilas: “My pleasure. But please don’t anywhere until things settle. You can stay with us in the camp and you can stay with lady doctors.”

    Chandrika took her phone and saw missed calls from Palani and immediately called him.

    Palani took the call, “Chandrama, where are you? Somehow Shanmugam sensed about your arrival and wanted to harm you. Chiru thambi is also very bad as I went to see him in the house yesterday without knowledge of anyone. The house is in bad shape.”

    Chandrika was shocked to hear the update from Palani, “Yes Palani Anna. I am also hit, but I am safe now. Please take care of Chiranjeevi until I come there.”

    Palani: “I cannot do anything alone. I will see what I can do”

    Chandrika: “Wait for a day and I shall try to come and see you and Chiru tomorrow”

    Chid Vilas was watching everything and Chandrika looked at him after finishing her phone call. He could understand a few things yet could not ask anything to Chandrika.

    Chandrika: “Vilas” and lied on his chest and cried. She did not know why she did that action and Chid Vilas kept his hands at her back and said, “Come Chandu, what is this? What happened? Come inside” and he took her inside his tent.

    Chandrika poured her feelings to him as what has happened to her after she lost her mother. She has ever never shared anything other than Nandita and Chid Vilas was the first person whom she felt close to pour out her feelings. She told about her Stepmom’s disliking for her, how Chandrika is portrayed to her by his brother Shanmugam and her love for her father. She also added the health issues of her father and how she has brought her independently all these days to tackle everything in life.

    Chid Vilas felt bad for whatever she has gone through in her life and the need of a care and love for her. Chandrika needed a comfort to lie on, someone to take care of her, some one to lie and share her feelings and she did not know why she vented out all her thoughts to Chid Vilas. He was also surprised that though her stepmom did not treat her well but use her only for her needs. Yet, Chandrika loved her siblings and how she cares for her brother and how she is trying to bring her brother back to the normal life from what he is going through.

    Chid Vilas: “Come on Chandrika. Don’t worry, I am here for you. I will take care of you and be your side to solve all your problems”

    Chandrika suddenly released herself from his hug and said, “What I am doing?”

    Chid Vilas also realised that he was close with her and managed, “That’s ok. I can understand your pain and wanted to help you. Don’t mistake me.”

    Chandrika smiled and said, “I really don’t know why I shared everything with you. I feel comfortable with you and sorry if I have bothered you with my issues.”

    Chid Vilas: “Not at all. My pleasure to help you”

    Chandrika smiled and said, “Hope I can stay with you here tonight”

    Chid Vilas: “I am sorry. I will lose my control If I am nearby you”, he immediately said and Chandrika stared at him.

    Chid Vilas stayed quiet for a while and continued, “I am sorry Chandrika. Since, the day I met you in Mumbai, I was longing to see you again. There were many instances where we met each other frequently and I thought it is fate that is making me to meet you again and again. There is not even a day I have not slept thinking about you. I had fallen for you for no reason and when I came to know more about you, you occupied my thoughts more than ever. I wanted a diversion and hence came to this medical camp and fate is making me to meet you again and again. I am not at such a good financial status like yours, but I can be a good friend and life partner. “, he broke out his thoughts.

    Chandrika was speechless and stood still looking at him.

    Chid Vilas and Chandrika were inside his tent and he held both is palm in her cheeks and asked, “I think I love you. Can we marry?”

    Chandrika did not expect such a sudden twist from the doctor and she remained silent.

    Chid Vilas: “Do you like me or not? If not, we can be good friends, I will not bother you anymore. But I just vented out my thoughts that was disturbing me for the couple of months and I feel relaxed now.”

    Chandrika looked at him and hugged him tight which he never expected.

    Chid Vilas: “Chandu, Can I take it as a Yes?”

    Chandrika hugged him again and nodded her head as tears rolled down from her eyes. She felt a comfort with him and foggy thoughts about the doctor in her mind got cleared.

    Chandrika: “Will you be with me like a friend? You will accept my family, my father, my siblings, my stepmom for whatever they are?”

    Chid Vilas was surprised to feel that she still loves the family who doesn’t care for her and his love for her increased more than before.

    Chid Vilas removed her and kissed on her fore head, “I will be with you till the last breath of my life” and Chandrika felt goose bump on his words.

    It was a magical moment for her as she felt that there is some one who loves her for what she is, a person who can be a good friend to her, who accepts her for what she is. She was on top of the world and kissed his cheeks. Chid Vilas was on top of the world by the unexpected kiss he received and they hugged each other. Chandrika felt a comfortable place to lie for rest of her life.
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    Ok nice eventually it has happened. Chandrika-vilas . I think both should be on top of the world. Looking forward to further progress.
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    very nice episode, waiting for future episodes.
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    Friends,posting the next Episode, Sorry for the delay as I was busy in my work.

    @VinuthaS @mbharani @Madhurima21 @Thyagarajan @Lalithambigai @vidukarth
    Episode 90:

    It was a magical moment for her as she felt that there is someone who loves her for what she is, a person who can be a good friend to her, who accepts her for what she is. She was on top of the world and kissed his cheeks. Chid Vilas was on top of the world by the unexpected kiss he received and they hugged each other. Chandrika felt a comfortable place to lie for rest of her life.

    Chid Vilas took a spontaneous decision and poured out his mind and he never thought it will work out for him. But he was sure that when Fate is making his encounters to meet his love often when he had travels miles apart too, his instinct advised him to open up and it happened, the moment of each other’s liking was revealed. The kiss he received from Chandrika was yet another bonus and his hug got strengthened.

    Chid Vilas: “Chandu, Can I ask you something?”

    Chandrika: “Yes Vilas”

    Chid Vilas: “Do you really like me? When did you feel that you liked me and what made me to accept me now?”

    Chandrika: “Don’t know Doctor, I like you so much. It was not love and Lakshmi uses to tease me that you are looking at me and I will make a good pair with you. But I use to tell her that what is the connection between me and him and why are you knitting some stories. I liked you, but I never thought it will end like this as you would propose me and I will accept. It is knitted by God I believe.”

    Chid Vilas looked at her face deep and said, “Even I had the same feel as yours. I never thought I will fall for a girl. I had shared it with Abhi many times and he has also helped me my many means. But it so happened, I will get a chance to meet you often, but something will stop me from approaching you. When my marriage was planned with Suchi also, I was hesitant coz, I have not opened my love to you.”

    Chandrika’s face changed and she asked, “What? Is your marriage fixed with Suchi Madam?”, and she immediately released her from his hug.

    Chid Vilas could not bear her leaving him and pulled her again with both his hands clutching the back of her waist, “Hey, it will be cancelled.”

    Chandrika: “What do you mean?”, she jerked

    Chid Vilas: “It will be cancelled and I have already updated Suchi that I am yet to open up with you.”

    Chandrika: “If you have not opened with me, then would you have married Suchi Madam.”

    Chid Vilas: “Hey What do you think about Suchi. She is my best buddy and best human being I have ever met in my life. When I told her that I am in love with a girl and yet to propose her, she heartfully said that who will reject her best buddy.? She was very happy for me as I found my love “

    Chandrika was amazed about Suchi’s character and Vilas continued to talk about Suchi after that. When he expressed about his friendship with Suchi, Chandrika started to admire Suchi more than before.

    Chandrika: “You are lucky to get a good soul as a friend. I wish she too gets a good husband like me”

    Chid Vilas: “Am I your husband?”

    Chandrika smiled at him and said: “First, I want to you to be your best friend for me and then we will think about that”, she said that in a shy tone.

    Chid Vilas: “I can be a good friend to you. I will support you. When I came to know about your financial status and compared it, I felt down and thought may be your family will not accept me. also started to feel that I will not be a suitable person for you”, Chandrika closed his mouth with her hands by then.

    Chandrika: “No, I also believe that it is pre knitted by God that you would be my life partner. My father use to tell me that for whatever I am, I will get a person who understands and takes care of me well. I have found that person in you.”

    Chid Vilas tightened her and asked him, “Can I ask you something?”

    Chandrika: “Yes please”

    Chid Vilas: “Can I kiss you?”

    Chandrika blushed and said, “No… “and she realised that she is very close with him making to him to feel like that and released herself from his hug.

    Chid Vilas requested her and pulled her hand and asked, “I never thought this moment will come to me and please”, he asked her in a pleasing way.

    Chandrika did not answer and turned her face aside.

    Chid Vilas came near her and held her cheeks with both his palm and looked at her eyes. He felt to have achieved something in his life and without asking her, he kissed her lips. Chandrika felt an electrifying shock by the touch of his lips and closed her eyes. He slowly sucked her upper lips and held both his lips together. Chandrika could not avoid and she did not even resist. He could not take his lips and he continued further digging more pleasure when his tongue twisted with hers. She could not breath for a moment and released herself from him. Vilas looked her with love and said, “I am sorry, I could not resist myself. I am still in my dream world. I don’t want to miss you Chandrika. I am still not this world and not sure that you have accepted my love now.”

    Chandrika smiled at him and said, “Doctor, Now come to reality. It’s true that I have accepted your love. I love you”

    Chid Vilas hugged her again and started to kiss her fierce fully in her eyes, cheeks, forehead and again in her lips. He did not want to lose the moment of togetherness she is spending with her and he murmured in her ears, “You don’t know how much you have disturbed me and how many nights I had been sleepless because of you. I could not leave you for now.”

    Chandrika did not expect this encounter from Vilas and she slowly released herself from Chid vilas and turned aside. “Enough Vilas, I am overjoyed, I can’t bear any more.”, few tears rolled off and she turned to see him.

    Chid Vilas: “I am sorry Chandu, Until the moment I proposed you, I have been thinking about you in the corner of my heart. I was assuming that things will change and try not to think about you. But you were occupying my mind whenever I was free. I was in my own world where I can feel only and you. I don’t want to miss you at any cost. You are so close to my heart.”

    Chandrika was overwhelmed by the thoughts shared by Vilas and she could not believe that she has made such impact towards a person. No one has ever shown an affection other than her father towards her. She did not get proper mother’s love. Though she had many people around her who cared for her, it was a soft corner towards her for all the good deeds she do and Vilas was the first person for her who has shown an unconditional feel of love towards her.

    Chandrika: “I was thinking about you and Suchi mam to be couples and the little one as your daughter”

    Chid Vilas: “It was an accident that the little girl came to Suchi and there is some mysery in that. But she is attached to that girl and if no one claims that kid, she wanted to bring her as her own child. She shared this with me and wanted us to be parents of that little girl”

    Chandrika: “If you have not met me now, you would have married her and become the father of that child. Is that so?”

    Chid Vilas: “Not really, I agreed to Suchi that I can be the father and she can be the mother. But when I told her that I found my love and did not mention that it was you, she was happy for me. The only issue she had was that she could not find an understanding person like me and also for a person who can accept that little one.”

    Chandrika: “We can adopt that kid Vilas, if she doesn’t mind”

    Chid Vilas smiled and said, “I sensed that you would mention like this. Suchi is very much attached to the kid and she wants to be with that kid here after for her lifetime. So, if our marriage would have happened, she thought that it would have been fine for us to be the parents for that kid”

    Chandrika got more regards towards suchi and in the coming discussions he had, Vilas spoke about Suchi more than anything else. He shared about his Father Arulmozhi, the advocate who has actually referred Suchi for Chandrika, Her mother Anandhi who works with NGO for support of old people and his younger brother Chaitanya who is about to complete his studies.

    Chandrika also mentioned about her duties to be fulfilled and they can marry after that. They spoke a lot until they were bothered by some visitors who organized the Medical camp.

    A young guy came inside who is from a youth association for a set of villages around and he excused and came with a permission inside his tent. They separated themselves and sat with a distance.

    Youth association guy: “Doctor, thank you so much for your help. Almost 60% of the elders were checked and your doctors were helpful and they were very humble.”

    Chid Vilas: “That’s ok. Once we finish off with the patients here, we shall move to the next camp. Where is it organized?”

    Youth association guy: “It is Poonthanil Village nearby. I will do the arrangements and we can move once they are done over there.”

    Chandrika: “It’s my village.”

    Youth Association guy: “Madam, your village. Are you a doctor?”

    Chid Vilas: “No, she is my friend. I will let you know” and diverted the topic.

    Youth Association Guy: “Madam, your face is familiar. I have seen you somewhere”

    Chid Vilas: “What is your name? Ajay Right? I will let you know once all the patients are done with their checking here. We have found 3 elders for whom stunt needs to be kept. It is a process and should be done in town hospitals that has more facility. I will check with my mom and we shall try to do it with her association where they extend medical help for needy people.”

    Youth Association guy: “Thanks a lot doctor. I will be grateful if you follow up and let me know so that I can decide, I will also try to collect some funds and see what can be done from my end.”

    Chid Vilas: “I will give you the details soon Ajay. No worries. I will be in touch with you.”

    Once the guy had left, Chandrika: “Why did you stop me when the next camp is in my Village?”

    Chid Vilas: “Hello, I can understand. But be sensible Chandu, under what circumstances you came to my tent. You are not able to go anywhere alone. You are my responsibility and I should take care of you and ensure no further calm will happen to you.”

    Chandrika shed tears and hugged him tight, “Vilas, I love you” and he too hugged her reciprocating his care for her.

    Chid Vilas: “Lets plan how we can make to your village and your identity will not be shown to anyone and we can watch what is happening there?”

    Chid Vilas asked her to stay in the tent and went outside to collect some information. In the meantime, Chandrika called up Palani and updated him about what had happened excluding the information about Chid Vilas. She said she is in a medical camp in the nearby village and will let her know about the next set of actions. He also agreed and hung the phone.
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    Friends,posting the next Episode, Sorry for the delay as I was busy in my work.


    Episode 91:

    Chid Vilas asked her to stay in the tent and went outside to collect some information. In the meantime, Chandrika called up Palani and updated him about what had happened excluding the information about Chid Vilas. She said she is in a medical camp in the nearby village and will let her know about the next set of actions. He also agreed and hung the phone.

    Chandrika had planned to stay in that camp until Chid Vilas moves to the next camp which would be in her own village. Chid Vilas organised a few things for her stay to be an attendant for the people over there. He had personally requested with the youth association guy for her stay. The Guy Ajay seems to be a fair person with a helping mind and he agreed to help him too. Chid Vilas was jumping in joy for his stay with Chandrika and those were the precious moments he would be spending with her.

    Charu and Vimal were on cloud nine. Neither it was a proposal being made by each of them, but they both were in their own world. Vinaya was able to guess the changes in Vimal’s face and asked her, “Hey Bro, what happened?”

    Vimal updated her that he had apologized to Charu and she was also fine with that.

    Vinaya gave a Hi Fi to him and hugged him, “Good, All the best. All your roadblocks she is my supervisor for both appraiser and are cleared now.”

    Vimal: “But, I just asked her whether she likes me or not”, with a sad face.

    Vinaya: “What? You did not propose to her yet?”, she asked in a curious way.

    Vimal nodded his head and said, “no dear”

    Vinaya hit her head and said, “I can’t do any help here.” and got down from the terrace. When she came down, she checked Charu’s windows were closed and she was not back from college yet.

    When she got down, she saw Vaishali coming to her house and Vijay accompanying her in his bike. It’s quite some weeks she did not see Vijay. Vaishali often visited her house and Vijay will come and pick her up. But Vijay would call her from Vinaya’s gate when he reaches there, Vaishali will go with him in his bike. Vinaya never invited Vijay inside. But Vaishali always uses to call Vimal whenever he comes to pick Vaishali from their house. If Vinaya knows that Vijay has come to pick Vaishali, she will bid bye to Vaishali and will not even come to the gate to greet him. Vaishali did not notice this and was casual thinking that Vijay will come to pick her and she will just bid bye to Vinaya and will leave from her house. It was a week they had a vacation and at the end of the vacation, Vaishali was feeling bored and called Vinaya to her house. But Vinaya asked her to come to her house instead and that was the reason of visit of Vaishali to Vinaya’s house.

    Vimal looked at Vijay and said, “Hey Vinaya, every time I visit Vaishali house to pick you, she will invite me, “come inside anna”, But you never invite his brother. That’s bad. Our parents never brought us like that”. Vinaya did not had answer for that and said, “No Vimal, nothing like that” and she acted casual. Vimal took the lead today and invited Vijay inside their house.

    Vimal: “Hey, Bro come, have some coffee and go. Every time you come, you never come inside.”

    Vijay smiled and said, “Its ok. I need to go” and he looked at Vaishali and said, “I am going to my friend’s house and will come and pick you when you call me.”

    He looked at Vijay and said “Bye” and left the place. Vinaya felt guilty of her action after Vimal complained about her behaviour. But other than Vijay and Vinaya, none of them know what was cooking between them. Vaishali and Vinaya spent some time in their house in the front side of garden and Charu was returning from her college. Vinaya looked at her and invited her inside, “Hi, Charu, how are you? Come inside dear?”

    Charu looked at Vinaya and came inside her house on her invite.

    Charu: “Hi, Vinaya? How are you?”

    Vinaya saw a glow in Charu’s face and she understood that she was looking for Vimal.

    Vinaya introduced Vaishali, “This is my friend Vaishali and we study together”

    Charu smiled at her and waved her hand with a Hi.

    Charu: “Howz it is going for you guys?” and she looked inside the house.

    Vinaya: “Whom are you looking for? My mother?”, she purposely told her mother’s name.

    Charu teased, “No, I am looking for your Granny”, she smiled as she said that casually.

    Vinaya thought about her thoughtfulness and laughed, but Vaishali did not follow that and asked her, “what’s up?”

    Vinaya changed the topic, “Nothing dear” and looked at Charu, “Shall I bring you coffee?”

    Charu: “Sure, if you can?” and sat on the chair in their garden.

    Vinaya did not expect her stay further and stood up and said, “Girls, please make yourselves comfortable and I will come with Coffee for both of you”, she stood and left.

    Charu smiled at Vaishali and asked her, “Where do you stay Vaishu?”

    Vaishali smiled back and she mimed at her about her location.

    Charu was able to follow that and said, “oh”

    By then, Vinaya came with 3 glasses of Coffee in a tray and Charu took her coffee and gave it to Vaishali and took one more cup for her and sipped it.

    Charu: “Vinaya, your mom’s coffee is the best. I can sense the flavour when you came nearby”

    Vinaya: “Then come to my house daily for this coffee”

    Charu smiled and said, “Hmm… Sure I will come for aunty’ s coffee.” And she finished it soon.

    She kept the cup back and said, “We don’t put filter coffee dear. It’s me who have coffee and my mom is always giving me the instant coffee. You made my day and this taste will remain for an hour at least”.

    Vinaya was scanning her actions as she was searching for Vimal’s presence. Vimal was looking at her from inside the window of their house which Vinaya also noticed.

    Charu bid bye to them and left when Vijay has already come to pick up Vaishali.

    Vaishali: “My brother has come Vinaya. I need to leave. Looks like his work got over. He is waiting in the gate”

    Both Charu and Vaishali started together and Vinaya had no other go to send them off both and she reached the gate. It was after a long time Vaishali met Vijay and his face was very dull. Charu said bye to both and left looking back at their house.

    Vaishali stopped and said, “Vinaya, I need to go to rest room.”, she turned to Vijay sighed to him and went inside their house.

    Vinaya was helpless and was embarrassed to stay there with Vijay. She remembered Vimal’s words and saw Vijay, “Come inside and wait?”, she slowly said.

    Vijay looked at her, “Is it you Vinaya? You avoided me completely? You never attempted to even see me by not coming to my house. You did not call me a single day whenever I came to pick-up Vaishu. You can be open with whatever you feel to say?”, he seriously asked her.

    Vaishali did not expected him to reply like that and she did not know what to answer.

    Vinaya: “nothing like that. You can come inside and wait if you wish to?’, she avoided his face.

    Vijay: “You did not answer me Vinaya? I should not ask you again and that too in your house itself. What is your answer?”

    Vinaya did not see his face and she didn’t know what to answer.

    Vijay: “There is a basic courtesy Vinaya to respond. I am sure, I did not misbehave with you. Will you give me an answer for what I asked you and with a proper reason for whatever answer you are going to give you.”

    Vinaya was feeling restless inside herself and for all the boldness she had, Vinaya felt defeated in front of him. She was not clear about her opinion about him. She felt that it would be out of pity and having a sister like her, he approached her with a reason of love.

    Vinaya was a very bold girl and she did not ever think about a marriage for herself in her life. She never felt herself with a disability at any point of time, but Vijay made her to feel her different now. Though Vijay did not any such feeling and his liking for her was in a different way Vinaya had thought.

    Vijay liked Vinaya for what she was, he liked her courage and he always wanted her sister to be like her. He admired her beauty, curly hair with the rimless glasses she uses to wear and her bold nature to face anything. She will look shrewd in her appearance and any guy will fall for her without knowing her disability. But Vijay knows about her and was carried away with her beauty first and then he started to admire her attitude, boldness and ended up in love. He could not just like that leave her with no answer and he again opened with her.

    Vijay: “Vinaya, what is your problem? You should give me some reason for what I asked you for?”

    By the time Vaishali came and Vinaya did not speak further. Vaishali bid bye to her and Vijay did not see her face to even say a Bye and both left in his bike.

    Vimal came from the house while Vinaya had also reached their house entrance to enter into the house.

    Vimal: “Vinaya, Is there any issue between you friend’s brother and you?”

    Vinaya did not expect this from him and stammered as she was in a different world after speaking to him. She answered, “Nothing Vimal. You asked me to invite him inside and hence I called him, but he denied”

    Vimal: “But, looks like there was a different serious conversation between you.”

    Vinaya: “Nothing like that Vimal”, she avoided him and went inside the house. Vimal sensed something different and went upstairs. He had some project works to be completed and hence finished them and came down for dinner. Charu’s room lights were switched off. After his dinner, he again came to his room upstairs around 9 PM and found that lights were switched on in Charu’s room. Some soothing melody music was being played in her room. It was close to 10 PM and she heard some conversation in her room. He poked his ears by standing outside to hear that.

    Sivagami: “Charu, have this milk dear”

    Charu: “Mom, I don’t need milk mom”

    Sivagami: “You are reading till late night. Have some milk, you will feel refreshed”

    Charu: “Sometimes, You are taking too much care. If your son is here, you will not even care for me”

    Sivagami: “Not like that. Both of you are equal to me”

    Charu: “Then why did you always treat Chandrika akka as different.”

    Sivagami: “Why do you always pull my legs with her name. I am not treating her different?”

    Charu: “Mom, please don’t bluff. You always treat her different. If your son is here, you will not even care for me.”

    Sivagami tried to change the topic, “Not like that dear. Both of you are same to me.”

    Charu again got the topic, “Then Chandrika akka is different to you right”

    Charu always pulled her mom’s leg with Chandrika’s topic but Sivagami always tried to divert the topic.

    Sivagami: “See, she did not even care for your father’s health and she is looking for her business venture only. She has gone all way alone to Mumbai for her business arrangements. She is selfish”

    Charu got irritated and said, “Mom, will you stop talking like this. She takes care of all of us well and you always curse her like anything. You care for me and Chiru alone while she cares for everyone. She takes care of father’s health and act accordingly. She always saves your son when he brings some trouble. She is the guardian for me and she knows my marks, she comes to college from a parental point of view. She does so much and you always curse her”, she fumed as she said that.

    Charu continued, “Why are you growing such a big poison tree in your mind against her and trying to sow into me too. I am not the person for that. I like you as a mother, but when you start to build stories against her, I will become a Giantess.”

    Sivagami could not deny the facts she explained about Chandrika, but the deep-rooted venomous thoughts about Chandrika did not allow her mind to accept her and make her think against her. There can be many reasons that can be shown to prove that Chandrika is good and she had it, but for no reason, she could not accept Chandrika for what she is to others. A magic has to happen for her to accept that.

    Sivagami: “Leave it dear. When is your exams getting over? It’s long time we went to our hometown. Once, your exams are over, shall we plan to go?”

    Charu: “We shall try ma? Your son is there in the Village. Go and spend time with him”

    Sivagami: “Who will take care of your father If I go there?”

    Charu: “Now also, if sissy is not there, you double check the medicines coz, you don’t do those activities regularly, else Chandrika akka always does everything. Then also, she is not good for you. What a illogical thinking you have got?”, she said as she hit her face. During this conversation, she finished her milk and gave her back the glass. Sivagami left her room while trying for his son Chiranjeevi who had not picked her calls for the past 3 days. She tried to call her brother Shanmugam and he also did not pick any of her calls. She did not know what is happening at the Village end and the bad shape in which Chiranjeevi was getting transformed in to.

    After Sivagami left her room, Charu went and close her room door and came back to her table. She wrote some notes and some drawings and once she completed, she wanted to go to sleep. She went to the balcony door to close it screamed when she was pulled by someone.

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