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WOW- Who is SHE

Discussion in 'Poetry' started by Jayanthi, Mar 18, 2010.

  1. Jayanthi

    Jayanthi New IL'ite

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    Oh my God, here is world’s eighth wonder,
    Making every being, think of it and ponder.
    A beautiful combo of buoyancy and balance
    The awed creation- bold, brainy and beautiful.

    She is like the beautiful Spring flowers
    She just springs up when most needed.
    She cares selflessly setting aside all her priorities,
    She dares to succeed by setting right your duties.

    She is the latent power hovering around you
    The force triggering the talent within you.
    Neither decides your destination nor rewrites your destiny
    But silently remains the guiding force along your journey.

    The extremely talented SHE lives very little for herself,
    Always worries, cares and lives more for yourself.
    At times sounds too demanding, but nevertheless
    It’s her echo of self defence beyond her patience.

    She daunts the smile of confidence and courage
    She flaunts the smile of hope and optimism at any age.
    She spreads the smile of care, compassion and love
    She carries the smile of peace as sweet as the dove.

    She tirelessly works through her career ladder
    She weftly weaves her loved ones’ career too.
    She beautifully balances different passions
    She swiftly subdues her difficult emotions.

    She doesn’t depend on reservations
    She doesn’t believe in resolutions.
    She doesn’t cocoon herself in inhibitions
    She doesn’t drown herself in depressions.

    If anything pricks you, her eyes are flooded
    If anything warms you, her heart is flooded.
    Adept at handling the storm in your cup o’ tea,
    Also aptly the calm who makes you stress free.

    She walks the ramp and creates stampede of gazes
    She conquers the world and leaves no traces.
    Totally disagreeable is that she is physically the weakest
    But, totally agreeable is that she is mentally the strongest.

    If she has the will and really finds the way,
    Then there is no way that she can be stopped.
    She will scale highest peaks and kiss the space
    She will dive deepest seas and hug the waves.

    Maybe your Mother who has given you to Earth
    When she is around, there is no dearth.
    Having gifted the most precious thing- LIFE
    She selflessly keeps adding life to your days.

    Maybe your sister who has fondly grown up with you
    Laughed cried, fought and reconciled with you.
    Holding hands and waiting at gates,
    All old tales of those treasured school days.

    Maybe your wife who has added new dimensions
    Has infused in you varied new expressions.
    Has pledged to be by you, rain or shine,
    Giving you space, not delving into details fine.

    Maybe your daughter who has made your actions subtle,
    And gradually made your approach very gentle.
    She who by wiping your stress and strain in strife
    All along teaches you the unlearned facets of life.

    Maybe your friend who has touched your heart
    With a promise forever, never to part.
    Maybe your teacher who has taught many a profound lesson
    And intricacies of life, for your burdens to lessen.

    She maybe your mother, sister, daughter, friend or wife
    Be it any form, SHE is a God given gift in your life.
    She doesnt need accolades and appreciations for her care,
    But atleast an acknowledgement that SHE means to you.

    Not just March 8 is needed to express your gratitude
    With gifts precious, expensive and extravagant.
    But just a SMILE and a THANK YOU, now and then
    Will be her POWER DRIVE till the sky touches men.

    WoW - SHE is a World of Wonders
    And will remain a Wonder to the World.

  2. iyerviji

    iyerviji IL Hall of Fame

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    Dear Jayanthi

    welcome to IL. Your poem is very good .

  3. Sriniketan

    Sriniketan IL Hall of Fame

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    Nice one friend, on a Woman's Day.
    Sorry for being late in here to appreciate the same.
    SHE is the one who has HE in herself. :idea


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