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Worship God Through Food

Discussion in 'Poetry' started by SuiDhaaga, Jun 29, 2021.

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    You don't like Cooking
    You get mad, you make Faces
    You think no one is Looking

    You are in a rush while Eating
    You feel overwhelmed by Work
    You think life is giving you a Beating

    You are an IDIOT
    An idiot, I say
    You don't Appreciate
    How food Grows
    The sweat and tears that are Cultivated
    Just to bring sustenance to your Tray

    You are a SPOILED BRAT
    A real ingrate, I say
    You don't clean your Plate
    You waste Food
    You let leftovers Zpoil
    You are simply no, no Good

    God decided you had Karma
    Good enough for three Meals a Day
    God decided you had Karma
    Good enough to for the Food to Stay
    God decided you had Karma
    Good enough for good Nutrition Sense
    God decided you had Karma
    Good enough for Foods that are
    Vitamin and Mineral-Dense

    How do you repay God
    You think about the Past and Sob
    You thing about the Future and Mope
    All the while you cook a Meal
    And then ask the recipient
    If your cooking is Trendy and Dope

    What an IDIOT
    What a MORON
    You point other people's Sins
    But you forget when you
    You will not Win
    Point one finger towards someone
    Three finger point back at You
    Maybe next time you will remember this
    When you get angry while you
    Fail to eat slow and Chew!

    Mustard Fields of Punjab

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