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Why mothers do love the children most?

Discussion in 'Snippets of Life (Non-Fiction)' started by jayasala42, Dec 12, 2014.

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    A few days back I took my grand niece ,5 months pregnant, to a gynaecologist for check up. We had to wait for more than an hour.Just out of curiosity I was going through a few medical journals spread over the adjacent table.The caption attracted me. [h=1]Bits of baby remain in your body after childbirth — for years![/h]
    [h=2]written by a Research team.[/h] A casual but serious reading revealed the following facts which I am reproducing .

    Pregnancy may make lasting changes to your body, and I’m not just talking about stretch marks.
    When you are pregnant, some of your baby’s fetal cells “leak out” and enter your blood stream. And long after pregnancy, some of those fetal cells may have taken up permanent residence in your internal organs. Making you what biologists call a genetic “chimera” ( A fancy character)– a person whose body incorporates the DNA of more than one individual – yours and your child’s.

    Which means, of course, that part of your genetic make-up includes DNA from your child’s father. If you’ve been pregnant with a boy, you may even have a few Y-chromosomes floating around in your bloodstream – decades after becoming pregnant!
    What is that DNA doing to you? There isn’t very much of it, so you needn’t worry that you’ve been genetically reprogrammed in any big way. But scientists think these minute traces of “alien” DNA do make a difference. Good and bad.
    On the good side: During pregnancy, fetal cells may help your immune system tolerate the baby “invader,” making it less likely that your immune system will attack the fetus.
    Later on, fetal cells living in your body might do a little “housekeeping” for you, repairing damage to your internal organs. When researchers recently analyzed fetal cells lurking in the lungs of motherly mice, they found three types of fetal cells, including cells of the immune system and stem cells – the same sort of injury-repairing stem cells that are found in umbilical cord blood.

    But there may be a bad side, too. Fetal cells have been found in tumors. Are these cells attacking the tumor or helping it grow? It’s also possible – even likely – that fetal cells can cause autoimmune disease. A lady has agreed that after her last pregnancy she developed chronic inflammation of the hip. Could that be because her baby’s fetal cells reside there, and her immune system is attacking this foreign tissue? Maybe.

    It sounds funnier to think mothers turn into 'chimeras' after child birth.
    Though I didn't convey what I read to my pregnant niece, I could not help analysing about this issue.

    A great research!

    On more and more research, doubt arises whether hereditory disorders

    are transferred from mother to baby or vice versa.
    If the mother gets cancerous tumour at the age of 50, is the disease a result of dominant genes of the foetus remaining dormant so long , now coming to the surface after 25 years?

    It is said that instead of enquiring about the gotra we can do blood group matching.If one may get any disorder due to some foetus cells sticking to the mother after delivery,what use will be the blood matching or horoscope matching?If this theory becomes true, even marriages outside the near family circle may turn out to be as bad as consanguine marriages( Related by blood)
    The Tamil Proverb" Aayiram poi solli ( aayiram peridam solli)kalyanam pannu--Conduct the marriage after thorough enquiry- seems to get falsified.

    Where does one get the horoscope of the unborn babe?

    Questions arise " Did egg come first or chicken?'

    " Was the disease inherited from mother to child or vice versa?

    Having different classes of DNA may raise ethical issues ,resulting in problems of unimaginable magnitude creating disharmony.

    One more doubt arises.If we take the same analogy,if we apply to intelligence, can a mother become more intelligent or an intelligent one may become dull depending on the child's genes.

    Mothers can well say" I was very much intelligent before your birth and became dull only after you were born'' and so on.
    'ignorance is bliss;.

    Already pregnant women have a tendency to imagine about'down syndrome',spastic child, autism etc about the child to be born.Now one more worry will get added about their own health and a fear complex whether they will be healthy enough to look after the baby. and an imaginary fear about the non existing, and never to come diseases.

    Too much analysis leads to 'paralysis of mind'.

    But can we stop the progress of research which
    has enabled so many advancements in medical field or stall the publication of findings unless proved certain.

    Such research materials may give fanciful ideas for fiction writers or give a nice plot for TV serial makers, giving voluminous scope for extending the episodes by leaps and bounds.

    Jayasala 42





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