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Why Hurry Icmr?

Discussion in 'Snippets of Life (Non-Fiction)' started by jayasala42, Jul 4, 2020.

  1. jayasala42

    jayasala42 IL Hall of Fame

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    ICMR is supposed to be the Premier Institution that guides and controls
    Research in the field of Medicine.
    Finding a vaccine is not as simple as ordering your food from Swiggy and Zomoto
    delivered when you demanded.

    The test on human volunteers commenced in the UK nearly a month and half back.
    They have not set a deadline that it should be available before a cut of date.
    The first human testing it is proclaimed, as per protocol, needed to be done on
    a minimum of 100 volunteers to be under observation for four months.
    The second phase of testing involved a few 1000s people and to be studied and analysed
    for another four months. Still it is a long way that it reached the shelf of Pharmacies for
    There are more than 140 candidates involved in the research for Vaccine.
    The Oxford team has reached the third stage of testing on 8000 volunteers from Brazil
    and South Africa and they have come to the conclusion that the vaccine has been found safe
    for even people with a weak immune system.
    Inovivo Pharmaceuticals Vaccine Ino 4800 has announced that preliminary trials have shown
    encouraging signs in triggering 94% of strong immune in the 40 volunteers on trial.
    The firm plans to have 1 million doses of the Vaccine by the end of 2020 and enter the second
    and third phase of the trial.
    Of the Eight of the Chinese companies active in this Vaccine exercise Can Sino has been the
    first company in the world to publish a full scientific study on the Vaccine's early trial on human.
    In fact the Chinese Military has approved for use as trial from June 26, as the phase 1 and 2
    has been found safe and effective to some extent.
    German Bio Tech firm BioN Tech and US Pharma giant Pfizer and their first trial has proved
    presence of higher level of Covid 19 antibodies than those infected by the Virus during
    their study
    None of these Countries / companies have the audacity to command bringing the Vaccine to
    the market by any specific dates.
    Bharat Bio Tech of Hyderabad is on the trial of Covaxin.
    This company that has been working with the National Institute of Virology has the permission
    for human trials. They are at the verge of commencing human trial.
    Clinical studies on the inactivated vaccine demonstrated its safety and immune response.
    Lo and behold ICMR has issued a missive to this Bharat Biotech to be ready with a Vaccine
    for vaccination on 15 August when Prime Minister is to unfurl the Tricolour from the ramparts of
    the Red Fort and with pride proclaim to the World that we have vanquished the COVID 19.
    Only the day before yesterday two of the leading scientists on the subject, from MIT conveyed
    with authority that they will jump with joy if a Vaccine has been found before two and half years
    that is by the middle of 2022.
    The missive from the ICMR seems to be a mockery of science and too childish, an obscene
    a prank on the Nation that loses life in thousands each day.
    A demand and dictate terms for the vaccine!
    One is reminded parable of King Canute who could hold the tide at his command.
    If they crave to be a winner in the race why did not they avail of the opportunity that came
    calling in the friendly Bhaba Ramdev who announced that he has found the miracle cure for
    Covid 19?
    It is reliably understood that it takes minimum 12 to 18 months for a vaccine to occupy medical shelves after completing all the requirements of human trials, an important aspect of vaccine production.Many vaccines have failed even though they had been successful in the preliminary investigations.Success, especially in respect of this particular virus should not be taken for granted.
    Slow and steady is the apt maxim.
    Any short cut to quicken the process or setting aside certain important steps, may yield unprecedented harmful results which may become irretrievable. Having waited six months we can wait for another 10 months to get the best results.Till then let us follow the rules.

    jayasala 42
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  2. HariLakhera

    HariLakhera Finest Post Winner

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    Perhaps you are referring to the vaccine to be launched before 15th August in India by India for India. Just club it to Independence day and PM's Independence Day speech fro the ramparts of Red Forte in Delhi and Bihar and Bengal Elections approaching and the matter will be clear.
    India under my leadership has invented the vaccine for Covid-19"
  3. Mistt

    Mistt IL Hall of Fame

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    I want to look that news positively. I hope for ICMR finishes human trials successfully and vaccine comes out ASAP.
  4. HariLakhera

    HariLakhera Finest Post Winner

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    Every body world over wants the same and all are trying to find an effective vaccine, but no one to my knowledge is setting dead lines. It will be welcomed as and when it comes. It took ten years to find a vaccine for polio. In this case, the earliest is year end of 2020.

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