Why Are Privileged People Made To Feel Guilty?

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    This is what stresses many people.

    Starting my response with a simple example from what's happening in Sri Lanka.
    There is an on-going economic crisis in the country. There is fuel shortage, and people are made to wait in long queue to get their rationed fuel.
    But, there are wealthy people, high end professionals like Doctors, and influential figures like actors or politicians and their family members. They have it easier than others due to their privileged status.
    Being a privileged person and enjoying their life according to their own comfort level is NOT a problem. But ruining other person's chance, by using your privilege is the problem.

    Like how nepotism is discussed in the cinema industry & politics.
    The easy entrance to a career through influence also means ruining another person's chance who would have gotten this opportunity if the privileged child didn't enter by luck. Because opportunities are limited.

    This happens in schools & everywhere.
    When a father spends all his wealth to ensure his studious child gets admission in a particular school, but, someone else's child, who is average in studies takes that seat just because his parent is powerful. This becomes a problem. The father's efforts go meaningless due to someone else's privilege and it is wrong. It can ruin the studious child's hope, and the society's future.

    Everyone fights for their place in this world. Some get it through hard work, some get it through luck and some get it using their privilege. All is well, until some are denied because their place is taken by the privileged one without the required qualification or hard work.

    My kids are very privileged, and they enjoy a comfortable life because of my hard work. But I will always make sure, they will not take away another hardworking child's place by their privileges. It is just not right!
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