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Why Are Poor People Still Poor(child's Views)

Discussion in 'Stories (Fiction)' started by swathi27, Jun 12, 2016.

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    The views expressed in this article are from a child of 5years, any resemblances is purely co-incidental.

    "She watches as the beggar is seeking alms at each passerby. Perturbed by her long silence, very unusual of an always vocally expressive child, I know that the view she had seen outside the temple had affected her deeply. Wanting to restore her normalcy, I probe her, breaking her train of thoughts.

    The below is the excerpts from that interview.
    Me: Why do you think he is like that.
    Child:Because he has no money to buy a computer.
    Me:Why does he need a computer of all other things.
    Child:Because these rich people are mean, very bad and bad. These people don't have a house to live, proper clothes, nice neat plates to seek alms.
    Me:Truly said. But why do they need a computer?
    Child:Because these mean rich people do not show them where the ATM s are. And They cannot search the ATMs address on the computer, as they don't have a computer. No ATM, no money!!! the machine that keeps loads and loads of money.

    A much debated global hot topic of discussion, for which great and learned leaders are unable to find answers, the rich getting richer and poor becoming more poor is solved in a jiffy.

    I did not want to infiltrate her innocent thoughts and allow her a sense of achievement for analysing the situation with her little known understanding of the world. Here she goes an animal activist, a social worker, now a global thinker, trying to assess the next situation."


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