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When to throw ur old make-up

Discussion in 'Cosmetics & Makeups' started by luckydove, Aug 17, 2007.

  1. luckydove

    luckydove New IL'ite

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    have you seen any lady throwing away her favorite lipstic/make-up??
    As a tendency or love for our favourite lipstic/eye shadow..we continue to use untill it gets completely finished..without giving importance to its expiry..

    Be careful! Most beauty products don't have an expiration date, but they do go bad. Periodically purge your medicine cabinet, your bag or wherever else you have makeup tucked away. Here's when to can it:

    Can it after 3-6 months
    It's especially important to change mascara often (even if you have some left). Air can push bacteria into the tube and cause an eye infection.
    Can it after 6 months
    Even if you sharpen your eyeliner every week to keep it fresh, bacteria can still grow around the tip. You'll know it's there when the pencil starts to crumble as you're sharpening it.
    Can it after 6 months
    Water-based formulas last a few weeks longer than oil-based ones.
    Eye Shadow
    Can it after 9-12 months
    Old shadows get chalky and difficult to apply.
    Can it after 1-2 years
    If your blush breaks, throw it out right away -- and don't salvage the chunks -- they'll be difficult to blend and will look caked on.
    Lip Color
    Can it after 2 years

    Keep Smiling:-D

  2. srilak

    srilak Senior IL'ite

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    What about lipstick? Mine is 3years old. It loos good. Do I have to throw it.......Please advice. What u said is true...beuty products doesn't have experation.

    How can we know the product expired or gone bad? Please tell us more about this? I don't use much of my make up...may be once in a month for any party. Daily I don't put any make up.

    Thank you.

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