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"when Love Is Not Madness, Its Not Love" - The True Blessing.

Discussion in 'Stories (Fiction)' started by IniyaaSri, Jul 17, 2019.

  1. periamma

    periamma IL Hall of Fame

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    Iniya no words to praise you.:clap2::clap2::clap2:
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  2. aarthi28

    aarthi28 Platinum IL'ite

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    Now all are getting restless until you post the next episode
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  3. IniyaaSri

    IniyaaSri IL Hall of Fame

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    Episode 55:

    It was morning 6 when Vamsi was surprised to see the bowl filled with grains. Even the water cup was full.

    “Tulasi has come?!!” – He walked towards her room and he smiled secretly.

    “uff!! She came! Cant wait to see her face” – He said to himself.

    He walked towards the terrace with his newspaper and was waiting to see her face.

    “Anna! Where are you?!” – Ashwin asked as he climbed the steps…

    “Yeah! Am here! What do you want?” – Vamsi

    “Mom is calling you for breakfast!” – Ashwin said as he saw Vamsi

    “I will come! You may leave” – Vamsi pretended to read newspaper

    “Don’t know why! I feel that you are waiting for something or someone” – Ashwin

    Vamsi bit his tongue secretly

    “Come on! Go now” – Vamsi

    As the brothers were talking, Tulasi walked in.

    “Good morning Ashwin!” – Tulasi said cheerfully

    “Very good morning Madam! Enjoyed?” – Ashwin

    “Of course of course!” – Tulasi showed her teeth

    Ashwin’s mobile rang and he attended the call.

    “Mom! Yes am coming! Am talking to Tulasi here”

    “Yeah yeah! bringing Anna as well”

    “Ok ok! I will come now” – Ashwin hung the call

    “Tulasi come on! Lets go and have breakfast” – Ashwin

    “10 minutes! I will hang the clothes on the cloth lines! You go now! I will join you soon” – Tulasi

    “Ok then! Am hungry! Come down both of you” – Ashwin left immediately

    Tulasi took her clothes and started hanging it on the cloth line.

    “Enjoyed your tour?” – Vamsi asked as if he was waiting

    “Yes! Thanks for asking” – Tulasi smiled

    “You sound too formal! Is this the way you talk to everyone else?” – Vamsi asked and Tulasi laughed out.

    “No! But you are different right?....Thats why” – Tulasi

    “Different?! In what way?” – Vamsi was getting curious to know about himself through Tulasi

    “Actually….To be frank…you are weird…I mean that’s how I feel” – Tulasi blurted out and regretted

    She slowly looked at him and he was smiling already

    “Weird…..hmmmm....Let me be that way….” – Vamsi said with a smile and Tulasi was surprised.

    “Thank God! I thought again you will start picking fight with me….” – Tulasi said and Vamsi was quiet.

    “I usually never behave that way to anyone else…” – Vamsi

    “Thank you, Vamsi Sir,! By honoring me with such special treatment” – Tulasi bowed down and Vamsi couldn’t control his smile.

    “Ok then! Am leaving down! Done with the clothes” – Tulasi said as she kept the bucket aside.

    “One minute” – Vamsi said and she looked at him.

    “Here after don’t go away for such long vacations” – Vamsi said all of a sudden and Tulasi couldn’t understand

    “Long vacation?! Just a week!” – Vamsi

    “Whatever! Don’t go away for such long tours here after!” – Vamsi said and Tulasi was surprised that she couldn’t answer or talk back.

    “Anna!!! Should this be taken as a proposal?!” – Ashwin peeped out and the couple were embarrassed.

    “Ashwin! What are you doing here?” – Vamsi pretended to be angry

    “I was waiting to capture one such scene! Really! ” – Ashwin laughed and Tulasi stood embarrassed

    “Am leaving!” – Tulasi started and Ashwin pulled her hand.

    “Come on! Wait my dear Tulasi! Anna tell me now! Was that a proposal?” – Ashwin asked holding her hand and Tulasi was having mixed emotions.

    She was shy, she was embarrassed, she was confused, she was scared, and she stood as such.

    “Ashwin! What is this?! Leave her hand now! Let her go” – Vamsi said and Ashwin smiled looking at the couple.

    Tulasi pinched his hand hard and ran off and Ashwin laughed out loudly.

    “Anna! Why don’t you accept? You love her right?!” – Ashwin smiled and Vamsi smiled back.

    “I understood! You don’t need to say anymore! Come down now” – Ashwin pulled Vamsi and both the brothers headed to have breakfast.

    “Where is Tulasi?!“ – Sammu aunty asked and the brothers looked each other

    “I thought she already came here! Anyways she will be coming now! Am hungry! Feed me mom” – Ashwin said as he sat on the chair.

    “Ok Ok! Have now! I will call her if she doesn’t turn up” – Sammu aunty

    Tulasi sat on the bed without understanding what is happening to her. She was surprised and happy that Vamsi said that but at the same time she didn’t want Vamsi’s dad to be angry on her. She didn’t know what to do with the mixed emotions. She was getting too emotional that tears ran over her cheeks. She did not know whether she should be happy or sad. She wept for few minutes and wiped her tears.

    “Its time that I talk about this to grandma!” – She took the phone and looked at it quietly.

    “Never take any decisions when you are emotional dear! Emotions alone cannot rule your decisions! You need to think as well
    ” – Tulasi got reminded about her grandma’s words.

    “Fine! Let me take a month of time! Will tell about this to her after a month! Let me see if I get any clarity within that!” – She kept the phone on table and lied quietly.

    Her phone rang and it was Sammu aunty

    “Yeah aunty! Am coming now” – Tulasi said as she locked her door.

    “I never thought all this will happen Ajju” – Vamsi said to Arjun who was surprised when he came to know about Vamsi’s words to Tulasi.

    “Anna! I didn’t believe when Ashwin said….” – Arjun looked at Vamsi

    “Now you got to believe my dear brother” – Ashwin patted Arjun’s shoulder.

    “Anna! Are you serious?!” – Arjun asked and Vamsi smiled quietly .

    "Your smile says everything" - The twin brothers chuckled seeing their brothers smile and the trio were having fun as their dad entered the house.

    “Samyuktha….Where are you?” – SadhaSivam asked as he entered.

    “Am coming” -Sammu aunty came out of the room.

    “You know what? Ram’s daughter is getting married” – Sivam uncle

    “Good! When is the wedding?” – Sammu aunty asked with a smile

    “Stupid he is! The girl loved an employee from their firm and he has agreed to their wedding. All these days he was firm. But now…I don’t know why people take stupid decisions even after being firm” – Sivam uncle said as he sat on the sofa.

    “Dad! Come on” – Ashwin invited himself in their conversation

    “What?!” – Sivam uncle raised his eyebrows

    “Love marriage is common these days! Most parents have changed” – Ashwin

    “Are you in love with someone?!” – Sivam uncle asked straightaway

    “Oh God! No….But” – Ashwin

    “It should be a no always! No ifs and buts at this house” – Sivam uncle slammed at once.

    “If anyone wants to bring insults to me, then forget me!” – Sivam uncle said and walked away.

    “Maaa.!!! When will he change?” – Ashwin

    “Why should he change?! Are you in love or what?” -Sammu aunty smiled.

    “No! But if I find someone that I like……I might….” -Ashwin

    “Such things wont happen at this house” – Sammu aunty walked away without wanting to continue the topic.

    “Annaa…I think its going to be an inspiring story…no no… a revolutionary story….” – Ashwin said as he entered their room

    “What is going to be?” – Vamsi

    “Your love story” – Ashwin whispered and Arjun laughed with him.

    “But you know what….Am planning to do a complete arranged marriage” – Ashwin

    “What?” – The other two chorused

    “Yes! Wont it be thrilling? To marry someone without knowing much about them” – Ashwin

    “Of course of course” – Arjun winked with a smile and guys started teasing each other.

    “Are you asleep?” – Veni asked as she stepped into her grandma’s room.

    As expected, there wasn’t any response.

    “I don’t know why My dad chose your name for me! But there is a similarity between us! The more stubborn you are to me the more I will be to you! Unless you accept Rishi, I wont marry him!” – Veni said firmly.

    Her grandma looked at her and got up from bed, She had a glass of water and lied down again.

    “So you wont talk right?” – Veni asked again

    “I know! You are that stubborn! You will see my stubbornness as well!” – Veni said angrily and left the room.

    Her grandma ignored her and closed her eyes to sleep.

    Veni sat angrily on the sofa without talking to anyone. Her phone rang and it was an unknown number.

    "Hello....! Hey...Aki how are you? How is Abi" - Veni started talking to her school mates after ages.

    "What?!! What are you saying" - Veni was shocked.
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  4. IniyaaSri

    IniyaaSri IL Hall of Fame

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    Thank you so much maa : ) : ) : ) nice to see your comment after a long time : )
    Thanks once again ma : )
    Wishing you a lovely day ahead : )
  5. IniyaaSri

    IniyaaSri IL Hall of Fame

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    @messedup @meerutha @aarthi28
    Thanks for the messages! My mind wasn't clear enough to write the next episode. And yesterday it was a holiday here! So couldn't get time to sit quietly and write.
    Hope you all know! I usually post every day! But this time, I couldnt...!
    Have posted today's episode!
    Thanks for the messages and thanks for waiting patiently! : ) : ) : )
    Wishing you all a very good day! : ) : ) : )
    And thanks for all the love that am receiving : ) : ) : )
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  6. anupama1

    anupama1 Platinum IL'ite

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    “Never take any decisions when you are emotional dear! Emotions alone cannot rule your decisions! You need to think as well

    Beautiful lines which are true for ever :clap2:
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  7. IniyaaSri

    IniyaaSri IL Hall of Fame

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    Thanks dear : ) : ) : )
    Happy to see your comment dear : )
    Have a nice day : )
  8. baljit

    baljit Junior IL'ite

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    As usual beautifully written...
    Fall in love quote "never take any decisions when u are emotional dear ! Emotions alone cannot rule your decisions ! You need to think ad well"... Which is very true
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  9. peddadas

    peddadas Platinum IL'ite

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    Oh no what is it waiting for Veni there?
    Vamsi's dad is so stubborn about love marriages, poor Vamsi and Tulasi !
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  10. IniyaaSri

    IniyaaSri IL Hall of Fame

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    Episode 56:

    Years rolled….

    Tulasi was lying on her grandma’s lap.

    “Have something dear….!” – her grandma said softly

    “hmmm! Will have milk and sleep ma” – Tulasi

    “Okay! I will boil the milk!” – Grandma got up and went into the kitchen.

    Tulasi was sitting alone in the veranda. She looked at the moon quietly.

    “Maa! I am going to the terrace!” – Tulasi informed

    She climbed the steps slowly and sat on the terrace quietly. She thought of the few conversations she had with Vamsi.

    Its years since she spoke with Vamsi. And it was painful as well.

    “Dear! Have this milk now” – Her grandma came and stood with a tall glass of milk.

    “Hmmm ok ma” – Tulasi sipped slowly looking at the moon.

    “Be here for some time! Come down when you are fine. I will leave now” – Grandma said as she climbed down the steps.

    Tulasi emptied the milk quickly and leaned on the wall as she sat.

    “Life is strange!” – she whispered as tears peeped out from her eyes.

    Her phone flashed and she took it at once.

    It was Ashwin’s message in the group.

    “Guys! See here! Clicked today morning!” – Tulasi saw a picture of the twin brothers standing at a mountain top with a wide smile.

    “Wow!!!” – Tulasi sent

    “You should have come with us Tulasi!” – Arjun sent

    “Yeah! But tomorrow we have the celebration here na! I cant miss that! You guys know na” – Tulasi sent

    “Yes! Totally understood” – Ashwin sent and Arjun agreed to it with a thumbs up.

    “Guys! Today had been to shopping! Look at my grocery shopping” – Vamsi has sent a picture of his groceries and the brothers replied.

    Tulasi was quietly watching the conversation without getting involved.

    “So?! Tulasi how is the preparation going there?” – Ashwin

    “Good! Not inviting too many people” – Tulasi sent

    “Good in a way” – Ashwin smiled

    “Ok then! Go and sleep people! Its already late” – Arjun sent with a tongue smile and Tulasi started pulling his legs

    “Look who is saying that!” – Tulasi

    “You are right! Am with you Tulasi” – Ashwin sent a high five.

    And all four in the group were laughing at their phones.

    It was morning 8 when grandma was preparing breakfast for Tulasi. Tulasi heard their main gate getting opened and she peeped from the bedroom. She smiled softly. He was really cute. His blue jeans and plain white shirt was looking too good on him and that smile was charming as always.

    “Very good morning Sir! Happy happy birthday” – Tulasi smiled at him heartily.

    “Thank you!” – He gave her a box full of sweets and she took one.

    “Just one? You usually take lots na! You think I forgot?” – He teased her.

    “Ha Ha! You are smart I agree! Will take one more for you” – Tulasi said with a smile.

    “Grandma…. sweets” – He walked into the kitchen and grandma blessed him heartily.

    “Didn’t I ask you to touch the feet while getting blessings?” – Mary aunty walked in.

    “Oops! I forgot!” - He bit his tongue and Tulasi admired his charming face.

    He immediately touched her feet and Mary aunty smiled proudly.

    “You are so sweet!!!” – Tulasi pinched his cheeks and planted a kiss.

    “Love you my dear boy” – He hugged him and everyone smiled at Tulasi.

    “So…. Troy…. Tell me! Have invited your friends for the party?” – Tulasi took him in her arms.

    “Yes!” – Troy smiled widely.

    “So where is mom and dad? Busy with preparation?” – Tulasi

    “Yes” – Troy smiled.

    It was evening 5 and Joyal’s house was on celebration mode. Tulasi wore a simple salwar and got ready for the birthday celebrations.

    “Hello madam! Are you one of the guests? I asked you to be here even more early” – Joyal

    “Hey come on! I was little busy with work! You know na” – Tulasi

    “I know but even on Sundays?” – Joyal

    “You carry on now! I will sit here! Let me know if you need any help” – Tulasi

    “I will take care” – Joyal was busy filling the balloons and Mary aunty was busy in the kitchen with Diya.

    “Hey! Nice salwar” – Diya said as she came out of the kitchen.

    “Thanks! You Looking very very pretty” – Tulasi smiled at Diya.

    “Thank you! But your friend didn’t like it!” – Diya said as her eyes were hovering over Joyal.

    “Leave him! He is the not right person to ask that! Dumb he is….” – Tulasi said and Diya gave her a high five.

    “Enough both of you….!” – Joyal pretended to give an angry stare.

    Diya was looking very pretty in a off white Tussar silk saree with a matching sleeveless blouse. Her hair was tied into a small bun with the jasmine buds adorning around the bun. Her face was as bright as her life. The happiness and satisfaction of her life reflected on her face.

    Tulasi sat quietly watching everyone and Troy was running here and there with his friends. Tulasi’s lips smiled involuntarily seeing Troy’s happy face.

    The formal celebration started around 6 pm and Troy cut the cake happily. Diya’s parents gifted him a big electric toy car and everyone smiled happily.

    Joyal, Diya, Troy and the parents were very happy and it was satisfaction in everyone’s heart. That was a lovely pose when Joyal had Troy in one hand and the other hand wrapped around Diya. Tulasi smiled at Joyal’s happy face. A Complete family. She smiled again. It was 8 when she came from Joyal’s house and changed her dress.

    She sat quietly at the entrance and grandma was sitting beside her.

    “You don’t have work dear?!” – Grandma

    “I have ma!” – Tulasi

    “Why don’t you do that now” – Grandma

    “When things are not as you expected, better put all your focus in creating or doing something productive. Everything will fall in place. Give some time!” – Grandma said softly

    “Hmm I remember ma! Let me work now” – Tulasi said and walked towards her laptop.

    Time was 10 when her phone flashed again.

    “Good night buddies!” – Vamsi sent in group and the brothers responded him.

    Tulasi’s lips gave a faint smile and she continued her work.
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