When do you keep the doors.....Poll for 16th July 2006 to 22nd July 2006

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When do you keep the doors to your home locked?

  1. At all times

    26 vote(s)
  2. When we are not home

    4 vote(s)
  3. Almost never

    0 vote(s)
  4. Never

    0 vote(s)
  1. Laxmi

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    My childhoood memories of our three storied big and independent bungalow is still vivid in my mind. All the time the doors would be opened and there would be people keep comingand going be it guests, servants, family friends.
    The door opened is a sign of invitation to the guests and the friends. Also my mom is very particular that the door should be opened during the evening when we do pooja so that the Goddess Lakshmi could enter our home.

    But now moving to the city in a three bedroom flat, the doors to the flat is always kept closed wither due to security issues or because of privacy matters.
    From what I read in the "Ideal Home" forum, people living in US not only shut the doors but windows too. Atleast we in India could keep our windows open for the Mother Nature's Fresh Air. What say, with the city growing in a mammoth phase, that too might change.

    This week's poll question is just a pulse of how far our life style has changed and how such small things has changed drastictically and changes our outlook to life.
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  2. Shakthi

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    That's an interesting poll. I am surprised to see few of them vote on the option that they lock the home doors only when they are not home.

    That hasn't been possible atleast in the US. We live in an apartment and always have it locked and open it only when required. Inspite of it I am not sure how secure it is???

    During the early days in the US my husband never wanted me to open the door for even any mail service men who knock at the door. He would say let him leave it at the apartment office. For it is so dangerous here to open a door to any alien.

    I remember an incident that happened with one of my friend here in the US. During an evening, my friend left the door open and went to empty trash which was 10mins by walk from her door. By the time she returned, she had few folks get into the apartment and demanded money.


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