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    Keeping Your Attitude Up When Circumstances Are Down

    "Instead of spending your time thinking about how bad things
    are, think about how good they will be!"

    Everyone knows that a positive attitude is key to the
    successful life. But what happens when things go wrong? What
    happens when circumstances deal us a blow?
    We have a
    tendency to let our attitudes take the dive along with our
    state of affairs.

    Life deals us setbacks, both minor and major, on a regular
    basis, but if we are going to be successful, we need to know
    how to deal with them and keep our attitudes intact!

    We need practical tools to help us understand how we can go
    about keeping our attitude up, when the circumstances are
    down. Here are some thoughts to help us do so:

    Take some time-out. I'm sure you are aware of what happens.
    You are going about your day and everything seems to be
    going well, when out of nowhere disaster strikes. All of
    your best-laid plans begin to tumble. Sometimes
    circumstances surprise us and we react.

    Unfortunately, this often compounds the problem because by
    reacting we tend to operate out of our weaknesses instead of
    our strengths. We make decisions that are not well thought
    out. We function with a bad attitude that says, "I can't
    believe this is happening!"

    The next time circumstances turn against you, take some time
    to just step back from the problem and think.
    This will
    enable you to deal with the issue at hand rationally,
    instead of emotionally. It will allow you to put your state
    of mind back into its proper place. It gives you the
    opportunity to choose your attitude as you face the
    circumstances at hand.

    Remember that we don't have to do something right now. Go
    grab a cup of coffee and relax a little bit. By doing this
    you function with you being in control and not the

    Keep your eye on the goal. A second step in keeping our
    attitude in the proper place is to make sure we keep the
    important things important. One of the biggest problems with
    trouble is that it gets your focus off of where it should

    When I experience difficult circumstances and people ask me
    how it is going, I tell them, "I am just keeping my eye on
    the goal." It has always been fascinating to me that when
    racecar drivers get into trouble, they keep their eyes
    straight ahead and do not move them away. There is just too
    much chance of wrecking that way.

    Instead, their eyes are on the goal, and this keeps them out
    of trouble. If you find yourself getting down about
    circumstances, sit down and write out what the goal is. Give
    some thought to how you can achieve that goal or others you
    may have.

    A man was asked how he was doing and he responded, "Pretty
    well, under the circumstances." The other man asked, "What
    are you doing under the circumstances?" Good question. We
    shouldn't be under the circumstances we should be focused on
    the goal and moving forward.

    Focus on solutions, not problems. The squeaky wheel gets the
    oil, the old saying goes. Negative circumstances don't sit
    idly by. They scream for our attention. When we face
    difficult circumstances, we tend to dwell on them. We talk
    about them, fret about them, and give them way too much

    Instead of talking about problems, talk about solutions.
    Instead of spending your time thinking about how bad things
    are, think about how good they will be! Don't have family or
    staff meetings about the problems and how big they are. Have
    meetings on the solutions and how you will implement them.

    Don't let yourself or other team members complain. Encourage
    them to solve, with an emphasis on the positive results that
    will come from doing so. Then take some time to put these
    solutions down on paper, so you can monitor your progress.

    Get some positive input. The mind tends to build on itself,
    so when we begin to go in one direction, i.e. worry, it can
    be a slippery slope. One thing we must do is get our
    thoughts back on track with positive ideas.

    When circumstances have got you against the emotional wall,
    get with a good friend who can encourage you. Listen to a
    tape by Jim Rohn, Zig Ziglar or another motivational

    Pick up a good book and give it a read. Whatever external
    influence you can get to put your attitude back on the
    positive side of the tracks - do it! It must be one of our
    first goals to start plugging good things into our minds to
    fuel our attitudes.

    Tell yourself the good. One of the greatest internal powers
    we have is the power to control our thoughts
    . Spend time
    dwelling on the good things about your life or job instead
    of the problems. Think about positive things, things you
    enjoy and give you a sense of happiness and peace.

    There is an old childhood song that says, "Count your
    blessings, name them one by one." That is great advice!
    your positive attitude develop from within as well as from
    without. This makes all the difference!

    Some questions as we close:

    Q. Do you have a habit of reflection before responding?
    Q. Do you have a habit of keeping your eye on the goal?
    Q. Do you focus on solutions or problems?
    Q. Do you give yourself positive outside influence?
    Q. Do you have a habit of telling yourself the good?
    Q. Do you remind yourself that nothing is forever?

    Remember that circumstances are not forever. Sometimes it
    seems like we are going to be up to our eyeballs in the
    situation forever, when in reality, this too shall pass.

    There will be a time in the future when circumstances will
    change and you will be on the mountain instead of the
    valley. This will give you a sense of hope as you live and
    work that will change your attitude, make you feel better
    and put you on the fast track for growth!

    Column By Chris Widener

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    Hi Cheer,
    Another wonderful post......loved reading it....such articles really add ore pep to your life and i love raeding them. Thanks for sharing here!
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    Good post. :goodidea:
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    Dear Cheer,

    That was a nice forward..makes one think and gives encouragement.

    L, Kamla
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    Dea Sudha,

    Thanx a lot:) , good to hear u like it, i too love that column & decided to share with u guys. Thanx again:wave . Article was well written indeed.

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    Dear Kamla,

    Good to hear u like it:) .

    Dear Madhu,


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    It really is a beautiful post ..
    Thanks Cheer..
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    Thanx teja:)


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