Wheat Dosa

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    preparation time - less than 10 mins
    Cooking time- each dosa abt 3-4 mins


    Wheat Flour - 2 cups
    Water - 4 cups
    Green Chillies - 2 -finely chopped
    Dhania - freshly chopped about 2 table spoons
    Onions - 2 - finely chooped
    red chilly powder - half tea spoon.
    cooking oil

    Take a bowl and put the wheat flour , salt and red chilly powder and mix well and then slowly keep adding water and mix well , to avoid any lump. Would take abt 3-5 glasses of water to mix well and get a dosa consistancy.

    Add onions, coriander and mix well. In a pre heated dosa pan, pour the batter aroound to give a round shape. This batter will not spread from the center like the regular dosa batter so will have to put little by little around. Put oil around and roast it well on both sides will light brown. After turning the first side move the flame form high to simmer so that the onions can cook well on the other side. Serve it hot with any pickle. Kids will love it.

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