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whats's life without a friend?

Discussion in 'Snippets of Life (Non-Fiction)' started by nicyjisso, Dec 1, 2006.

  1. nicyjisso

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    What’s life without a friend ?

    What’s life without a friend? Dull, colorless… unimaginable. Or perhaps even worse. We modern day people are breathtakinglt busy. We are always scuttling to spend quality time with our kids; we are guilt- stricken about how little time is left for our spouses; we are desperate for a little down time for ourselves. It is only when we find time to grouse,giggle,or groan with friends that we feel less nervous.less weighed down. Most people believe it is not enough if we have one friend, they believe we need to have many friends.

    “I believe it is very important to have a multi-layered variety of friends – from comfortable to professional- to match the diverse parts of your life, When I feel flow, I always think, well,I have a friend who is this and a friend who is that- the super- successful inspiring friend, the passionate resourcefulfriend, the beyond- reliable friend

    Close friendships, with one or more many are surely among the great pleasure of life and we can be sure there is not a soul who does not value good friends.
    “ I believe that friendships is truly a God’s gift to mankind without which our lives would definitely be incomplete.’noted Merin Thomas

    We need friends to de- stress , to sooth our souls . to lift our spirits and at times to be just there. We all automatically feel better after spending time with a special friend .We fell energized and happier.Researches show friendship impact our emotional and physical health.Friendships protect us from depression and anxiety.

    Journlist Marla Paul, author of friendship crisis;Finding ,Making, and Keeping Friends When You are not a Kid Anymore, says,’Friends boost our immune system, and we we have healthier cardiovascular system when we spend time with friends.
    “Our memory is enhanced and we sleep more deeply.The list goes on about how spending time with friends and having close confidants supports our- well being”

    I Guess for most of us who stay far away from our family. Friends automatically fill up that space . So it is in my case. Having lived away from home for most part of my life . friends have played a part of my life

    Donot walk in front of me, I may not follw.
    Don’t walk behind me, I may not lead
    Walk beside me and be my friend”
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  2. sudhavnarasimhan

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    Hi nicyjisso,

    That was a lovely write up on friends....and your thinking that we need more friends for our multi faceted personalities, is actually true. Because not all can undersatnd all the things you want to do or share an affinity!
    I enjoyed reading this....keep them coming!
    Thanks for posting it here!:clap

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