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Whatsapp Forwards....

Discussion in 'Jokes' started by Belacar, Mar 29, 2017.

  1. Belacar

    Belacar Bronze IL'ite

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    On a traffic signal when the car stopped, a begger came and started begging.

    The lady in the car said "I think... your face is looking familiar..."

    The begger said...

    "yes madam.... we are Facebook friends"

  2. Belacar

    Belacar Bronze IL'ite

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    "A Smile is the name of a lovely mood…A Smile creates greatness in personality…A S-mile is the shortest distance between 2 people….So A Smile is the best source to win a heart…. … Keep Smiling..Keep Winning Hearts.."Good Morning
  3. Belacar

    Belacar Bronze IL'ite

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    Nice line from Ratan Tata's Lecture- in London
    Don't educate
    your children
    to be rich.
    Educate them
    to be Happy.
    So when
    they grow up
    they will know
    the value of things
    not the price

    "Eat your food
    as your medicines.
    you have to
    eat medicines
    as your food"

    The One
    who loves you
    will never leave you
    even if there are
    100 reasons
    to give up
    he will find
    one reason
    to hold on

    There is
    a lot of difference
    human being
    and being human.
    A Few understand it.

    You are loved
    when you are born.
    You will be loved
    when you die.
    In between
    You have to manage...!

    If u want to Walk Fast,
    Walk Alone..!
    if u want to Walk Far,
    Walk Together..!!

    Six Best Doctors in the World-
    5.Self Confidence
    Maintain them in all stages of Life and enjoy healthy life

    If you see the moon ..... You see the beauty of God ..... If you see the Sun ..... You see the power of God ..... And .... If you see the Mirror ..... You see the best Creation of GOD .... So Believe in YOURSELF.....   .

    We all are tourists & God is our travel agent who
    already fixed all our Routes Reservations & Destinations
    Trust him & Enjoy the "Trip" called LIFE...

    send to all people who are important to you..
    I just did.
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  4. Belacar

    Belacar Bronze IL'ite

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    By A group of Japanese Doctors confirmed that warm water is % effective in resolving some
    health problems, including:

    *Headache, migraine, high blood pressure, low blood pressure, pain of joints, sudden increasing and decreasing of heartbeat, Epilepsy, increasing level of cholesterol, cough, bodily discomfort, golu pain, asthma, hooping cough, blockage of veins, diseases related to uterus & urine, stomach problems, poor appetite, also all related diseases to the eyes, ear & throat*.


    Get up early in the morning and drink approximately 4 glasses of warm water when the stomach is empty. Do not eat anything 45 minutes thereafter.

    You may not be able to make 4 glasses at the beginning, but slowly you will.✍

    The warm water therapy will resolve the health issues within reasonable periods:

    Diabetes in 30 days
    Blood pressure in 30 days
    Stomach related issues in 10 days
    All types of cancer in 9 months
    Blockage of veins in 6 months
    Lack of hunger (Poor appetite?) in 10 days
    Uterus and related diseases in 10 days
    Nose, Ear & Throat problems in 10 days.
    Women problems(?) in 15 days,
    Heart diseases in 30 days
    Headache/Migraine in 15 days
    Low blood pressure in 30 days.
    Cholesterol in 4 months
    Epilepsy and paralysis continously in 9 months
    Asthma in 4 months.


    In the past, people used to say that if cold water does not affect you at young age, it will harm you at old age

    Cold water closes 4 veins of the ♥ heart and causes heart attack ; Cold drinks are main reason for Heart Attack.
    Cold water creates problems in liver; makes fat stuck with liver. Most of the people waiting for the transplant of liver are victims of cold water drinking.
    Cold water affects internal walls of stomach.
    Cold water affects stomach and big intestine and results in cancer.

    plz, don't keep this to yourself, tell someone to tell someone
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  5. Belacar

    Belacar Bronze IL'ite

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    A man married a beautiful girl. He loved her very much. One day she developed a skin disease. Slowly she started to lose her beauty. It so happened that one day her husband left for a tour. While returning he met with an accident and lost his eyesight. However their married life continued as usual. But as days passed she lost her beauty gradually. Blind husband did not know this and there was not any difference in their married life. He continued to love her and she also loved him very much.

    One day she died. Her death brought him great sorrow.
    He finished all her last rites and wanted to leave that town.

    A man from behind called and said, now how will you be able to walk all alone? All these days your wife used to help you.
    He replied, I am not blind. I was acting, because if she knew l could see her ugliness it would have pained her more than her disease. So I pretended to be blind. She was a very good wife. I only wanted to keep her happy.

    Moral:- *Some times it is good for us to act blind and ignore one another's short comings, in order to be happy*

    *No matter how many times the teeth bite the tongue, they still stay together in one mouth. That's the spirit of FORGIVENESS.*

    *Even though the eyes don't see each other, they see things together, blink simultaneously and cry together. That's UNITY."*

    *May God grant us all the spirit of forgiveness, unity and togetherness*.

    1. _''Alone I can 'Say' but together we can 'Talk'._

    2. _"Alone I can 'Enjoy' but together we can Celebrate_

    3. _'Alone I can 'Smile' but together we can 'Laugh'._

    *That's the BEAUTY of Human Relations. We are nothing without each other*

    The razor blade is sharp but can't cut a tree; the axe is strong but can't cut the hair._

    *MORALS*; *Everyone is important according to his/her own unique purpose.... Never look down on anyone unless you are admiring their shoes.....*.

    Sharing as I Loved it.
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  6. Belacar

    Belacar Bronze IL'ite

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    Today is

    *Charlie Chaplin's*

    125th birthday -

    A Good Day to Recollect his 3 Heart Touching


    (1) Nothing is Permanent

    in this World,

    not even our


    (2) I like Walking in

    the Rain, because

    NoBody can see

    my Tears.

    (3) The Most Wasted

    Day in Life is the

    Day in which we

    have not Laughed.

    LIFE is to Enjoy with

    Whatever you have with

    You, Keep Smiling...!

    If you feel STRESSED,

    Give yourself A Break.

    Enjoy Some..

    Icecream/ Choclates/

    Candy/ Cake...




    backwards spelling is



    Very Beautiful lines

    Pls Store it.


    is equal to ONE

    Good Medicine...!

    Likewise ONE Good

    Group is equal to ONE

    Full medical store...!!

    Six Best Doctors

    in the World....





    5.Self Confidence


    Maintain them in all

    stages of Life and

    enjoy healthy life...!

    If you see the Moon...

    You see the Beauty of


    If you see the Sun...!

    You see the power of



    If you see the Mirror,

    You see the Best

    Creation of GOD...!


    Believe in YOURSELF.

    We all are Tourists God is our Travel Agent

    Who has already fixed

    all our Routes, Reservations



    Trust him Enjoy the

    "Trip" called LIFE...!!

    Life will never

    come Again.!!

    Live Today..!

    Best wishes,
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  7. Belacar

    Belacar Bronze IL'ite

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    [3/29, 12:39 PM] Ayesha: Give thousand chances to your enemy to become your friend, But don't give a single chance to your friend to become your enemy ' ...
    It's 'World Best Friends Week'
    Send this to all your good friends.
    Even me, if I am one of them. See how many u get back.
    If u get more than 3 you're really, a lovable person.............I am waiting..
    [3/29, 12:40 PM] Ayesha: Just laugh.

    A signboard outside a restaurant read
    "Eat as much as you can, your grand children will pay the Bill".
    A man entered the restaurant and ate as he could, got a toothpick and was relaxing. The waiter gave him the bill. He laughed and pointed to the signboard, don't you see, "only my grandchildren will pay" ! The waiter politely replied, " Sir, This is not your bill, it's your grandfather's Bill"........The man fainted....

    Ideas are many to make Money. Don't laugh alone..... pass it.
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  8. Belacar

    Belacar Bronze IL'ite

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    Nice message

    I had spent an hour in the bank with my dad, as he had to transfer some money. I couldn't resist myself & asked...

    ''Dad, why don't we activate your internet banking?''

    ''Why would I do that?''
    He asked...

    ''Well, then you wont have to spend an hour here for things like transfer.

    You can even do your shopping online. Everything will be so easy!''

    I was so excited about initiating him into the world of Net banking.

    He asked ''If I do that, I wont have to step out of the house?

    ''Yes, yes''! I said. I told him how even grocery can be delivered at door now and how amazon delivers everything!

    His answer left me tongue-tied.

    He said ''Since I entered this bank today, I have met four of my friends, I have chatted a while with the staff who know me very well by now.

    You know I m alone...
    this is the company that I need. I like to get ready and come to the bank. I have enough time, it is the physical touch that I crave.

    Two years back I got sick, The store owner from whom I buy fruits, came to see me and sat by my bedside and cried.

    When u r Mom fell down few days back while on her morning walk. Our local grocer saw her and immediately got his car to rush her home as he knows where I live.

    Would I have that 'human' touch if everything became online?

    Why would I want everything delivered to me and force me to interact with just my computer?

    I like to know the person that I'm dealing with and not just the 'seller' . It creates bonds. Relationships.

    Does Amazon deliver all this as well?'''
    An awesome forward msg I came across in my WhatsApp

    Technology isn' t life ..
    Spend time with people .. Not with devices.
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  9. Belacar

    Belacar Bronze IL'ite

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    Best message ever!
  10. Belacar

    Belacar Bronze IL'ite

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    As a kid, I liked playing with stones till one day i threw one and it hit my mother's fowl and it died instantly. I thought i was just alone but surprisingly, my sister was right behind me watching.
    Then she said "give me #100 and i won't tell mum"
    I said "i don't have but please don't tell her, she will beat me up."
    The following day, Mum told her to wash the plates and sweep the surrounding, but she said: "Mum, Richard said he will do it"
    Then she came to me and said: "Richard, you wash the plates and sweep the surrounding or else, don't forget you killed a fowl"
    Without hesitating, i washed the plates and swept the surrounding for her.
    The next day, mum told her to go and fetch water and fill the drum. She said again: "Mum, Richard said he will do it"
    Then she came to me and said: "Richard, u remember that fowl?? Fill this drum with water or else..." That's how i drew water and filled the drum.
    That same day in the evening, mum sent her to the market to buy food items, and again she said: "Mum, Richard said he will go and buy them"
    She came to me again and said: "Richard, don't forget that the fowl is still dead, go to the market and buy d food items or else...."
    I just stood up and went to my Mum with tears in my eyes, i found her sitted in the house, i went to her, knelt down and said while crying:
    "Mum, I'm so sorry pls forgive me. I'm the one who killed your fowl but it wasn't a deliberate action, plz Mum forgive me I'm sorry."
    Then she replied: "my son, the day u killed the fowl, i was at the window watching everything that happened.
    Your sister made u her slave because you did not want to come to me to confess and apologise.
    But now u have done it, u will be free, she will no longer use u again."

    *MORAL:* Each time we sin, God sees us and our sins make us slaves, the moment you confess to God and ask for forgiveness, u are set free....

    Please, share as we may end up helping someone to open up to our creator.
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