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What's Happening To Our Home?

Discussion in 'Snippets of Life (Non-Fiction)' started by shreyasri, May 18, 2007.

  1. shreyasri

    shreyasri New IL'ite

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    How Safe Is Our Home?

    Hi, friends!
    We are all eager about saving money- for our future needs, to have a cosy,comfy house, to provide the best education for our kids. Is that all?
    How many of us are conscious abt our physical environ.?
    The earth is our home.
    Are we taking steps to give a safe home to our future generations?Are we posing threats to their safety thru' our activities?

    scientists & the media are raising such a din abt issues like global warming,climate change,glacier retreat,etc. The reasons are said to be many:solar activity(changes in sun's behaviour); nature undergoes such warming-cooling cycle over millions of years; human activity ......

    Human activity? How?? Thru increasing use of fossil fuel(petroleum,coal...),deforestation,etc,etc.
    The result: Increasing level of carbondioxide(&other harmful gases) in the atmosphere, extreme weather conditions,rising sea levels and what not? Scientists foresee an acute shortage of fresh water,more natural disasters to come in the near future. Millions of us are already experiencing extreme weather conditions and water scarcity.
    there isn't enough water for farming, while we flush our toilets and wash the bathroom floor with fresh,potable water. no water for farming = not enough food for all!
    govts & NGOs are working together to find solutions. some suggestions already made are:
    -try and take a walk as much as possible to replace automobiles
    -try and minimise use of electricity-turn off gadgets when not in use
    -don't waste water. try to recycle water in our homes
    -properly dispose garbage,avoid plastic bags.
    there are varying views on whether the expected consequences are really going to be and whether human effort can help avert them. true, we can't change/control nature. all the same,there is no harm in trying. Is there?

    [ps: for those who r inetrstd, google "global warming" or "carbon footprint" for more info.]
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  2. puni88

    puni88 Moderator Staff Member IL Hall of Fame

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    Very good thread.
    We all need to take little steps to contribute to save our planet.
    1. Every winter, I reduce the heater in the house when we are not there.
    2. I open up all the windows curtains for natural sunlight.
    3. I open up the windows for natural air instead of AC.
    4. I put of the lights in the rooms when not using the rooms and same with any electrical outlet and applainces.
    5. I use electric stove and pressure cooker, there by saving electricity.
    6. I try to dry out clothes outside by reducing the dryer machine.
    7. I teach to my kids to plant many trees and we practise to plant trees.
    8. I teach my kids to take shower instead of tub bath.
    9. Stop all the taps - reduce the flow of water while brushing your teeth.
    10. I try to walk to T station as much as possible to reduce my gas bills and it is good exercise to me.
    11. I get all one side papers to home for my kids activities.
    12. I collect all papers, news papers, magazines etc and put them in a recycling bin.
    13. I put all the plastic containers in the recycling bin.

    By doing all these things, I save my dollars and even my planet.
    Seeing me doing all these things, my kids are learning to make it as their habit.
    Definetly many people will follow us seeing these things.

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  3. shreyasri

    shreyasri New IL'ite

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    hi punitha,

    as a nature-lover, i am very happy to note that you are already doing what best a person can do in this direction.
    we r also part of nature & by preserving it we are doing good to ourselves.
    let's spread the message

  4. pebblebeach

    pebblebeach Senior IL'ite

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    After watching global warming program in Discovery Channel recently, I realized how important it is for every individual to work towards our planet's safety and thereby our safety.
    I started keeping papers, plastic bags and plastic containers(milk, juice etc) separating in different bags and put them in respective recycling bins once in a week.
    Even though we have no water problem in US, I started using water very carefully without wasting.
    I hope everyone will come forward and do their bit of protecting our planet by doing simple things like this.

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