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    What do you want? And what are you actually doing about it?
    Whatever things you are actively working toward are the things you truly want. Anything else is what you merely say you want.
    As each day unfolds, you use your time, energy, creativity and resources to bring certain things to reality. Those are the things you truly desire.
    You can, of course, reconsider, re-prioritize, add to and subtract from what you want. Yet the fact remains that whatever you really want is clearly evidenced by what you commit the whole of yourself to.
    And so it is also true that whatever you sincerely want, you will have, you will achieve, you will become. Nothing can stand in your way when you have focused all that you are on a particular set of objectives.
    So choose with care those things you truly want. For your life is always making them real.
    -- Ralph Marston

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