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what wedding enthusiasm does:

Discussion in 'Snippets of Life (Non-Fiction)' started by sunkan, May 13, 2007.

  1. sunkan

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    What wedding enthusiasm does:
    We are so glad for the occasion, first we start with what will be our contribution, like organizing things if thrown our way, then helping out financially in whatever way we can.
    It all starts with mehandi applying for the bride, the designs and so many enthusiastics join to be adorned with different styles, like Arabic, Indian, north Indian, south Indian and so on…

    But the basic enthusiasm is what u r going to wear on the great day, so many gifts come ur way.As u mingle with so many relatives whom u don’t get to meet, the smell of flowers, sandal paste, perfumes, the rustling of silks, somebody singing, lots and lots of laughter, the mood so romantic for all as it is a bug that u catch while in a marriage crowd.

    As we welcome the groom’s crowd in the evening with some light snacks and the usual coffee aroma, with so many would be eligible girls and guys looking for a nice chick. The groom gets ready to travel to the temple, as the ritual of exchanging the plates to confirm the marriage between is done. The parents are so over enthusiastic to go ahead with the rituals, the groom is also getting ready with all the new clothes given to him as gifts, new suit and shirt, tie and shoes and socks and every thing in place, with a watch to sport and the perfume is fizzing all over getting the stuff finished at one go, and he is coming as if out of a scented floral bouquet.

    As the groom gets into the car, oh! All his nieces and nephews all around the car is practically so full for his comfort, but his relation is with them so, he puts up with all their pranks of sitting near the corner of the car so they could peek out as well, he is decked with a nice flower garland and looks the great persona he is for the day. A lot of people singing shayari, [couplets]. All about love and its charisma.
    The groom gets to wear a nice ring being given by the girl once he arrives in the mantap.
    Then all retire for the day getting ready mentally for the next day.
    Next day
    The incense on one side getting ready for the puja, with smoke coming out of the havan,
    And the vadyar getting ready with all the components needed for the ceremony, the flowers have been ordered and all different fragrance entrance u as u move around the rooms. Groups and groups of people joining together to gossip, with good hot cup of coffee in hand, just washing down the liquid getting ready for the breakfast, of hot idlis and sambhar with pongal and vadai, upma, and sojji for sweet..

    The bride has a jittery look trying to hide her fear, come what may she has to now get ready for a different responsibility, and the fear of the unknown union starts very much in the beginning if they are going to meet for the first time, but other wise they are very relaxed that is the groom and the bride to be. The only thought is to look her best as it is her great day of her life. The groom being chided by his friends is all in silk also, he has to apply kajal and that itself is a big joke which he keeps refusing, not used to the panchaveshti to go to kashi yathra, with all his friends teasing he looks really funny for the first time baring his top with only a dhothi to sport, with an umbrella and a book in hand, and a fan to sport the heat, wonder they should had included a kamandalam instead. His friends holding his umbrella, and he is getting ready to go for the yathra, some rituals are funny for the present day situation, but helps to keep the up beat mood any day.

    Some of the them cant do without their morning peg a light one, or a nice zarda paan they all look so dreamy and intoxicated with their own elements, and this loosened their reserved attitude and there is more teasing from the experience older crowd.

    They come back from kashi yathra with garlands and the exchanging is becoming more and more weird these days with hatta katta pailwan for brothers if any will carry their sister so high, some one has to help the groom too, ultimately all get to view the garland exchanging and their eyes locking in shyness.

    As they sit down on the oonjal [swing] with light moments, u will find all the kiddos sitting on and it is tough to get a proper view of the couple, still as they serve the milk and fruit the bride has to be carefull abt her saree which may get stained, and the groom is always chiding the mami’s to take care not to pour too much to handle, each given a nice short napkin to wipe their hands off. Among great songs of thyagaraja, connected to love is being sung by many and others too join who know the lyrics. This as it goes on some children try to push the swing, to add more sway.

    When they have arrived inside a lot of comments among the crowd about the pair, as the marriage is commencing further, suddenly there is a loud getti melam the sound of the drum being continous as the groom ties the sacred thread and many are throwing their blessing in the form of flowers and saffroned rice, then juices make their rounds asking have u got ur son in law or daughter in law, and so on. Congratulations in the air highly charged with many emotions, mother’s shedding tears to part with her dear one, the groom side the mother is happy some one coming home. After all the prostrations for blessing the couple move on to the lunch and the fun is there too, many waiting that he should feed her and vice versa. All these are to shed their shyness, in those days and not now, but still we do follow many with keeping in mind that they would be shy.

    As they relax the younger crowd gets ready with nalungu the game of the two precious involved, now this I think is to gauge their attitude towards each other, as they roll the coconut to each other how she reacts will she let go when he tries to take it or no.
    With again many ladies singing they try to allow them to touch each other with breaking the papads on their head, and trying to comb the groom the bride has a tough time with all his friends pushing his head here and there, teasing that she needs to learn a lot and asking him to keep the bindi but again shaking her whereby the bindi goes to the side of the head, with all this fun over they retire only for sometime, trying to catch moment alone for a quick kiss but the crowd would never leave them.

    Then come the reception, which is more for friends and the couple stand with all their finery, he introducing so many of them at a time that is one evening, and she smiling until they drop down tired after so much of high drama the entire day.

    The girl is again whisked away to bathe and dress for the great night, and the groom to is also advised the same though both are too tired for any night, still the enthusiasm keeps them alive. As there is a lot of singing again and the girl walks in with some milk, think of all the scenes in a film.
    Here outside each one is enthusiastic to get hold of a room, to be reminded about their first night, you will find many have booked in hotels, and houses. This is a bug that itches all, and human always love to mimic what they see…..happy familiarity feelings..
    Regards sunkan

  2. padmausha

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    Dear Sunkan,

    A nice write-up. It brought back memories of my marriage. I really enjoyed my marriage day more than I thought, I would. All the marriage customs are real fun and enjoyable if everything is planned well ahead. Thanks for bringing back the scenes of the marriage.


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