What is Multi-Quote?

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    What is Multi-Quote?
    Multi-Quote is a feature that enables you to quote multiple posts in your response. Please see the attached picture for an example of multi-quoted post.

    Example of how a multi-quoted post looks like.
    ---- MultiQuote3.jpg

    When should we use Multi-quote?

    • If several people in a thread have asked the same question or query and you want to provide all of them a single answer
    • If you want to respond to multiple messages in a single response
    Please DO NOT use multi-quote if you are just thanking people for participation in a thread. Just referencing them by name in your response should be good enough.

    Also, when using multi-quote, it is not courteous to quote entire posts. You would unnecessarily increase the page length making browsing harder for members. You should quote only the portion of the message that is relevant to your reply (i.e. you should edit out portions of the quoted message that is not relevant to your reply). Clicking on [​IMG] icon to the right of the quoted member's name (circled in the attachment) will take readers to the full message.

    How can I Multi-Quote?

    STEP 1 - Click on the multi-quote [​IMG] icon for all the posts that you want to quote (the multi-quote icon will change color once the icon is clicked)

    ---- MultiQuote1.jpg

    STEP 2 - Click Post Reply [​IMG] button at top left or bottom left of the page. All the messages will show in your "Reply to Thread" box. Edit out portions of each message that is not relevant to your reply. Type in your reply right below each message. Click Submit Reply.

    ---- MultiQuote2.jpg

    If you have any further questions, please respond here by clicking on the "Post Reply" button at the bottom left of this page. Thank you.
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