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what is Journalism

Discussion in 'Snippets of Life (Non-Fiction)' started by padmaiyangar, Sep 30, 2007.

  1. padmaiyangar

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    Journalism is a form of writing that tells people about things that really happened, but that they might not have known about already.People who write journalism are called "journalists." They might work at newspapers, magazines, websites or for TV or radio stations.
    The most important characteristic shared by good journalists is curiosity. Good journalists love to read and want to find out as much as they can about the world around them.
    Journalism comes in several different forms:
    I. News
    A. Breaking news: Telling about an event as it happens.
    B. Feature stories: A detailed look at something interesting that's not breaking news.
    C. Enterprise or Investigative stories: Stories that uncover information that few people knew.
    II. Opinion
    A. Editorials: Unsigned articles that express a publication's opinion.
    B. Columns: Signed articles that express the writer's reporting and his conclusions.
    C. Reviews: Such as concert, restaurant or movie reviews.
    Online, journalism can come in the forms listed above, as well as:
    · Blogs: Online diaries kept by individuals or small groups.
    · Discussion boards: Online question and answer pages where anyone can participate.
    · Wikis: Articles that any reader can add to or change.
    The best journalism is easy to read, and just sounds like a nice, smart person telling you something interesting.

    There are three main ways to gather information for a news story or opinion piece:
    · Interviews: Talking with people who know something about the story you are reporting.
    · Observation: Watching and listening where news is taking place.
    · Documents: Reading stories, reports, public records and other printed material.

    The people or documents used for reporting a story are called "sources." In story, he always tell the readers what sources he has used. So he must remember to get the exact spelling of all sources' names. in the story to be accurate, including the names of the sources quoted..
    Often, a person's name is not enough information to identify them in a news story. Lots of people have the same name, after all. So he will also write down the sources' ages, their hometowns, their jobs and any other information about them that is relevant to the story.
    Many good reporters r start by keeping a diary. !

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    Yes dear Padma Iyengar,

    Great piece of informations in one stroke about Journalizm.

    Journalizm involves investigative, exposures to novel thoughts, events and expressions to impress the viewers by its message and concepts are more important.

    Journalizm is a form or exchanging messages and it is out of experiances to present in proper form & on right time.

    Investigative journalism is okay.

    But do the acts of vengence, simply gain being the motto, befit journalists who are supposed to be watchdogs for orderliness?

    The common nature of the true journalists are freelance, fight for justice and impressive presentations to the society as a whole.

    The present day investigative journalism is threartend upon the influences and interfierances from political, govt and mafia is alarming.

    The art of journalism is effective when one devote the profession as dedicated and does not bother about the consequences once presented to the society.

    The news scoop should preserve the ethical, moral values of the society and as a watch dog on the current affairs.

    Never dying spirit....followed by the supportive roles by the media to safe guard the journalists...but what we see today is alarming and bias.

    When are we going to achieve the golden era of journalism.. there were history of gr8t contributors in this scribes...Society still feel happy about them.

    Recognised them in public for their useful , purposful contributions.

    awaiting more inputs from our elite friends.


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