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Weirdest questions you ever asked!!

Discussion in 'Married Life' started by tanoshii, Aug 5, 2009.

  1. tanoshii

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    [JUSTIFY]Women usually tend to be emotional and bit of drama queens ..and so do men sometimes..of course that is just my opinion..
    When you watch movies and serials, you see women and men asking each other the most outrageous questions and expecting an answer for it..that looks so intense and dramatic..but in many ways that does happen in real life too..right???

    Have you ever asked your hubby anything like it? Or has he to you?? What was your reply or your reaction to it???

    Here are some of my...well...awkward incedents..

    I was talking to my hubby the other day about some small stuff and scowled at his silly remarks. It usually happened quite often though I am the one who seems to take notice of it and worries about our fights and difference of opinion, while he seems so cool about it and at times indifferent and aloof. I asked him why he never complained about me like I did about himm...To that he said...I was going through enough with him already and he did not want to burden me anymore with his own complaints..I know there was a little sarcasm in that, a little truth, a bit of real pity for me and some frustration too..
    I did want to hear that from him....:)...that eventually made me happy..though it should not have..And a bit guilty and ashamed about asking it too..

    Two days back I was wondering and suddenly popped the question to him...if we could live with just each other and not have children if fate shows us that path and still be happy with no regrets..he instantly replied with a YES. That was quite a blow to me..a bit of a shock too..yet I felt good about it.

    And he asked me the next day apparently to take revenge (cos of the situation I put him in the previous day with the awkward question)..if I would have been happy if I'd been married to someone else instead of him..That was a tough one cos I knew he was prepared to judge me by the answer I gave...and my answer to it was...mmm..first there was no way to tell.. Second, now that he's here with me..I am happy for what we are..and would not imagine what it would or would not be with anyone else..he seemed happy with that asnwer though I could not tell what was running in his mind..:)

    Sometimes I wonder why at all I say such things..but living alone with a guy who you are not perfectly compatible with (cos we are all human) and having to endure and trouble him in turn...does pop such things into one's head..right??

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    In my home one such comment pops up when kids donot do as expected by my H say sit properly for eating food, not wasting food etc...

    He comments quite frequently (i believe it is quite common) that the kids (they are 8 and 4) have not learnt/ have not been taught by me properly...I tell him/ ask him then why he didnot get the kids born from the women whose habits he likes a lot??????

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