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Wealthy And Affectionate .

Discussion in 'Interesting Shares' started by ksuji, Nov 24, 2018.

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    Munuswamy was a very wealthy villager. He owned so many acres of land and a very big bungalow in the village. He had so many domestic animals and different types of carts . He had a son named Satish . Munuswamy was old-fashioned and a conservative ; he will not accept anything modern or any change, immediately.

    Satish was a very intelligent boy . He finished his schooling in the nearby town. He was the first person from the village to go to Madras for higher education.

    Even from his childhood he was fond of car-driving . Now that he became very crazy of car driving . With much difficulty he convinced his father and got permission to learn driving . While studying in the college itself he learned car driving .

    After finishing his degree he came back home.

    He requested his father to buy a car. But Munuswamy very firmly rejected his son's request ; he said to his son Satish, “ it is like purchasing an elephant , it will consume a large amount of money to maintain it .”

    Satish became very sad . He was trying to convince his father , several times , but all in vain . He knew very well that it was an onerous task to convince his father .

    Days passed by .

    His father was an expert in agriculture , but his knowledge of other things was very very poor , ( though he was very wealthy ). He owned a large and vast area of field and still he avoided buying a tractor .

    Satish knew that his father was naive , but very affectionate to him and fulfill almost all his (Satish's) wishes , except for a few beliefs in which he was very adamant and stubborn .

    Atlast Satish contrived a way out to own a car .

    Satish borrowed the car of his classmate, Ramu , who was living in the nearby village . Satish parked the car in the portico of their (Munuswamy's ) bungalow and showed it to his father .

    Munuswamy told Satish, “ My dear son , the car will consume petrol like anything .We will not buy a car .”

    Satish replied him ,” No dad , I am not asking you to buy a car . But please understand, this type of car is very special . We can travel to any long distance but It doesn't require petrol at all , the car runs on water only. Please come and have a close look .”

    He ordered the servant to bring a bucket full of water .

    In the presence of his father , who was looking very curiously , Satish poured water into the radiator which became full. He then took his father in the car , for a test ride , to the nearby village and returned .

    His father was happy and granted permission to buy a new car and Satish became very very happy and cheerful.
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