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    Facing difficulty in getting along with changes in the work place? read on..here are some useful tips...

    Everything flows and nothing abides; everything gives way and nothing stays fixed... Cool things become warm, the warm grows cool; the moist dries, the parched becomes moist... It is in changing that things find repose.’
    ‘Nothing is permanent but changeHeraclitus

    Surrendering to change does the most to eliminate stress. It creates the opportunity for breakthrough rather than breakdown. To be effective in this new day and age, we've got to know when to "give up," when to stop resisting, and when to go with change rather than against it. Beyond that, though, we've got to toughen up. Circumstances are simply going to require us to develop a higher tolerance for stress. Finally, we've got to wise up. We must pay attention to how we're making life more difficult for ourselves. Too much of the pressure we're feeling these days is self-induced stress, the result of basic mistakes we're making in how we react to change.

    The following mistakes highlight a few of the destructive behaviors we must abandon, and also offer guidelines that equip us for survival and success during these times of high-velocity change.

    Don't Expect Somebody Else to Reduce Your Stress
    "Don't count on anybody else coming along to relieve your stress. Put yourself in charge of managing the pressure. There's a good chance you're the only one in your work situation who will, or even can, do much to lighten your psychological load."

    Abandon the Expendable
    "Reengineer your job. Eliminate unnecessary steps, get rid of busywork, and unload activities that don't contribute enough to the organization's current goals. Focus your efforts on doing 'the right things.' And ditch those duties that don't count much, even if you can do them magnificently right."

    Don't Slow Down
    "Whenever we get slammed by change, our first impulse is to slow down, to pull back and play it safe, or to buy time so we can size up the situation. Instead, we should speed up. Cover more ground. Put your faith in action – in mobility – and maximize your personal productivity."

    Don't Psychologically Unplug from Your Job
    "Fall in love with your job, and keep the romance alive. Don't let the stress of change drive a wedge between you and your work. Sure, your employer will benefit if you're committed, but not as much as you will. High job commitment is an excellent antidote to stress. It's a gift you should give to yourself."

    Take on New Assignments
    "Stretch yourself today so you'll be in better shape tomorrow. Reach for new assignments that broaden your experience base. Remember that one of the best techniques for stress prevention is to keep updating your skills so you're highly employable."

    One cannot manage change. One can only be ahead of it.’

    Peter F. Drucker

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    Very practical and useful tips Prathi. Thanks for sharing.

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