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Viniyoga darula Vedika

Discussion in 'TV' started by Premavati, Apr 22, 2006.

  1. Premavati

    Premavati New IL'ite

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    Viniyoga darula vedika means consumer protection platform to get compenastion from forum for the neglegence of a doctor by a person from Karim district Pochayya chaithanya spurthi.
    a) This week Thirpu (meaning judgement)
    In cosmectics there are many adulterations. By using such adulterated cosmetics leading to harmful effects on health.​
    b) This is bepicted in "Mundhu Chupu"
    c) In "Melukolupu"
    The questions asked merry making people and the answer given by lawyers.
    d) "Viniyoga darua vedika" (Consumer protection center)

    Please comment on these.
  2. puni88

    puni88 Moderator Staff Member IL Hall of Fame

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    How is this program coming along????

    DId you see any improvement in the society by this program.
    Please share your thoughts.

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