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Vigyani-serial story epilogue

Discussion in 'Stories (Fiction)' started by Tamildownunder, Aug 8, 2007.

  1. Tamildownunder

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    Dear ILites,

    It has been a wonderful journey through my imagination bringing this story for you. Honestly, this story was brewing up in my mind for the last few years and I could put it in words only in IL. The problem of not getting water in what was once considered a perennial river Cauvery and the tragic stories of farmers committing suicides is heart-breaking. As the political solution looks long drawn out, I set to think of a way out through the application of science and imagined a machine that converts air into water. To my great delight this has become a reality thanks to an invention in U.S albeit to meet the military requirements in Iraq. Anyway, we do have these machines even being available commercially and I was glad that the Australian laboratory in Melbourne where I was working got benefitted by the use of one such machine. So, there is lot of water in my talking about the machine and I was not talking in air. Let us hope that these machines are installed in large numbers in India and remove the acute water shortages in several parts of India such as Gujarath, Rajasthan, Tamilnadu etc. This will benefit the cause of women in India as it is they who are facing the ordeal of bringing water from long distances.

    I thank the administrators and moderators for allowing me to continue and all ILites who read this story. My special thanks are due to Manju Reddy who with her inquisitiveness raised several interesting and clever questions and added lot of interest to this story. My thanks are also to Kamala, Sudha and others who gave encouraging feed backs. As i have mentioned in the concluding part I have already started thinking about another machine (please don't run away)
    and if I am allowed I may start another serial story titled, "Dr. Raman and his wonderful machine'.



  2. shashiv

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    Nicely narrated.... Waiting for your next story....


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