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Varalotti, this is yet another brilliant piece from you !

Discussion in 'Varalotti Rengasamy's Short & Serial Stories' started by Chitvish, Oct 29, 2006.

  1. Chitvish

    Chitvish Moderator IL Hall of Fame

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    Dear All,
    Please read Varalotti's story, "A writer's journey to fame", which appears in

    I have read this story in tamil - " Kathanayakan kathai ezuthukirar" in your book "Visaranai". Since those who read this link will review the same here, I wish to take the privilege of reviewing your tamil version.

    I cannot help mentioning that the tamil version with your beautiful expressions, steals an edge over the English version. This is my humble opinion which I cannot help mentioning.

    The description of the sad state of Veda's house is very well written. So, his wife's argument which persuades him to "clinch the deal" is fully justified. He cannot be fully blamed that he did not argue " ezuthu choram povatharku samam" by "ghost writing" for an actor !

    The conversation between Veda and Sarada is yet another portion, I relished very much ! Her convincing him more as his fan than as his wife is a very smart move on her part. Well, no wonder, as a wife, she knows to strike the right chord in her husband's mind !!

    Ultimately Ramakanth does prove to be a very good human being by the gesture which takes Veda by surprise ! Not only that, he has lifted Veda to new heights of fame, which would not have been possible for Veda otherwise.

    Sridhar, you write very well in English, but write best in our dear Tamil. Both of us coming from Madurai famous for Sangathamizh, your writing in Tamil and my enjoying your tamil stories more are fully justified.

    My best wishes to you for more and more stories of yours to be published . We wait for the reading pleasure, my dear friend !

    Love & regards,

  2. Ushakrishnan64

    Ushakrishnan64 Silver IL'ite

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    Another good one

    Dear Sridhar,
    I cried my heart out reading this wonderful story. Too confused to vote for the best Veda or Sharu or Raj!! Kalaiya Selvamaa Manaiviyaa?:)

    Keep up the good work Sridhar. May God bless you with more stories to your credit!! Not to forget, Thank you Chitra for spotting Sridhar outside our IL forum.
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  3. Kamla

    Kamla IL Hall of Fame

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    Dash of Brilliance!

    Your story about a story writer was impressive, as usual. Your stories are gems Varalotti. I, at once, saw your reflection in Veda!
    The beauty of your stories are that they do not appear to be stories. They seem to be taken out of real life. Also, it is refreshing to read them as they are not the usual boy-meet-girl or some other themes which have been done to death. Even when you are tackling love stories, they seem to have a certain edge and message in them. It is always a pleasure to read your stories which leaves me either moved, thoutfull or appeased:)

    L, Kamla

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