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Valleys And Mountains

Discussion in 'Poetry' started by SuiDhaaga, Aug 31, 2021.

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    I walk through the valleys
    I pass through the trees
    Soon I shall reach the mountain
    To see thee

    The air is windy
    The sky is a dark blue
    I look forward to basking
    In the warmth of
    Your bright, bright hues

    I pass a stream
    Where I lay down and fall asleep
    Soon I see you in my dream
    Beckoning me to come closer
    Closer and become free

    I open my eyes
    Sudden nightfall was a surprise
    But my path is illuminated
    By the moon and the stars
    A million years a dated

    The sun eats the moon
    As I cannot remember
    How far I walked, it is
    Half-past noon

    Now I happen upon a
    Bed of yellow flowers
    Dancing in the wind
    One of them flies
    Across the Kush Hind

    Alas the path to the
    Great monastery
    Where I shall find the ancient scrolls
    Hidden by invaders
    Hidden by wars
    All throughout history!

    I climb the mounts
    I climb the steps
    Now I cannot look back
    Else I will regret

    Alas I am at your door
    From you I am beneath
    It is your will and command
    That I have been bequeathed
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