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Uses of Jojoba oil

Discussion in 'Face & Skin Care' started by goodu, Feb 3, 2010.

  1. goodu

    goodu New IL'ite

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    Jojoba oil brings the following benefits:
    1. Moisturizes the scalp. Using Jojoba oil and massaging it directly onto the scalp will not only relax you but it also moisturizes the scalp itself while treating your hair with an intense conditioning.
    2. Develops new hair cell growth. Dry hair can lead to hair damage or hair loss. The application of Jojoba oil will counteract this symptom, allowing the growth of new hair cells.
    3. Jojoba oil is non-greasy, colorless and odorless. While application of oils directly on the hair can be very obvious from afar, using Jojoba oil is non-greasy and unnoticeable.
    4. Jojoba oil is not irritating to the skin if applied to dry, itchy and sore scalp. Our scalp is sensitive when it is dry and applying Jojoba oil and then rinsing your scalp with clean water is one way of treating this scalp condition.
    5. Antibacterial. Jojoba oil is used for treating sores, cuts, bruises and burns and helps heal scars.
    6. Jojoba oil allows the flow of sebum in plugged-up pores. This promotes a healthy scalp and hair by replicating the sebum oil secreted by human sebaceous glands.
    7. Jojoba oil conditions your hair and prevents it from being brittle and dull.
    8. If there is too much sebum found on the scalp, Jojoba oil can dissolve and take out the sebum, allowing the hair to be cleansed.
    9. It is used widely as a primary ingredient in hair shampoos and conditioners.
    With these benefits and more, using Jojoba oil will definitely bring back the shine, luster, and natural beauty of your hair in an inexpensive and natural way. When combined with emu oil and primrose oil we have found an amazing healing hair oil.

    Hi ladies... Can anyone tried using jojoba oil for face or hair..?? if yes

    Share ur experience here.. it will usefull for some one's..


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  2. Yashikushi

    Yashikushi Moderator IL Hall of Fame

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    Thanks for the info.

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