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Unusual Love

Discussion in 'Stories (Fiction)' started by pinky2cute, May 24, 2018.

  1. pinky2cute

    pinky2cute Platinum IL'ite

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    It was the first day of medical college. She woke up to the sound of alarm in her new hostel. She felt sad when she remembered it's not her home where she would be lovingly woken up by her father and handed over bed coffee by her mother as her father would be removing the curtains of her beautiful bedroom windows letting the sunshine rays fall on her rosy fair skin.

    Anupriya snapped out of her memories as she heard her mobile phone ringing. Her lips curved into a wide smile on seeing her father's name flash on her calling screen.

    "Hello my princess! Goodmorning. Time to wakeup. It's your first day of college."

    "Hi dad, goodmorning! I knew you would wake me up. I love you dad."

    "I love you too princess. Now go get ready. Don't be late on the first day. And yes, your amma has packed prasadam in your blue color luggage bag. Do take it and I have kept new pen in the same bag over front pocket. Start your new journey with it and make us proud parents of a doctor soon. God bless you dear."

    " Dad....!" Her eyes swelled with tears and her throat was lumpy. She was overwhelmed with her parents' love and missed them around her.

    As she tried to hide her tears, her mother snatched the mobile from her father mumbling "Did your father made you emotional? ... See he is sitting with a sad face like a baby from whom his fave toy is snatched!. ..." She teased her husband while trying to sound normal to her daughter.

    Her father, Mr.Raghuram was a retired principal of school. He had been strict and disciplined person who never shown his weak side... Except today, when his little princess is away from his eyes. Her mother, Mrs.Lalitha was also a retired teacher.

    "Amma, please take care of dad. And I know that you are no strong either. I'm sure by now you would have already irritated God with giving Him long instructions to look over me and probably by now you would have sworn to do a thousand of vrathams for my safety and wellbeing!" Anupriya said trying to make the enviroment lighter.

    Her parents smiled and blessed her. She told them to take care and not worry about her.

    Anypriya is the apple of eyes of her parents who have pampered her like a princess but at the same time, they had instilled in her, strong values of morals and ethics that she has grown up to be an honest, mature, sensible and responsible young woman who spread happiness wherever she goes. She loves to play with kids and even kids get naturally attracted towards her.

    After the call ended, she wokeup her room mate Sneha and got freshned up.
    Together they both attended the first day introduction class by the principal of the college.
    End of the day, she managed to break the ice with quite a few of her classmates and after brief acquaintance, they decided to leave for hostel before the seniors catch them in campus and do ragging.

    As she was walking by, there was a guy who was sitting alone on a bench in the garden which was between the ladies and the gents hostel.

    The guy was dark, 6 feet in height, wearing unflattery clothes, seemed to be lost in thoughts.
    She remembered that the guy is her classmateas she saw him in the classroom during the introduction class.

    Anupriya went over and introduced herself and asked him his name.

    "Hi...Im Siddharth" he said hesitatingly as he stood up and was seeing her fair rose skin glowing under the sun. Her big eyes were sparkling and a cute innocent smile made him feel his heart beat skip.
    He quickly turned his face away feeling shy.

    Siddharth is a sensitive young guy who is the only son of his parents who were not that educated but somehow managed to give their son a decent childhood and education.

    However, being overly pampered in an orthodox family where son is treated as a king, he had never been broughtup to be confident to take decisions nor was ever scolded for anything wrong done by him. Because of which, he is always confused, insecure and doesn't know how to handle situations.

    Seeing him looking low, she asked " umm...is anything wrong?"
    "No, why?"
    "Okay! You seem to be sad. Are you missing home?"

    He stood there surprized staring at her deep eyes, wondering who is this angel? How could she know he is sad and how did she know he missed his home? Is she for real? Is it just coincidence?

    His eyes were searching for the answers in her eyes when she shook him by the shoulder and said loudly
    " Hello??? What are you staring at?"
    "Oh!Sorry....you are beautiful!...oh sorry...I mean....I love you...ooops" he shut his mouth with both his hands and closed his eyes thinking she is gonna beat him black and blue and report him to the principal.

    She stood there wide eyed in shock at what she heard just now. Seeing no reaction from her, he slowly opened his eyes and looked down and sincerely apologised to her.

    "I'm sorry ... I'm really sorry! I...I don't even know you... This is first day of our college... I....I...just spoke what my heart said..."

    Before he could continue, he was waiting for her reaction.

    She came back to her senses but she neither had any frown nor any emotion on her face.

    "Are you even sane? Did you look at yourself in the mirror? No, I'm not saying to look at your external appearance...i mean what do you even know about me to love? Or are you the type of 'love at first sight' guys who just see the outer beauty and propose?".

    "Look, Anupriya... I'm genuinely sorry for conveying you my heart feelings suddenly like this...but I'm not sorry for what I feel for you. It's not about your external beauty. In front of you, I'm not even worth to stand maybe...I don't know how to explain..."

    She felt disgusted but at the same time she felt connected to him. She left from there straight to her hostel. After changing into her casuals, she laid on her bed and started to wonder...

    Why did I even go to him? Why did i want to know the reason of his sadness? Neither I knew him nor he knows me. How did he propose like that?
    There were so many good looking guys who were trying to befriend me. I didn't even bother. Why did I walk over to this guy? Why am I not angry at him for proposing his love to me?

    On the other side, Siddharth went to his room where his roommate Ravi who is also his childhood bestfriend greeted him.

    "Hey Sid! Where were you man? After that boring intro class, I and few of our batch guys went over to meet our class girls. Some are so hot and some are quite average. I know you don't even look at girls as you are always the shy and introvert type....so I didn't ask you to join us." Ravi observed a rather silent Siddharth and knew something was wrong.

    "sid, are you fine?"

    "yes Ravi, I'm fine. Just missing mom dad."

    "Oh. Comeon Sid...be a man now. Atleast you and me are together evennow in college. Isn't it great coincidence?"

    Ravi took Siddharth to his other batchmates room to get to know other guys.

    When everyone called it a day, Siddharth lied on his bed and wondered about Anupriya.

    What was she? I don't know what she maybe thinking of me. But how do I explain her that it's not a love at first sight? How do I tell her that amongst the unknown crowd in the new college apart from Ravi, it was she alone who knew what I was feeling without even knowing me?. Why did my heart want to be with her? Why did I suddenly feel as if I have known her for ages and she is the missing puzzle of my life?

    Ravi, though is his childhood, is not aware of his inner insecurities or feelings. But Anupriya, came out of nowhere and filled his heart just with her presence.
    Last edited: May 24, 2018

  2. pinky2cute

    pinky2cute Platinum IL'ite

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    Hello all, this is my 1st writeup here on forum. I used to write fiction stories on my personal blog before but due to profession and other commitments, i left writing stories.
    Currently, I needed some escape from my trauma and hence I reverted back to my story writing.

    Please let me know after reading the first paprt if you people are interested, I shall continue. Else I would leave it at this point.

    Also, I know how as a reader, regular updates are expected so I'm writing the parts and shall post alternate days, provided I find you people interested in my story.

    If this seems boring, I will not continue. :)

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  3. deepthyanoop

    deepthyanoop Gold IL'ite

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    Good dear!! I would love to read it . Please continue as you get time...
  4. aarthi28

    aarthi28 Platinum IL'ite

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    Yeah good start. Please post next part soon. Please don't also give us the pain of not posting further too.please share your blog to look for me if you don't mind dear
    VinuthaS likes this.
  5. VinuthaS

    VinuthaS Silver IL'ite

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    Please continue ... it's a good start ...
  6. KamalaVasu

    KamalaVasu New IL'ite

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    Its very nice one.. continue the story further
  7. SunPa

    SunPa Platinum IL'ite

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  8. wish4miracle

    wish4miracle Silver IL'ite

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    Good one. Please do continue. A request, try not to leave long gaps in posting episodes.
  9. peddadas

    peddadas Platinum IL'ite

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    Hey @pinky2cute ,

    First of all thanks for giving us story.
    I personally liked the opening episode I could see the confusion among the newbies.

    Would you mind providing link to your other blog where you had fiction stories? I would love to read the stories.

  10. pinky2cute

    pinky2cute Platinum IL'ite

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    Part 2

    Siddharth couldn't sleep whole night. He woke up Ravi.

    "Ravi!....Ravi.... I need to talk. Wakeup!"
    "What ? Sid....its 3am in the night. Let me sleep yaar! ...You too try to sleep. We will talk in morning."

    Ravi went back to sleep. Sid couldn't understand what is happening. He was never sure of his life decisions.
    Athis home, his mom decided what he should wear, what he should eat, etc while his father decided where he should go what he should do in life.
    He was an average student who just wanted to pass. Neither he hadany ambitions in life nor he knew what is good for him.
    Even if he madeany mistakes, his parents only covered his mistakes instead of correcting him.
    His father wanted his son to become a doctor thinking that they will have personal doctor to take careof them and he believed doctors earn well anyways.
    His mother had no much idea of the educated world.all she knew was to cook varities of dishes and perform pujas all the time.

    This is the first time that Sid is exposed to the outer world on his own without his parents around him all the time.

    Thinking about his old memories, Sid managed to get some sleep.

    Days went by, the students got accustomed to the college and their curriculum.

    Anupriya was enthusiastic to learn something everyday.for her, to be doctor is her ultimate dream and passion. She was an achiever and topper in her school. She knew what she wanted to do in her life.

    After the initial awkward moment between her and Sid, she somehow managed to forget it and moveon.
    She is outgoing and chirpy girl whom everyone wanted to befriend.

    On the other hand, Sid couldn't quite gel around amongst his batchmates apart from his hildhood friend Ravi and afew guys who formed a gang with Ravi.

    Though Sid wanted to tell Ravi about his feelings for Anupriya, he wasn't sure how to explain as he knew Ravi would make fun of him.
    He kept seeing Anupriya but never again could gather courage to face her.

    One night, Ravi asked Sid "Bro, is anything bothering you?...I can see that from the day we joined, you have totally been to yourself!"

    Sid was standing atthe window of his room.

    Ravi went over to him and asked again "You were not so lost before. Though I know you are introvertand dontdgel easily ...but this is not you...where is that Sid who enjoyed with his gud guy friends over cricket matches or crack silly jokes.... Who wanted to go for your fave star Mahesh babu's first day first show movies...etc??".

    Sid replied " I...actually nothing. . .its just that I miss home."

    Ravi was irritated. "Bro, why do you behave like an immature kid repeating the same thing? Look... We have taken this path to become a doctor. We need to learn to live our lives independently. And I'm here with you. Now... Come let's go for second show movie. Few of the girls are also coming."

    Sid was not interested but gave in to Ravi's request and wentout.

    Among the girls who came to the movie was also Anupriya who came with her friends. They both were surprized to see each other.
    Anupriya and her friends were friendly with Ravi and other guys. They all soon settled in the theatre for the movie.

    After the movie, the guys dropped the girls safely and Ravi and Sid returned to their room.

    Slowly, the days passed into months and months into years. They were entering into their final semester.
    All this while, Sid managed to openup and make good friends except that he was still shy to interact with girls. He continued to silently pursue his love to Anupriya. Over these 4years, they managed to become good friends due to having common friends between them. Sneha, who is her roommate andalso her best friend had fallen for Ravi. But Ravi was falling for Anupriya without knowing Sid is silently in love with her.

    Ravi was fair, tall had charming looks, and everything was common between him and Anupriya. He was sure she would accept his proposal one day.

    Whereas Anupriya was not interested in any guys though all through these years, many guys proposed her andshe rejected them.

    Silently in her heart, she cared about Sid. Infact, she was the reason he had changed a bit and started to socialise with others.
    She was the reason he gained confidence to take up his own decisions whether it was about what food to order or what topic to choose in the assignment,etc.

    But she wasn't sure if it was love or she just had unusual liking towards him.

    Sid was improving a lot. He tried to dressup well, maintain himself. He never had spent alone time with Anupriya. They often metonly with their common friends circle.
    But he had always protected her silently. Whether calling her roommate sneha through Ravi and enquiring about her health or sitting next to her in movie theatre to make sure nobody misbehaves with her.

    They both were poles apart. He believed he doesnt deserve her.

    One day, Ravi was sitting alone and planning something. Sid who knew his friend was sure he is going to propose someone. He believed he is going to propose to Sneha.

    "Ravi....I know you are planning to propose someone . you didnt even tell me till now but I'm your childhood friend. How did you think you can hide fromme?"
    Ravi was blushing but happy.
    Ravi said "Sid....you know I would share it with you first. It's just that I wanted to know what she feels. Anupriya is not like other girls to fall for charm or money...you know right."

    Sid was shocked on hearing this.
    "What are you saying Ravi?"

    "Yes Sid....I have been talking and meeting her a lot using excuses like for class notes or some help regarding doubts....i like her. She is such a nice girl. "

    Sid was upset. He wasn't sure if he was upset or angry or both.
    His eyes were starting to become wet.

    Ravi though noticed this, he continued to pour his heart to Sid.
    "Sid, you know what... She is such an angel. I thinj only a loser will not want her. I know many proposed and she rejected...but me and her have many things in common. Wethink alike. I'm sure she wont reject me."

    Sid controlled his emotions. Though his heart was breaking From inside, he didnt have courage to tell Ravi that he loved Anupriya. And somewhere deep inside, he knew she would never accept his love.
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