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Unconditional Love!

Discussion in 'Stories (Fiction)' started by Rith, Feb 20, 2019.

  1. Rith

    Rith IL Hall of Fame

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    Episode 22:

    “You and your myths. Come on” grinned Vadhana gulping some more water.


    Prasanna came out of him room in the late evening. He neither had food nor spoke to anyone. He simply wandered in his room. He came out and searched for his parents. They were sitting in the patio staring at the stars filled sky. He occupied the empty chair and smiled at them

    “Are you feeling better now?” asked Kalyani handing over the glass of juice

    He nodded his head and said “I am planning to visit her house, talk to her father to see whether we can get any clue where she would have gone”

    “Go ahead” replied Guna

    “This is going to be my primary work. My search for her starts”

    “Good luck Prasanna. Let me too join you” Guna got up from his chair

    “No. I will handle by myself. Just moral support is enough” he gently pressed his father’s palm

    “I don’t like your gloomy face. This doesn’t suit you” Kalyani

    Guna “Have some thing to eat and go”

    “No. I don’t want. I don’t want to waste even a single minute. It is just 7 now. I believe her dad will be available at home. Let me not waste time. I can’t wait till tomorrow.” He said hastily

    Guna “Prasanna. Slow. Slow. Don’t be so haste. This is not a cinema to sacrifice your food and sleep and wander in search of a heroine. Think logically and act whichever is practical. I have his number. Let me call and confirm his availability. Within 15 minutes dinner will be ready. This juice will not be sufficient for your starving stomach. You need energy for further fights in your life. Though we pray our kids should not get tough time, we can’t change the fate Prasanna. Be logical and true to what you do. Take some time to think, plan then act. Come with me. By the time, you have your dinner, I will check Boominathan’s availability”

    “Be happy that you are going to tie wed lock with the one you love. Stay positive and feel happy about the positive things around you. This gloomy face doesn’t suit you. Be the cheerful, naughty ever teasing Prasanna. That’s what we need. That’s what we love” said Guna while climbing down the stairs. Prasanna nodded his head smiling. Guna kissed him on his forehead. Prasanna felt like fresh blood flowing into his nerves. He felt fresh and energetic.

    The trio came down. Kalyani went to kitchen to check the availability of the dinner. Guna called Boominathan and confirmed his availability. Since Prasanna wanted to meet him to discuss regarding Meera, Boomi preferred not to meet at home. He volunteered to come to their home. By the time Prasanna complete his 3rd dosa which Kalyani forced him to have, Boominathan entered. Prasanna washed his hands and sat in the sofa. Kalyani also joined in.

    Boominathan sat in enigma why he was asked to meet. Guna’s face was clear and happy. Prasanna and Kalyani were wearing smile on their face unable to distinguish whether they are fake or real. Seeing their face Boomi assumed that there is no bad news awaiting for him.

    Without wasting further time, Prasanna adjusted his throat and started talking to Boomi. “Ahemm. Uncle. I would like to apologize again for all the mess happened because of me. In an attempt to clear the mess, we have found one more stuff which is the happiest part of our family story of course” Boomi looked sharp at him unable to infer anything from his polished talks. And what does he meant by ‘Our Family’ Prasanna continued “please be frank about one thing Uncle. If I am ok to marry your daughter, with your daughter’s consent, will you be ok for that too?”

    Boominathan was slightly taken aback by his question “But, I was told that you are in love with someone and that’s why you disliked to marry my daughter? Isn’t it?” Prasanna shook his head as Yes, grinning

    “Then how can you marry my daughter having someone in your mind. Wont that affect her life?”

    “It won’t” replied Prasanna

    Boomi “But how? I don’t want my daughter too suffer with miserable life like me”

    Prasanna “She won’t Uncle! Trust me. I want to marry your daughter, are you ok or not?”

    Boomi “If Meera says yes, why I am going to disapprove it”

    Prasanna “Meera might deny but not Jaya”

    Boomi “Sorry! Jaya?”

    Prasanna “Jaya will say ok for sure Uncle. You know Jaya right? Jayalakshmi??”

    Boominathan’s forehead wore a cris-cross pattern unable to understand what he meant. Kalyani and Guna smirked which made Boomi quite comfortable to handle the situation. Though he is able to understand that there is nothing to worry, in addition to the fact that Prasanna decided to marry his daughter, though he was well aware that his daughter’s official name is none other than his mother’s name, still he stayed confused whom Prasanna is referring as Jaya

    “Enough Prasanna. Stop your pranks respecting his age. He has enough tensions to handle already” Kalyani pat his shoulders

    “Uncle! Me and your daughter Jayalakshmi are in love. My parents wants me to marry your daughter Meera. I rejected Meera and wanted to marry Jaya. May be Meera can reject me but Jaya cant. So…”

    “Oh! Enough! Please!” Boomi stood from the sofa. He breathed heavily. Prasanna too stood up. He hugged Prasanna so tight and pat his back “thank you my boy. You have made my day.”

    “Uncle. Its high time to bring back your daughter. That’s going to be my primary task. Now, can you tell me the number from which you got the call from her?”

    “This is the number” Boomi gave his phone to him. Prasanna tried to search that number in true caller but it failed to identify the name.

    “hmmm” he sighed “I will check in other sources. Let me know if you get call again Uncle. And stay relaxed, Anyways for the sake of you, I wanted to search and bring her back. Having known now that she is my life, I will search more seriously hereafter. Now you go and have a good rest Uncle”

    “Sure Sure Prasanna. I will have a peaceful sleep today. My joy knew no bounds. Thanks man” he patted his shoulders. He felt happy when he imagined Kalyani and Guna taking care of his Meera with utmost love and care. He couldn’t stop beaming whenever he thinks about that. With that happiness he took their leave and reached home by walk. Through out on his way he had various dreams starting from Meera’s marriage and he playing with grandchildren.

    That thought gave him a feel of completeness. He reached home and decided to retire in bed without dinner. Saradha’s hard tone stopped him. He doesn’t want to spoil his good mood initiating any discussion with her. He filled his plate with the food and stood before TV as usual watching the news. However his mood was not on the TV and he found smiling throughout cherishing the dreams, still dreaming

    Saradha suspected the reason behind his happiness “has he found that girl?” this thought gave her a weird feeling. She doesn’t have guts to initiate any sort of discussion with him after the strong slap. Soon he moved to his room.

    Wondering the reason behind his sudden happiness, she too retired to bed.


    Vadhana packed her belongings in a suitcase, Meera was helping her. She is leaving to Singapore in a week as a deputation for 3 months. Meera helped her in shopping and arranging the stuff.

    “Vadhana. Its 3 months. I am afraid how I am going to manage without you, alone in this room” Meera lamented several times that day for which Vadhana giggled as response.

    “Don’t forget to feed my little baby” said she, pointing to the little wooden plate of the bird

    “hmm” Meera replied sitting on her bed

    “More than a month has passed just like a child play. You haven’t spoken to anyone else from your home?” asked Vadhana while placing the suitcase down the cot.

    “Not interested” she replied vaguely

    “That’s bad” sighed Vadhana “Atleast you can call once to your god father and talk to him, ask how he is doing, enquire regarding his health, why not you do that?”

    Meera “If I talk to him, I can’t stay here for even a day. His voice will drag me towards him”

    “Hahahaaaahaaaa” Vadhana laughed aloud clapping her hands “dramatic. Fine. Lets go to dhaba express near our office for dinner. Its time to take Shama Anna’s paneer Burji. I am going to miss his ghee toasted paranthas and paneer dishes. Hmmm!” Vadhana took her bike keys. Both started to the dhaba and had a sumptuous meal. They teased each other, fed each other, and laughed whole heartedly enjoying each and every moments thoroughly.

    “The person who is going to marry you is really a lucky chap” Meera said while catching the paranthas parcel threw by Vadhana

    Vadhana “I am still young to even think about marriage. I still have lot to explore and enjoy. Why should I fall in that trap so soon?”

    Meera “Young? You? Hmm…quarter century completed 2 years back if I am not wrong”

    “I will get married may be after 35, but definitely I will marry someone of my taste, get children and run behind them, no doubt. Before falling into commitments, I want to explore this world and have all fun. ” Vadhana shrugged her shoulders casually and asked Meera “What about you?”

    Meera “I am not destined for that. I am happy and contented with this life”

    “But you should need” Meera interrupted Vadhana and said “I am in a good mood. Can say happy mood. Let’s not spoil that. Yeah?”

    “You will never change” Vadhana retired to bed. After knowing Meera’s past Vadhana used to advise her to go back to her house but Meera’s constant reply is to deny blindly or divert the topic. In all these days, Meera has changed in all aspects but not with respect to change her mind of going back to them. She has kind of adapted to this new life and she loves it. No complaints, no curses, no bellows, no rooms for tears. She considers life in Coimbatore as new birth. So she doesn’t want to leave this life

    Meera lied on her bed. Her thoughts drifted to Prasanna. “How he would be doing now. Will he still think about me or forgotten me?

    Let him move on. No issues for me”

    Then what about my life?

    Do I really have life?

    Down the line, will I have any meaning for this life? Am I living like a letter without postal address as Vadhana mentioned one day?

    Vadhana told Meera, one day, when they were casually chatting under the huge shade of the tree within their compound “ Nothing is permanent and family is the only hold for this life. Others are just materialistic pleasure. Stick to someone we love, explore love, making house a home with our love, sweet nothings and little fights, compromise, apologies, arguments, gifts, surprise hugs and kisses, travel, shopping, fill the home with the laughter of kids, running behind them, embarrassed with their questions, their cute innocent smile, the bonding from the day they burst out of the egg, seeing them developed inside us, desperate waiting time to cuddle them in our hands, their first smile, first cry, motherhood, parenthood and what not. What is life without all these after all?

    Meera got up from the cot. Her eyes welled up. She looked at sleeping Vadhana. Today she is here. Tomorrow she would go out in the quench of her life’s thirst. Then she will be replaced by someone and they will leave and this cycle would continue. How long she can stay here. She could not be a permanent resident here

    Meera started getting worried about her future

    To Be Continued…
  2. ammusatheesh

    ammusatheesh Gold IL'ite

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    Superb...wat next...waiting eagerly for the next move
  3. leenam05

    leenam05 Platinum IL'ite

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    Dear Rith,
    Read all episodes in two days, Awesome story , waiting further how you will unite all pairs.
    Loved Meera's character very much!
  4. Silviah

    Silviah New IL'ite

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    waiting for ur post for a long time...
    plz post next episode soon
  5. lakshya2018

    lakshya2018 Bronze IL'ite

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    Hi Rith , eagerly waiting for next update
  6. Rith

    Rith IL Hall of Fame

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    Hello Friends,
    Its been long time I logged in IL. Hectic work. Will try to post today. Sorry for making you all wait
  7. Rith

    Rith IL Hall of Fame

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    Episode 23:

    She doesn’t know when she slept. When she woke up, Vadhana was taking bath. She sat on the bed stretching her hand towards the sky and let out a big yawn. The little bird was drinking water from its wooden bowl. A wide smile spread on her face seeing the little bird. She came towards the bird. The bird moved back hopping “Sweetie. Just 6 more days to go. Then you can’t move back like this. You have no other option than kissing me, huh”

    Vadhana came out drying her wet hair with the towel “don’t scare my little darling you monster” she threw the wet towel on Meera’s face

    “Yuck!” she threw back at her. Seeing them fighting, the bird flew away

    “Darling! Stop! Come back” both shouted standing near the window

    Both got ready and wet down for breakfast

    Padmini served them rice upma with tomato chutney “Wow. Yummy yummy rice Upma. This is one of your signature dishes Aunty! I am going to miss this for sure” said Vadhana while filling her plate

    “Just 3 months ok. But she has told this to everyone for almost 300 times. Wherever she goes she keeps telling this ‘I am going to miss your food… I am going to miss your food…’ apart from food you wont miss anything?” asked Meera patting Vadhana’s head

    Padmini laughed at them. Urmila came running towards her, she looked worried

    Padmini “Urmi. What happened ma. You came so soon. You have classes till noon right”

    “Ma! Ma!” her eyes turned moist. Padmini panicked seeing her. Vadhana and Meera came towards her

    “Ma! Appa…critical” Padmini’s face changed. Meera and Vadhana looked at each other

    “What is the issue?” Padmini asked in a calm tone

    “He got stroke attack” she started crying “everyday I am seeing lot of patients suffering even with conditions worse than him but seeing him, seeing my dad in such a state, I don’t know, but I couldn’t take it easily Ma. I have not spent any time with him, though the thought that he is my father is not allowing me to see him just as a patient, No! I am sorry Ma. I can’t” she sobbed

    “Let’s start now. I want to meet him” Padmini’s parents came down listening to their conversation

    “Are you sure what you are doing Padmini?” her mom asked politely

    “Yes I am. Hope you won’t stop me” replied seeing her father. More than her mother, her father was angrier on her husband. He knows well, how broken she was when he left her with a girl baby on hand. All her grief and sorrows were converted into determination and gave her a strong urge to grow her girl into a respectable human being

    “Don’t stop her. She knows what is right or wrong.” Said her father and gestured Padmini to move on

    Padmini left a thankful smile and started with Urmila to the hospital. Vadhana and Meera left with heavy heart

    Usually they used to chit chat while driving to office. Today both of them stayed calm thinking about Padmini. Vadhana stopped her bike near Meera’s building. While alighting down Vadhana said to Meera “That’s how a woman should be. See. Padmini aunty didn’t run anywhere when she was left alone with a child, when she has no source of income at all. That’s how we should face our life. I am sorry for highlighting this point again and again but trust me, this is not an intention to hurt you. I want to teach you the reality of life. You know why? At one point, you will feel you are left all alone. No one in this world can walk with you till the end other than your husband and children. Remember, not even your parents. You should need a life for yourself. I want you to accept a fact that this is just a temporary phase. The happiness you get from this is not permanent”

    Meera nodded her head and started walking without saying anything

    “She will never change” Vadhana sighed and started moving

    “Vadhana” Meera called while running towards her

    “You are right. I completely agree with what you say. Its not like I ignore your words. I couldn’t think about going back for various reasons. Neither I can marry Prasanna against Guna pa’s wish nor can I marry his son against his wish. In such a situation, there is no room for others in my life. I am in full confused state when the topic of marriage pops up. That’s why I don’t want to think about it ever. Anyways I have started thinking about, like what is my future. I know what I am living now doesn’t have anything like that. By the time you come back, I will have some positive updates. Trust me. Yeah?”

    This brought smile in Vadhana’s face. She nodded her head in acceptance and left. Meera too smiled seeing her and left to office.

    The next one week passed as if wheels in the shoes. Meera joined Vadhana till airport and left with heavy heart. She is going to be all alone for another 3 months. Vadhana asked Meera to use her bike for commute to office.

    Vadhana has to go to Chennai and catch the flight to Singapore.

    After security check and baggage check in, she sat on the waiting area observing the people around. She dozed off hanging her neck pillow hugging her bag tight. She spent her travel till Chennai by sleeping nicely. After reaching Chennai airport, she felt fresh because of nice sound sleep. She looked fresh and energetic

    After completing security check she moved to her respective gate. As there are ample amount of time for the flight, she started reading one of her favorite novels.

    “I need some space to come out of it. Don’t expect me to return for atleast next 2,3 months. Forget for time being that you had a son. And please, stop crying” she was disturbed by this stubborn voice

    She wanted to ignore but again and again the gentleman sitting behind her disturbed her concentration. She put on her earphones, leaned comfortably on the chair and gazed at the book.

    She felt a thud in her head suddenly which made her drop the book on her lap. “Ouch” she scowled rubbing her head

    “I am Sorry” the gentleman pleaded. He casually stretched legs frontwards and head backwards which hit Vadhana’s.

    “Its ok”. Vadhana sat leaving two seats rubbing her head

    “Now its your turn dad? I need a change from this place and I combined it with a business trip. I will survive no worries. I will be in touch. I am not running away anywhere. Got it? I am travelling to Singapore and will be back in couple of months, please leave me alone for some time” the gentleman argued which fell sharp on Vadhana’s ears which continued for long, disturbing her ‘me’ time

    “Oh No!. My dear God, this guy should not travel in my flight. Even if he travels he should not be seated next to me. Please don’t spoil my first international trip. Please!” she prayed God

    Announcement came to board her flight. She noticed he didn’t move from his place. She sighed in relief and boarded her flight. She sat comfortably on the window seat and she was found all smiling and smiling. She was too excited about her trip.

    First international trip. First onsite work experience. She wore a skinny blue ankle length jean matching with short sleeve blue and white polka dot top.

    When will they start the flight? She looked at the moving people and cabin crew

    That was a 2 seater and only she was seated. She kept her hand bag there and looking through the window. The city looked beautiful, filled with lightings

    “Excuse Me?” hearing a hard tone she moved her head and her face turned pale seeing the same gentleman there

    “Ufff” she sighed, took her bag and threw on her lap with a thud which clearly depicted her annoyance

    God! Do you really exist? Was that your plan or you changed the plan after I prayed to you. Hmm, my first international trip. Should that be spoiled because of this irritating creature? Yuck!” Vadhana buried her face in her bag. She pat on her forehead, often turning her face upwards while cursing the god, rolling and contracting and expanding the fingers in to the palm.

    Seeing her reaction, the gentleman stared at her which she thought that he was looking at her just like looking at an alien.

    When the flight was preparing for take-off, she run towards the cabin crew.

    “Mam! We are preparing for take-off. You should not get off your seat. Please go and fasten the seat belt” said, the exasperated air hostess wearing a visible fake smile

    “I am sorry. I will do. Between, please please can you change my seat please” Vadhana folded her hands and requested. Her head and hair dancing rhythmically; her reactions were so childish.

    “Sorry mam! As you see the flight is full. We don’t have spare seats. Please, can you now go back? The flight is ready for take-off”

    Vadhana hit the floor with one leg and walked towards her seat. The gentleman watched all her reaction. He knows well she is upset because of him. But he is helpless. He put on his neck pillow and closed his eyes not wanting to further annoy her

    Seeing him eyes closed, Vadhana got into her seat and took her book. Though her mind couldn’t concentrate on the book, she wanted to keep herself occupied with something so that nothing should give him room to initiate any type of conversation.

    Both their act didn’t last for long time. Soon after take-off, Vadhana kept her book down while the gentleman kept the neck pillow on his lap. They happened to glance at each other but moved their face away from each other instantly

    At one point, seeing him Vadhana laughed terribly. He looked at her, his forehead shrunk in conundrum why this girl is laughing like a mad

    Vadhana apologized still she couldn’t control her laugh

    The gentleman looked at him once to confirm what made her laugh like this. He even turned on his phone in selfie mode and checked his face and hair.

    Vadhana noticed and laughed again

    “Hey! I am sorry if that bothers you….Ahemm…you look like 30s but dressed like 60s. in this hot weather you are in your blazers and boots. Kiddish, yeah?”

    He noticed that and smirked shaking his head “Well! I am going for a business meet” he replied. His voice was majestic but polite this time

    “Well, business meet is not in this flight right” she mimicked his tone

    “Right. Right” he replied moving both his hands in the air

    “I never thought in this way. I hope I don’t look like an alien” he said taking away his coat

    “Of course you are” she giggled

    He looked at her deeply. Her oval face complemented her short hair which danced whenever she moves her face. A white pearl stud with matching pearl chain. A perfect slim figure and childish naughty face for which anyone would fall for.

    “ahemmm” she adjusted her throat. He took his eyes off immediately and mumbled “Sorry”

    She was used to such looks. “I thought you are a gentleman” she said in a teasing tone

    “I am sorry. Not intentional, I mean…I...”words trembled

    “Apologies accepted” she chided “by the way I am Vadhana…Chandra Vadhana” she offered her hand for a formal handshake

    “I am Sathya…Sathya Varman” he mimicked her tone, just grabbed her hand and released immediately

    To Be Continued…
  8. ammusatheesh

    ammusatheesh Gold IL'ite

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    Superb....so I guessed it right Sathya and Vadhana :hearteyes::hearteyes:
  9. meerutha

    meerutha Silver IL'ite

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    wowww after so many days of waiting got a very good episode to read..thank you rith...it is amazing and waiting for more ....hope everything is good at your end.
  10. peddadas

    peddadas Platinum IL'ite

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    arre wah..thats how you made sathya meet Vandana...Gosh...you are an angel Rith :)

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