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Two Faces Of The Same Coin Called Wedlock

Discussion in 'Life Without Spouse' started by Thyagarajan, Jun 24, 2023.

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    When I was 24, I found myself in a beautiful relationship with a man who had a vision of our future. His name was Ajay , and he possessed an admirable quality that set him apart from the rest a deep commitment to building a strong foundation before embarking on the journey of parenthood. It all began on a sunny afternoon, as we sat together under a sprawling oak tree in the park, sharing our aspirations and dreams.

    The topic of children eventually arose, and I found myself curious about his perspective. To my surprise, Ajay expressed his desire for us both to work before starting a family.
    As he began to unfold his reasoning, his words resonated deeply within my heart.

    Ajay believed that by investing time and effort into our careers first, we would not only establish a solid financial foundation but also cultivate a sense of personal fulfillment and growth. He emphasized that becoming parents is a profound responsibility, and he wanted to ensure we were ready emotionally, mentally, and financially.

    As we delved deeper into our conversation, I realized that Ajay’s perspective was rooted in a genuine love and concern for our future family. His desire was not to postpone the joy of having children, but rather to create an environment where our future offspring could thrive and receive all the love, care, and opportunities they deserved.

    Together, we embarked on a journey of personal and professional development. We supported each other's aspirations and strived to reach new heights in our respective careers. Through shared goals and mutual encouragement, we discovered the power of a partnership based on growth and progress. Working together allowed us to develop a profound understanding of one another's ambitions, strengths, and weaknesses.

    It strengthened our bond and laid the groundwork for open communication and trust. We grew as individuals, and in turn, our relationship blossomed. During this phase of our lives, we celebrated achievements, overcame challenges, and learned valuable life lessons. We understood that parenthood demanded sacrifices and compromises, and we wanted to enter that chapter with a sense of stability and preparedness.

    As the years passed, our joint efforts began to bear fruit. Financial security became a reality, and our careers flourished. Our hearts brimmed with a profound sense of satisfaction and achievement. We were ready to embrace the gift of parenthood and embark on the next chapter of our lives. Looking back, I am grateful for the patience and wisdom of my beloved Ajay.

    His foresight taught me the significance of building a solid foundation before venturing into the beautiful chaos of raising children. Our decision to work together before having a baby was an investment in our relationship, and it ultimately allowed us to create a nurturing and secure environment for our future family.

    Today, as I hold our precious child in my arms, I am reminded of the incredible journey that led us here. We are not only partners in love but also partners in the lifelong adventure of parenting. Our shared commitment to personal growth and financial stability has allowed us to embrace the joys and challenges of raising our child, knowing that we are equipped to provide them with the love and support they deserve.

    So, to those who question why my boyfriend wanted us both to work first before having a baby, I say this: His vision was not just about financial stability, but about nurturing a strong and loving relationship as the foundation for a beautiful family.

    Our story is a testament to the power of partnership and the importance of laying the groundwork for a beautiful strong edifice , fulfilling future, both individually and together.

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    Another story:
    Can a husband harass his wife after a divorce?
    It is a strange case of divorce.
    • Dashrath and Seema were married about twelve years ago in the Harmada area of Jaipur.
    • The case of divorce is going on in the court for both.
    • According to the rules, the judge fixed the alimony, but Dasaratha did not pay the alimony to be given every month.
    • This amount has reached about one lakh seventy thousand rupees due to outstanding.
    • The Harmada police arrested Dasharatha and sent him to jail.
    • He came out of jail after getting bail.
    • Dashrath reached the court with 55000 rupees with him on the next hearing.
    • These rupees were in one and two-rupee coins.
    • Seven sacks were filled with these coins and their total weight was about two hundred and eighty kilos.
    • Seema said in court that she cannot take this money.
    • The court said that it is Indian currency, and it cannot be refused

    Now seema alleged that divorced husband is harrasing her by these coins for alimony.

    (News reporting)
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