Twin Pregnancy - Third Trimester Experiences

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    I had my normal checkup and scan at around 29 weeks.When I met my doctor, I was informed that there is weight discordancy in my twins.One of my twins weight and growth was very less than the other one.I was worried as difference was more than 20 percentage.

    Further, my doctor also told me that frequency of scans will increase during this trimester.

    During my next scan, it was found out that both my twins had IUGR ( Intrauterine Growth Restriction) and I was admitted at around 30 weeks for monitoring.My babies heartbeat and movements were checked for around a week and I was discharged.

    I had frequent scans once in 2 or 3 days and was closely monitored. I had more complications and my liquor level increased suddenly. I was worried to the core and further my twins growth was also not improving.The growth discordancy percentage was also increasing in every scan.

    My experiences:

    This trimester was like a roller coaster ride for me. My first two trimesters were very much bearable when compared to this one.

    I couldn’t eat properly and I lost my appetite fully. I was always tired and even getting up from bed was a huge task for me.I had sleepless nights and had severe headaches.I had difficulty in breathing and also had gastric problems.

    Further, my twins were not growing properly and had severe IUGR. I was tensed a lot. I knew this was common in twin pregnancy, but, in my case, the discordancy percentage was very much higher.

    Having frequent scans to know the status and worrying about my twins is what I remember more about this trimester.I had my hospital bags packed at around 30 weeks in case of emergency and I was praying God that I should cross at least 35 weeks. My babies were already weighing less and I didn’t wish to have any other further complications due to preterm birth.Increase in my liquor levels also made me feel terrified.

    We went for scan at 36 weeks and were shocked after meeting our doctor.

    (To be Continued…)

    Note: My twin girls are now six months old and these are my personal experiences in my pregnancy.

    I wish to reiterate that I am not from medical field nor an expert, I am just an ordinary mother who wishes to share her journey with others.

    Note: This was already posted on my personal blog
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