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Truth About Karma

Discussion in 'Snippets of Life (Non-Fiction)' started by MULLAI62, Dec 11, 2020.

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    Every action has an effect, every cause has an effect and you have no control over the effect,
    but you have all the control over the action that you do.”

    Where does one seek the do's and don't on karma?
    Listen to your conscience;
    your inner gut feeling.
    Don't do anything which you don't want others to do to you.
    That is the criteria.

    A situation that happens now becomes the cause of another situation in the future.
    When that next situation happens in the future, that too becomes
    the cause of some other situation to happen.
    That is why it is called as cause and the effect -Karma.

    If someone deceived you,
    they are going to face the consequences.
    That is the law of karma.

    If you got deceived, you were not careful.
    You should have been careful.
    You have learnt your lesson by being deceived.
    Now move on!

    Life moves by dual factors - inner tendencies (impressions) and outer influences.
    Inner tendencies form your attitudes and behavior,
    while external influences make strong impressions in your mind.
    Often your tendencies generate external situations, and situations
    around you can form tendencies within you. This is what is called karma.

    Both these factors - the tendencies from within and influences from outside -
    can be either beneficial or harmful.

    It is awareness that filters the outer negative influences and it is awareness that corrects and annihilates the unhealthy inner tendencies.
    This awareness is called gyana.

    The purpose of education is to develop this awareness so that you can be selective about
    your tendencies and influences.

    It is practically impossible to resist the external influences and the inner tendencies without raising one's consciousness. This can be gradual or sudden.

    And that is how a human being has both free will and destiny.

    Freedom is when you have a say about your tendencies and your influences.
    Only awareness and impeccable devotion can bring this freedom.​

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    Karma simply means the sum total of our actions, their consequences and our responsibility for i. We cannot sit idle when something bad happens to us and say with a fatalistic shrug "It is my karma", We have toi take remedial measures, not just wait for the Karma roulette to touch our number.. "Karma": is a word often used by pwoplw to escape their responsibilities but Karma means you can't escape the consequences of your action and WE must stanmdup AND TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR THEM..
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    :hello:Thanks .
    These thoughts nearly echoes the principles of author of The Art Of Living.
    When my son approached Bank manager to refund excess money coughed out by ATM, manager told him that it would be difficult to account for the money at his branch level and had suggested to enjoy the excess money.

    He drove away and then at an intersection he was stopped by a traffic constable who emerged from hiding demanding fine for jumping the signal. He paid the fine with that excess amount on hand and felt it was "instant karma".

    I am now reminded about Duryodhana’s enquiry to Lord Krishna in Maha Bharata which I had copied from my previous feedback to @HariLakhera ’s another post.

    Dridrashtra (D) born blind & could never see his own sons in his life time including their dead bodies lying in battle field.

    At the end of Khurushethra battle, D in genuflect before Lord Krishna, beseeched to tell him the cause for his total blindness and that he could never see his own sons.

    Then Lord Krishna held D to get up, began telling him about operation of karma formula.

    He told that People born suffers one or more of Kriyamana Karma, Sanchita Karma & Prarabdha Karma. Kriyamana Karma accrues due to day to day activities and it’s sequel one would face in a few days. The other two karmas are entwined: together, it stays and cumulated. Prarabdha Karma is part of sanchit karma that derived from previous birth or births which could be good or bad, positive or negative.

    Then Lord Offers D “inner vision” for him to see happenings of his past births and the one happened before fifty and odd births.

    D discovered that some fifty odd births before, he was a gruesome hunter and happened to have had fun just threw a net in aflame over a tree that was home for one hundred young fledglings. In the fire engulfed, many birds’ lives extinguished instantly. Few birds could manage to escape, but then heat of the fire blinded them.

    And so, due to this effect of Sanchita Karma, D was destined to remain blind in this Life and also lose his 100 sons.

    After listening in rapt attention to Lord Krishna’s insightful essay on a nutshell, D felt effete, queried the Lord as to why he was not made to suffer punishment in that birth itself but deferred it to his present birth.

    Lord Krishna casting an enigmatic smile, in response said,

    “Your Karma had to wait for an opportune time for 50 and odd births. During that period, you would earn and gather pious deeds adequately to attain the merit of being born as a king and have fathered One Hundred sons. The Sanchita Karma accumulated over the last fifty and odd births would influence your life as Prarabdha Karma and you could then encounter instantaneously with that settling effects of your past evil action.”

    Karma appears to be a divine law of cause & effect by which every thought, word & deed justly boomerang on him or her in present and or future life.

    So Truth Of Karma is:

    One develops to remain compassionate ever, knowing that every experience, evil or noble, good or bad, is only the self-created reward of prior expressions of free will.
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