Trip to banglore->suggestion for sight seeing.

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    Hi friends,
    Me and my colleague are going to banglore for 3 day official trip.2 days wud be 9-5 occupied officially.3rd day fully (till 9pm) and 1st and 2nd day after 6pm would be free.Need suggestion on sight seeing.
    Both of us are not much familiar with banglore , some ppl in office suggested to take a tour/trip package of half/one day with travel agencies and roam around as that would be safe and to cover more places.
    My colleague who accompany me interested in mysore visit as well,but if time permits wud see.
    I am planning like 2nd day if possible would break early from office and complete banglore sight seeing and 3rd day would plan mysore!! not sure if time and situation permits.
    Need some suggestion and ideas on this rocket science from all scientist :)

    Thank you.

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