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travelling by train vs renting car in swiss

Discussion in 'Indians in Switzerland' started by vidhukumar, Apr 29, 2007.

  1. vidhukumar

    vidhukumar Senior IL'ite

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    (i had initially posted this thread in indians in switzerland section but no response,so posting it here.hoping to get some feed back)

    dear ladies!
    finally my travel plans are finalised.will be starting on may 13th to swiss&will be there till may 22nd.Since i will be travelling with a baby i was wondering if renting a car would be better vs travelling by train.pls give me your feed back on this.Thanks!

  2. kripa shankari

    kripa shankari New IL'ite

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    i went to swiss 6 years back.
    i was newly married then and found it wonderful.
    but with a kid around,i suggest u be prepared.
    take a stroller if u can.
    in swiss if u take the car, u hav to adhere to speed limits.
    c if ur child does not suffer from motion sickness.
    train would b a better option.
    if u procure the europass in india itself,it would be better both comfortwise and costwise.
    ask ur travelagent about these passe.
    the train is well equipped for babies and mothers,nothing like our system
  3. leenasanjay

    leenasanjay New IL'ite

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    I saw your post today on the day you were to leave for Swiss. Only if I had seen it before I would have replied to you immediately. But as I am flying to India on 17th of May, time kept me busy with the packing. In case you have an access to the net at your place of stay in swiss you will find my post helpful.

    We had been to Swiss just a month back for 4 days during Easter holidays. I too have a daughter who is 22 months old now. Travelling by train will be the best option for you. You can have the Europass which makes travelling convenient. You can carry the Stroller for your baby as the trains here are properly equipped for that facility. Only when you go to the Jungfrau, Titlis, Schilthorn mountains carrying the stroller will get restricted. But if the stoller is not big then you have more choice.

    Enjoy your vacation, and do tell where all you visited. Also try to travel by Glacier Express if you get the chance. Only thing is you need to do a seat reservation beforehand and get it confirmed once in swiss. Your Europass is valid on that train. So enjoy and come back with beautiful memories just like we did.

    Take good sunglasses with you, they are very helpful in this season at swiss.


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