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Top 5 Helpful Tips to Care for Babies - Working Women Issues

Discussion in 'Health & Wellness' started by RevathiSankaran, Jun 28, 2013.

  1. RevathiSankaran

    RevathiSankaran New IL'ite

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    Working women are out to office for some specific hours a week, and when it comes to care for their babies, they have some common issues: Some women have to commute for a long time, some do not have a fixed working schedule, some women have to work long hours at office, etc. However, their babies wait for their mother to come back and to look after them. If you face the similar situation or if you are working and planning to have a baby soon, you may consider the following tips:

    a) Find a Nanny or a Good Daycare Service: First thing first. If you are out to work, you will need somebody to look after your baby. Find a trusted nanny or a good daycare service where your child will be safe and will get nutritious food.

    b) Alternate Working Hours with Partner: In case you cannot find a nanny or a good daycare service, you and your husband may choose to work at two different times. You should choose to work in the day and your husband should leave the house only after you are back.Also ensure you both have enough time together.

    c) Live Closer to Your Office: If possible, live closer to your office. If necessary, do not hesitate to rent a house on a temporary basis close to your office so that you can save time and come back to your child sooner.

    d) Live Closer to Your Support Group: If living closer to your office is not possible, you should live closer to your support group. A support group can be a group of people, relatives, or your/partner’s parents who will actively support you to look after the child. Apart from many other things, members of this group come handy when you are late from the office, and you need to get your baby picked up from the daycare. In that case, someone from this support group can pick the baby up.

    e) Get a Doctor on Call: You must have at least one doctor who is ready to advise you whenever you need it. Preferably s/he should be accessible on her/his mobile phone. When you visit the doctor, you can discuss your working status and request for the doctor’s mobile number. Most of the doctors will happily oblige.

    For more tips check out : Baby care tips for working women

    Things may seem overwhelming; however, take inspiration from other working women who are excellent to care for their babies. You can engage on the topics in forums for online, and you will get a lot of help from here :) Happy working :)

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