Tips To Manage Labor Pain

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    Labor pain tend to be the most frightful part of pregnancy, especially for the first time moms as there is a lot of commotion and they feel helpless and clueless. The very first that the mommies out there need to do is find someone who could help soothe them up.

    These are some nice tips to manage labor pain:
    • A Good Team Could Be Of Great Help: Always keep one thing in mind, the birth setting needs to be just perfect and for this you need to rely on the team that has been there with you throughout the pregnancy. Go with the doctor, nurses and even midwives with which you feel comfortable interacting as this is automatically going to cut half of that fear.
    • Home Setting Needs To Be Soothing: Home is the place where labor pain would begin, thus make sure that you have a perfect setting out there. Try and have things and devices that help you deal with that stress, get a music player, a rocking chair and a super soft bed in your room.
    • Use Internet To Educate Yourself: It has been seen that only those ladies fear of labor pain who have not done enough home work. You have complete 9 months to explore the web and learn now that end stage will be, go through articles and videos and try to build up your confidence level.
    • If You Are Fearful, Express It: Getting fearful is completely fine and there is nothing wrong with it. In case, you feel those butterflies boggling in the stomach, discuss it with your partner, parents or friends.
    • Make Post Birth Plans To Kick Off That Fear: Well, with that fear taking over your mind, it is high time you divert your attention. Get going with some post child birth planning in the head and this is going to bring that sunshine smile on the face.
    • Stay Relaxed: The more relaxed you are the lesser is the labor pain going to bother you. When you feel that the pain is coming, try and calm down your nerves and enjoy those contractions thinking that the baby wants to be out there on your lap.
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    I would suggest to go for epidural pain relief as it causes less trauma to the ano vaginal complex
    Incidence of back pain with epidural is co incidental n no proof

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