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    This post is to write down my experiences with fertility issues and also how I got over it. This is my personal case and sharing now thinking it might help someone with similar issues. I am not a doctor or any associated medical professional.Do not treat this post as medical advice. this might not help u for ur case. however one thing that helps for sure is having faith, hope and peace throughout the ttc journey.

    We were facing this issue for 4.5 yrs long. Initially we dint avoid or try for pregnancy. But as when time passed we got into it seriously and started tracking ovulation. I had 27 days period with clear ovulation pain on day 14 or day 13. I confirmed the same with a kit later on. Also in initial screening, I got to know there is mild hypothyroid issue however I was asked to add iodine in my diet to treat the condition.

    Nothing happened naturally for 1.5 years. We approached a famous clinic and after several basic tests for both me and my husband, we were given multivitamins and set of tablets to try for pregnancy naturally for 6 months. I was told if nothing turns out positive, I was asked to go for laser treatment

    Again nothing happened. But I was too scared to go for the next level so approached another clinic in the city. I was again asked to try naturally with ultrasound scan confirming ovulation. They did ssg to check for fibroids. Then we started trying clomid for 3 cycles. Nothing happened. Then started iui. We did 3 cycles nothing worked.

    Frustrated and weak, we decided to move to a clinic for ivf.
    They did lot of initial screening and they did an medicated iui. Nope dint work.
    Then moved to ivf. We had egg retrieval wherein 13 eggs were retrieved. They said 9 were good. 5 fertilised eggs were considered.
    Tried our first FET with two 4a embryos. Sadly dint work.

    After 2 months we did a endometrium scratching for next FET with 2 embryos. I was told the last embryo disintegrated during thawing.

    Dint work. That was the end of my world. We dint have mental strength and physical strength to go over again.

    But we wanted a kid badly. Slowly we gathered ourselves emotionally.
    We planned and talked what life would be if have kids and if we dont.
    We sorted out our sorrows and started seeing our bright side. We had lot of good plans to consider if we dont have a kid which included a world tour or adoption if possible. This mindset gave us totally different aspect of this ttc journey. We were bit normal than before.

    After a month, we decided to try one last time for ivf in Feb 2017. But before that I was determined to commit myself to this treatment and its results. I wanted to try with all my best. So went through websites like how to prepare myself before ivf.

    Here, I have to mention few IL friends who gave all their inputs about this and helped me to prepare myself.

    I had 3 months in hand before trying for next ivf. Starting Nov 2017. I did a charting on my diet which included

    High protein diet - egg white, lentils like all types of sundals, groundnut barfi, urad dhal kazhi.
    Salads with veggies and fresh fruits (avoid heat ones like pineapple)
    Good fat - sardines fish twice a week
    Omega 3 fat - 4 nuts a day - almond/cashew/pista and a teaspoon of flax seeds (not more than that)
    Carbohydrates - wheat bread, chapathi, ragi, oats, millets(millets are not okay for hypothyroid patients hence I took it in very moderate amount)
    Calcium - milk twice a day, ragi items
    Vitamin c - lemon juice, tomato dishes
    Vitamin b series - beans, beatroot
    Iron - dates and Jaggery dishes
    Reduced white items - rice, maida, salt, sugar, oil
    Eliminated - coffee, tea or any beverages
    For fun - ice cream
    Folic acid tablets to be prescribed from a doctor.
    Vitamin d - everyday one hour walk in morning sun or evening sun. We made it fun by playing in beach and also to buy fish.
    Vitamin k - nuts
    Keep ur body well hydrated. This is one basic but important thing to do. Keep your temp normal.

    As far as I know, Iron and vitamin c rich foods are to be taken closer as it is good for absorption of iron. So kept it in morning time.
    Calcium hinders iron absorption so I kept it in the evening.

    I was told by a doctor that consumption of vitamin a in abundance might hinder pregnancy like in form of tablets but can be taken in food forms.

    Key factors are more protein, less carb, more veggies and fruits, avoid fruit juices coffee tea and carbonated drinks.
    Focus on vitamin rich and fibre rich foods. Good fat is a must.

    Next comes physical activity. I was doing normal household work like any house wife do even before treatment. So what I did is to add zumba to my routine. I have done zumba and exercise before so it was easy to add it in my day activities. 1 hour each in morning and evening time. I was not suffocating myself with hard movements but focusing on being active by having very moderate movements with fav songs.

    The most fav part of my exercise routine was walk at home by leslie sanone. It was so easy and exhausting at the same time
    Beginners can slowly add the physical activity to ur daily routine as doing vigorous exercises by beginners with no experience would make body struggle un energy conservation. Hence just walking for an hour or two would be more than enough for beginners. Yoga is also good choice but I have zero knowledge about it. Whatever it is dont over do it and dont do it during periods time.

    Now most important part of all - mental peace
    I cut short all relatives who were bugging me for any reasons. Installed smile, karaokied fav songs with my horrible voice range. Focussed on my fav pass time like doing art work and sewing. Totally stopped watching news for negative feelings(totally my personal choice) do whatever makes u happy, move away from negative environment.

    Again this is my personal experience and am not a medical professional to advice on anyone but these are my tips that I followed to get conceived.

    I like to emphasise on the fact that mental strength and peace is very important as any hindrance to it would delay pregnancy.
    So be cool and positive. Baby dust to all.
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