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Threshold of Life

Discussion in 'Snippets of Life (Non-Fiction)' started by Vidhyathan, May 2, 2007.

  1. Vidhyathan

    Vidhyathan Senior IL'ite

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    It was the day to take up my path towards life. All I knew was that I am on my way to meet life. My parents made sure that I packed all that I needed for the journey. My mom took pains to fill my new backpack with all that I’ll need through out the travel. My dad instructed me to follow the guidelines on road to have a safe journey. With a broad smile and energy though disturbed by the unknown to come I embarked with optimism.

    As I went through the crowded streets jolted without mercy I realized I either lost track or the rules were new here. In spite of the weight on my shoulders I couldn’t resist an apple that was just above my head hanging from the tree. I tucked it in my bag and walked along deafened by the noise around and blinded by the smoke.

    I reached the bank of a river and climbed into a boat. As I started rowing through the ruddy water the waves got turbulent hitting the small boat until it overturned throwing me into the water. Struggling I held on to the boat as the weight of my backpack kept pulling me downwards. With frustration I thought if I should discard the bag and then pondered over the pain my mom took to pack all things I’ll need for the journey and the apple that I added to it on my way. So I decided to hold onto them and looked around for the riverbank to gain a solid footing.

    Just around the river bend I sprang onto the land and breathed fresh air. I lay still for a long time going down the memory lane and back to where I was. I got up to loosen my back pack and emptied it to check the contents. It’s the apple that rolled out still as fresh as it was. All that my mom packed in was washed away in the waters. I have no idea what she thought might come in handy. But as I stand up with my backpack and the apple I have something new weighing on my shoulders – courage and experience.

    Now I am confident that I can encounter life.

  2. Abha

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    Hi Vidhya

    This is a good write up, the way life has been interpreted is very impressive...

    It has a lot of depth to it, what i have understood is that no matter what one should keep holding on to their values, and that will prepare to encounter life...


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