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The trip to the Falls

Discussion in 'Indians in California' started by Hopefloats, Nov 30, 2006.

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    Niagara Falls

    The word "Niagara" is derived from the Iroquois Indian word "Onguiaahra"meaning "The Strait". It’s the most powerful waterfall in North America. It consists of three parts
    Horseshoe Falls also called Canadian Falls
    Bridal Veil Falls
    American Falls
    It’s known for its beauty, but I personally like it for its Power. When I see The Falls, I see it as person of Authority, with its head held high and standing proud (or should I say flowing proud). When you are near it, you hear nothing else but the sound of the water flowing. Trust me and try it. Just lay down on the Park and close your eyes, I am sure you will hear nothing else, though you will be surrounded by thousands of people, The voice of The Falls beats them all. I not only admire but also respect The Falls.
    The Falls is located on Niagara River and is about half an hour drive from Buffalo city, NY, USA. It’s also near to the city of Ontario, Canada.

    Nearest Airports: Buffalo Airport is the nearest, but if you could get a good deal for Rochester, NY book it. Rochester is about an hour and half from The Falls.

    Place to Stay: There are a lot of Hotels near The Falls, but I would prefer staying in either Amherst or Tonawanda, NY. Tonawanda is a small city about half an hour from The Falls. It’s a beautiful city and very economical too. There are a lot of Hotels and food joints.

    The Falls: The Falls can be viewed from the American Side as well as the Canadian Side. I promise both the views will take your breath away. The Rainbow Bridge connects the American Side with the Canadian Side. A walk in the Rainbow Bridge is definitely recommended.
    American Side: A huge Park surrounds The Falls on this side. It will take at least a day to cover the place. There is ample parking near The Falls. Its approximately 10$ per day. During Summer, wooden stairs are built to enable visitors to go down and enjoy The Falls. There are also boats rides which will take you closer to the Horse shoe Falls. These rides are definitely recommended. There are one-day passes, which are available. The pass also covers a visit to the Aquarium and the Fort. If you have kids who would be interested in the aquarium then go for the pass, else I would recommend go separately for the rides.
    Maid of the Mist boat ride gives you a very up-close look at the Horse Shoe Falls. You are likely to get a little wet. You are given a free poncho, blue or yellow color, but you will get wet anyway (your face and hands do get wet). The cost is $13.00 per adult & $8.00 per child 6 - 12 & FREE 5 years & under. The ride takes about half an hour.
    The American Falls takes you beneath The Falls through the wooden stairs. They give you a poncho but the fun is in getting wet. It’s like our own “Kuttrala Charal”. You can stay on the board as long as you want. The cost is similar to the Maid of the Mist ride.
    Pack you picnic, stroll around the park, finish your lunch, go for the rides when the Sun. is shinning, finish the rides, and wait to see The Falls in the Night. During Night, The Falls is lit up with revolving lights. I like the white color best, it brings out the beauty of The Falls and its very romantic too. During summer, on Friday Nights, there is fireworks for exactly 10 minutes. Do make it if you can. The following link gives you a complete schedule
    Canadian Side: The Canadian Side gives you a whole look at The Falls.
    You can get you Canadian VISA at the American side itself. Just go to HSBC building in Buffalo Downtown at 8.00 and you are likely to get it before 10.00 without much hassle. The VISA stamping will cost you around 65$, which is valid for six months. For American green card holders, remember to take them when you cross the border.
    The American Side is on the bank of the American Falls, so the view from Canada shows The Falls at its best. There are many food joints on the Canadian side, so you can have a dinner with the wonderful view of The Falls. All the rides that are available on the American Side are also available here.

    On the Canadian Side, apart from The Falls, you can also visit
    Clifton Hill: It’s a tourist attraction. It has many souvenir shops, wax museum, Ripley’s believe or not, many chocolate shops, food joints, ice cream shops, rides, haunted houses Guinness World of Records. During weekends, it’s busy till early in the morning and is jam-packed. It’s a happening place near The Falls and is called “The Street of fun at The Falls”.
    Skylon Tower: It’s a observation tower as well as a restaurant. The admission fee for the deck is around $10.00. It gives an overall view of the Niagara Falls. A romantic dinner in the revolving tower is recommended. In summer it is open till midnight and in winter they close by 9.00 p.m.
    For more information, visit http://www.niagarafallslive.com/Facts_about_Niagara_Falls.htm
    The City:
    In the city, do make it a point to visit the Anchor Bar. It is believed that the “BUFFALO WINGS” was originally invented here.

    Buffalo Downtown: It’s an eye-capturing place. The architecture is well appreciated and worth a visit. There is always some activity going on, especially during summer. In summer, there is always a concert at the entrance of M& T Bank and a Farmers Market in Main Street. The canteen in M & T Bank is open to public and their food is nominal and very famous.

    Jet Tours: It’s a thrilling experience. I enjoyed it thoroughly. They take you in a speedboat to see the rapids. They are different levels of rapids; the day’s tour depends on the climate and the force of the rapids. They provide you with life jackets and boots. It is advisable to take a set of clothes. They say that you do not have to know swimming to go on this ride. But personally, I felt even if you know swimming it might not help because the speed in which you go in the rapids it difficult for any experienced swimmer to come up. I would not advise this ride for expectant mothers, kids and somebody who is afraid of water.
    Letch worth State Park: This park is called the “Grand Canyon of the East”. It’s one of the most scenic places. This park is open through out the year. They have winter activities and summer activities going on all round. I personally like the white water rafting here. It costs about $25 per person. You will have to assemble at the exact time. They will provide you with life jackets, the boats and paddle. Before the trip starts, they will give you instructions as to how to go about it. You do not have to know swimming. The river is about 5 ft deep (that is what they said). Personally, I felt it was safe because you are surrounded by a bunch of volunteers always and keep close to you if you tell them in advance. Lot of kids come for this activity and enjoy it too.

    [FONT=&quot]I have, personally visited all the above places, and the reviews are my personal opinion. I happened to visit these places about a year ago, so the rates and timing might have changed. If that is the case, I sincerely apologise. Any updates or corrections are welcome.[/FONT]
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    Hi Hopefloats,
    Your narration about the falls is elaborative and informative.
    I want to share one experience. When I saw the Bridal veil falls from the
    top view, it appeared small. But when I went on Cave of the winds, down
    under the falls, It was amazingly big and picturesque. At that moment I
    remembered the worth saying YOU STAND UNDER, THEN YOU WILL
    UNDERSTAND. Visit to the Falls is everlasting and memorable.
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    Your narration is very gud.

    I visited there and it was a very nice place

    i enjoyed going there and had lots of fun

    U also have a place celled lake ontario and it was really beautiful.

    Interesting place to visit


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