The Qualities of a Successful Marriage

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    Hi Ladies,

    For last couple of days we are talking abt relationship between couples, so i just thought to send u ladies this article abt qualities of a successful marriage.

    One definition of a successful marriage is a husband and wife who have endured the trials and tribulations and the daily struggles of a marriage over an indefinite period and still have warm and loving feelings for one another. Studies and surveys reveal that the following qualities and characteristics are found usually in strong and successful families

    Ability to resolve conflict
    It is during the times of disagreement and conflict that the understanding between partners comes to the fore. Only those couples who have the patience and fortitude to be able to see the other’s point of view can reach a compromise without having any bitterness or any resentment. Conflicts are caused mainly due to strong stands taken by the partners on what they believe to be right and refusing to see the other’s point of view. This can only aggravate the issue. Well-adjusted couples have the ability to resolve all kinds of conflicts without giving up their own individuality.

    Flexibility and willingness to compromise
    This quality is an extension of the point given above. Without the willingness for a compromise there can never be a solution to any conflict whether it is marital or of any other kind.
    Couples who are willing to take a step forward in the right direction without waiting for the other to take the step and cajoling them, can definitely succeed in the endeavour of resolving conflicts and disagreements and this alone needs the flexibility that will bring about the exercise of solving issues. A flexible approach is a healthy approach, while rigidity can only ruin relationships.


    An honest commitment to the relationship and a strong resolution to make it work are fundamental to the success of the marital bond. Commitment does not mean considering oneself tied to the spouse and feeling helpless in moving out of the noose.
    It means taking the relationship seriously and nurturing a healthy attitude towards it. For that matter, a strong commitment is a must to keep any relationship growing fruitfully.


    The marital relationship should be one of fulfilment and joy. It should not be a forced bond in which the reluctant partners feel bound for life. Marriage is not meant to be a bondage but a fulfilling relationship in which both partners find happiness.

    Time together and time alone

    It is a myth that happy and contented couples should spend all their time together. It is essential that they find quality time to spend with each other but it is equally necessary that they find time to spend with their friends and find time for themselves, i.e. to be alone.
    To spend time with each other all the time could lead to a claustrophobic feeling. Understanding couples make allowances for friends and take time out for the spouses.

    Ability to deal with crisis and stress

    It is during the times of crises and stress that differences between the partners come to the fore and it is during these times of trials that the strength of the relationship is put to test. Healthy marriages have the ability to stand the test and do not break down because of it.

    Ability to handle money problems

    Money has become one of the major influences in all relationships in present times. It can make or mar relationships and marital relationship is not immune to its effects. Couples bicker over the extravagance or inept handling of the money resources frequently and in many cases the green bucks cause split between the couple. It is better to reach an understanding about the spending habits right at the beginning of the marriage and stick to them rather than create problems for each other later.


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