The power of a smile

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    A smile is the curve that straightens things out. It is the most effective means to establish effective communication. A smile is the most powerful nonverbal communication, and is essential in making new friends, breaking the ice, setting wrongs right and in business dealings. It is the most important body language tool, we know.
    A smile can express happiness, contempt, pleasure, friendliness and warmth. It is a reliable interpretation of what exactly is going on behind the spoken words. Or does it really?
    Interpreting Smiles

    “People smile for all sorts of reasons, only one of which is to signal happiness”

    • Smiles indicate a positive attitude
    • It shows friendliness
    • It shows openness
    • It reflects respect for others
    Learn to smile

    Whichever way you look at it, smiles have a powerful effect on us
    • Practice smiling in front of a mirror
    • A smile should light up your face
    • Smiling helps you gain confidence
    • It attracts people to you instantly
    • It shows you are approachable
    • It may conceal your true feelings
    • It reaffirms your good nature
    • It reflects good manners
    • It is a trigger mechanism: smile at someone, and rest assured they will smile back!
    Types of smiles

    Smiles can be genuine, fake or contemptuous. They can reflect any of the following emotions:
    • fear
    • happiness
    • contentment
    • warmth
    • contempt
    There’s plenty to smile about….
    • Smiling at an interviewer indicates that you have an open, warm personality
    • Smiling at strangers can establish an instant contact
    • Smile when you are happy
    • A smile can de-stress most situations
    • Avoid grinning ridiculously at an interview or a business meeting
    It takes 37 muscles to frown and only 22 muscles to smile! So go ahead, smile all you want!

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