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*the Perfect Murders?*

Discussion in 'Stories (Fiction)' started by Rrg, Jul 7, 2020.

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    *The Perfect Murders?*

    “Sheelu! I think Harish is dead. I want you here immediately” Aparna was hysterical over phone. I was shocked.
    “OMG! No, no, no. I can’t believe it. Just got out of the bed. Would try to reach you in an hour” I couldn’t say anything more and rushed out of bed to get ready and move.
    ‘Before I reach Aparna’s place let me fill you up with some information on her.

    Aparna is the only daughter of Keshav, a well known archiologist and explorer. He gained lots of reputation (and tonnes of money as well) through his researches in Africa in general and Arfrican aborigines in particular. Me and Aparna were classmates from schooldays and were very close. Infact, I was the one who introduced Harish to Aparna. That they fell in love and got married, even against the wishes of her father is another story.

    ‘I know Harish’s death would have shocked her immensely. Only last year her father drowned in their home pool. Police closed the case after enquiry as accidental death due to drowning courtesy over consumption of alcohol. Aparna was very fond of her dad and his death was a rude shock for her. She kept repeating to me for many weeks that her father was a very good swimmer and no way he could have drowned in their pond. Also, as per her he was only a social drinker and no way he could have consumed so much of alcohol that too in the morning hours. She suspected foul play but couldn’t establish anything. Now, this death. Poor soul.

    Last week Aparna had visited me and was in tears. She suspected Harish was either having an affair or deep into some debts. Her diamond pendant and necklace had gone missing from her locker in the house recently. Only Harish and Aparna were privy to the password. On being asked, Harish feigned ignorance, even though Aparna was dead certain he was the culprit. She didn’t want to go to police but kept a closer watch on him from then on. I, being a common friend, offered to talk to Harish but Aparna refused. “I will involve you if it gets more worse. I thought of pouring out my sorrow to you and cry on your shoulders. I am sure you will understand. Now that I have told you this, I feel relaxed” so saying she left’.

    Already there were quite a few people in Aparna’s house, including the local police officers and a couple of doctors examining the body.
    “Apu, what happened? I mean how did Harish die? Even the last time that we met he was quite healthy and cheerful” I rushed into her house and hugged her.
    Aparna’s maid was distributing some juice, made of herbs, supposed to lift up one’s spirits. Quite nice to taste and did help in improving my mood. Thoughtful of her to serve such a juice to the guests during bereavement.

    “I know. For the last couple of weeks he was under some severe stress which he refused to discuss with me. Perhaps, he didn’t want to spoil my peace of my mind with his problems. But,I found he had taken to heavy drinking instead. I wish he had discussed with me openly. This morning when I was leaving for gym, I found Harish still sleeping. He reeked of liquor and I could realise that he had consumed alcohol till very late at night. Didn’t wake him up and left. Next thing I hear is my servant maid phoning me to inform that Harish is lying on the floor unconscious. She had gone to give him morning coffee but entered the room as there was no response for her knocking. She found him lying on the floor - not responding to her shouts and called me immediately. I rushed home forthwith to find him in this condition and called our family doctor. He came and declared Harish dead and informed the police as a formality.”

    “Are you sure there is no foul play? Harish was so fit and healthy. Perhaps the maid allowed someone inside to steal something, hoping that Harish may not wake up. But,when Harish got up and tried to catch the intruder, he could have clubbed him with something and ran away. Perhaps, your servant maid was also hand-in glove with someone in this case.”

    “Perhaps you are right. Come to think of it, this could be a murder as well”

    “Then don’t you think you have to tell the police about your suspicion?”

    “I don’t think I need to confuse them by my far fetched theories. The forensic experts feel that while it is a possibility that he had fallen hitting his head on the sideboard of our cot, there could also be a possibility of a blunt instrument being used. They are already searching for some blunt weapon that could have been used to hit him at the back of his head, instantly killing him. Heart of hearts I feel that it was my father who had done this and taken Harish for company”
    “What do you mean? Uncle’s ghost did it? I think you are highly stressed Apu. Relax.”
    “You see Sheelu, you know my dad was an African explorer and had lots of contact with African aborigines and their witch doctors”
    “Now, you are trying to tell me some witch craft was involved?”
    “No dear, but something keeps telling me that this has some African connection”

    “You and your imaginations. I think you
    badly need some rest. I will go now and return after sometime, if you don’t mind”
    “No, no. No issues. Please go home now. While coming back please bring all the jewels that Harish had given you” she said.
    “What? What did you say? Have you gone mad or something?”

    “Look, I know everything. I had switched on the recording option in his mobile without his knowledge to find out the reason for his stress. That’s how I came to know of your affair with him. I came to you last week and told you my story thinking that you will get the message and move out. You didn’t. See what has happened.”

    “So, you killed him. You killed my Harish! Wait till police finds out the murder weapon. Otherwise, I myself will tell them about your involvement, you bitch.”

    “Hold-on dear. Your Harish! I like it.
    Be that as it may, you will not go to police. I have on record, in Harish’s phone, you two discussing asto how you both managed to eliminate my dad last year. Also, after my visiting you last week, you both got very scared and planned to eliminate me also soon so that you two can live together happily ever after, with my money. These are all on record. I am sure you will know what is good for you. Return my jewels and get lost for ever from my life. Otherwise, who knows, my father may take a liking for you as well and pay a visit.”

    I was shocked. She knew everything and was acting so cool all along. Real criminal.
    “I only wish the police get hold of the murder weapon and fix you” I blurted out angrily.

    “Ha,ha. That was a good thought, but they can’t. It is already is being digested as the juice served here, in the police’s, other guests as well as your tummy.
    For your kind information, after one of his visits to Africa my dad brought back one thick round stick - three feet in length and about two inches in diameter, as a souvenir for keeping. The stick was made of some herbs prepared by African witch doctors, and was as strong as steel. The hunters used them while hunting, both for killing their prey as also as a medicine for rejunuvation. The herbs were soluble in hot water. One small piece chipped and mixed with water is supposed to give instant energy - as it gave you sometime back. Poor Harish. The stick was so strong that he couldn’t withstand even one hit on the back of his head. The witch doctors are really good, isn’t it?”


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