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The Moon....... - poem

Discussion in 'Poetry' started by aarthi, Apr 5, 2006.

  1. aarthi

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    The Moon

    You can take the moon by the spoonful

    or in capsules every two hours.

    It's useful as a hypnotic and sedative

    and besides it relieves

    those who have had too much philosophy.

    A piece of moon in your purse

    works better than a rabbit's foot.

    Helps you find a lover

    or get rich without anyone knowing,

    and it staves off doctors and clinics.

    You can give it to children like candy

    when they've not gone to sleep,

    and a few drops of moon in the eyes of the old

    helps them to die in peace.

    Put a new leaf of moon

    under your pillow

    and you'll see what you want to.

    Always carry a little bottle of air of the moon

    to keep you from drowning.

    Give the key to the moon

    to prisoners and the disappointed.

    For those who are sentenced to death

    and for those who are sentenced to life

    there is no better tonic than the moon

    in precise and regular doses.

    Jaime Sabines

    -- Poem as sueltos, 1981

    translated by W. S. Merwin
    love always n spread love in all ways
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  2. Sriniketan

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    Thank you for sharing this wonderful poem on Moon, Aarthi.

    Spoonful of moon, in capsules..piece of moon, moon as a candy, drops of moon, air of moon, key to the moon..clearly shows how our beloved moon is very therapeutic to one and all..irrespective of ages and sections of the society.

    Really enjoyed reading it...


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