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The Little Girl With A Golden Heart

Discussion in 'Interesting Shares' started by Cheeniya, Oct 26, 2022.

  1. Cheeniya

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    A postman knocked on the door of a house, saying, "Letter."

    A child-like voice came from inside, "I am coming."

    But, the person did not come; three or four minutes elapsed.

    Finally, the angry postman yelled again, "Hey, please come quickly and take the letter.

    The child-like voice again said, "Sir, put the letter under the door; I'm coming".

    The postman said," It's a registered letter which needs acknowledgement, so you need to sign".

    After ten minutes, when the door opened, the irritated postman was speechless!

    A little girl with no feet was kneeling in front of him to pick up the letter.

    The postman delivered the letter quietly and went back feeling sorry.

    It went on like this for days.

    The postman got used to waiting till the door was opened whenever he had to deliver a letter to the girl's house.

    Diwali was fast approaching, and the girl noticed that the postman was always barefooted.

    So, once when the postman came to deliver the post, the girl quietly measured the postman's foot size from the footprints on the floor.

    Just before Diwali, the girl told him, "Uncle, this is a gift from me to you on Diwali".

    The postman said, "You are like a daughter to me; how can I take any gift from you?"

    As the girl was insistent, the postman took it home and opened the packet.

    His eyes filled his tears when he saw a pair of shoes because, during his entire service, no one had even noticed that he was barefoot.

    The next day, the postman reached his post office and pleaded to the postmaster that he should immediately be transferred to another area.

    When the postmaster asked the reason, he told him everything and said in tears,

    "Sir, after today, I will not be able to go to that street. That little girl saw me barefoot and gave me shoes; how will I be able to give her feet?"

    The sensitivity to perceive others' pain, experience, and share their pain is a human quality without which we are incomplete.

    Be kind to human beings.
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  2. Thyagarajan

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    Dear Cheenia Sir.
    A poignant tale in simple words without need to look into dictionary but look into range of emotions that a human heart can experience.
    A staring young lady in a moving in an afternoon train sitting by the window was very attractive to a young man sitting opposite. She winked often and the lad opposite got excited. With every halt of train she was transferring a book to a bag from another stuffed bag. With transfer of VI th book she turned fidgety. The train was slowing down she moved with her bag ambling toward exit. But then she walked as if it was dark though the sun is yet to set. He then understood she is blind in both eyes. He cursed himself ..you know why..
    Thanks and Regards.
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  3. swarnamary

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    very touching story.

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