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The Drumstick Leaves And Its Potentiality

Discussion in 'Healthy Living' started by sunkan, Sep 21, 2007.

  1. sunkan

    sunkan Gold IL'ite

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    The Moringa Tree

    Moringa oleifera
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    The Miracle of Moringa Leaves
    <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:eek:ffice:smarttags" /><st1:country-region><st1:place>India</st1:place></st1:country-region>'s ancient tradition of ayurveda says the leaves of the Moringa tree prevent 300 diseases.
    Modern science confirms the basic idea.
    Scientific research has proven that these humble leaves are in fact a powerhouse of nutritional value.
    Gram for gram, Moringa leaves contain:
    Unfortunately, even while science sings the praise of Moringa leaves, this vital information has not reached the people who need it most. Trees for Life is responding to this need, and you can help.
    For more information about Moringa, see the links at the left under Projects > Moringa Tree.

    Moringa’s Potential
    Moringa has enormous potential for benefiting humanity. It could:
    · Improve human health
    · Increase livestock’s weight gain and milk production
    · Enhance plant growth and crop yields
    This PowerPoint presentation explores current knowledge of Moringa and possible uses that could literally save millions of lives. Please share it with people in government, academics, research, and others who can make a difference.
    Moringa’s Potential
    Moringa holds tremendous promise for benefiting humanity. Initial studies in <st1:place>Africa</st1:place> and <st1:country-region><st1:place>Nicaragua</st1:place></st1:country-region> have shown the following benefits:
    Human health
    · Rich in disease-fighting nutrients
    · Essential amino acids to prevent protein malnutrition
    Livestock fodder
    · Increases daily weight gain up to 32%
    · Increases milk production by 43-65%
    Plant growth enhancer
    · Increases crop production by 20-35%
    This PowerPoint presentation explores current knowledge of Moringa and these possible uses that could literally save millions of lives. Please share it with people in government, academics, research, and others who can make a difference.

    Call for Studies of Moringa
    While the nutritional value of Moringa leaves is well-known, further scientific studies are needed. Right now there is a need for studies related to:
    · Human malnutrition and disease prevention
    · Use of Moringa for livestock fodder and plant growth.
    For more information, see this link on the Trees for Life Journal:
    Trees for Life Journal - Call for studies - Basic Page


  2. Shanvy

    Shanvy IL Hall of Fame

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    hi sunkan,

    yes. thanks for sharing..the humble drumstick aka moringa is having lot of medicinal values......
    the leaves are neglected by lot of people.......

    I would like to add.....

    the leaves and drumstick are rich in minerals...calcium as you already mentioned...
    The leaves are given to new mothers for more secretion of milk....
    The paste of the leaves when applied to the forehead ....relieves headache..(my grandma used to tell us...) and that too if it due to high blood pressure....
    The leaves are known to reduced blood pressure....

    Olden days every house used to sport a tree.. now we have to buy these leaves...that too they are not fresh...:icon_frown:.

    but they have to be consumed immediately...
  3. skirlew

    skirlew New IL'ite

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    This is a very nutritious tree...one of the most nutritious in the world in fact. I would like to sell it in the UK but need evidence of its sale in Europe before 1997. I need evidence that the product was shipped to the EU or purchased in the EU before 1997. Please can anyone help me with this? Does anyone know if it has ever been sent to Europe to maybe a large community of Indian people?


  4. shvap_786

    shvap_786 Gold IL'ite

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    hi sunkan and shanthi...

    thnx for the information ... keep posting... i like this drumstick keerai very much but without knowing these effects....

    but we are unable to get here in dubai....
    Last edited: Aug 15, 2008

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